Rose Erin Vaughan: Acupuncturist, Trigger Point Therapist, & Yoga Tantra Teacher

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Rose Erin Vaughan, MSAc, is an experienced Acupuncturist, Trigger Point Therapist, and Yoga Tantra Teacher.  She has worked in a variety of settings including integrative medicine, sports medicine, aesthetics, classical Yoga, and chanting.  Her primary interest is on how the emotions affect pain patterns, aging, and overall well-being.  She has studied thousands of hours with Master Yogi Dharma Mittra and other renowned healers.  For over a decade, she has worked to understand and address the physical and emotional ailments of our modern culture.  Originally earning a BS in Cell Biology from Wake Forest U, she combines her knowledge of science with her devotion to yoga, embodied anatomy, and herbal medicine.  

What do you do best? 

I am good at pain and suffering - understanding other people's pain and thinking of how to transform it.

What makes you the best?

The people who I serve make me the best.

What are your aspirations?

To give the power of medicine back to the individual - through study of the physical and energetic anatomy, Yoga, acupressure and acupuncture, herbs, diet, meditation, and many other modalities.

Biggest Success?

I don't think you can know when something is a success until it is dead.  I have not achieved what I am going for.

Most Challenging Moment?

My life has been pretty good. I definitely like to work hard and enjoy that challenge.

(Pictured: Lighthouse Yoga School owner Jared McCann)

Favorite Motto?

Thank you. I love you. And love is always real.

Favorite People?

Myself and my husband. Mostly because those are the people I spend the most time with. To me, there is really only one person with many faces, many eyes.

Favorite Places?

Manhattan, the mountains of North Carolina where my people are from.

Favorite Products?

Bhairava Vegan Bone Broth and Heart Mind Formula! I drink them every day.

Vega Vegan Protein Powder

Rainbow Light Calcium Citrate

Current Passions?

My passion is to help. If I don't feel that I am helping improve something then I feel no fire or drive. I like to see people, including myself, grow and prosper.