Vanessa Fraser: Yoga Teacher (@WildYogaGirl) & Author

My NativeAdVantage:


Vanessa Fraser, mother of 1 hyper 3 year old. Yoga Teacher and currently working on my first e-book. Traveled across Canada at age 16,worked in a logging camp as a cook at 19,  married in 2012. I grew up in the mountains in a very remote place in Northern, BC, Canada, worked on a sawmill until age 15, and also worked on mining claims off and on running excavator until age 17.

What do you do best?

Sequencing by far. Doing my yoga outside has made it so I have to come up with poses and flows on the spot since there isn’t always a lot of time or comfort to plan it out. If I do plan a flow out I never stick to it anyway, my flows are built on how I feel right then and what I need in that moment. I build dynamic flows with what comes to mind keeping everyone on their toes and energized. Also food, I can’t tolerate a lot of food so I have to be creative with what I can eat to keep myself on the healthy food wagon. I can make a mean green smoothie and chia pudding.

What makes you the best?

There is no being best at anything. I learned this through yoga. You never master a yoga pose, even if you are crazy strong and flexible. There’s always something to learn and the pose will put your right back in your place when the ego gets out of hand. This applies to life, I used to have a pretty big ego whenever I thought I was “best” at something. Since yoga taught me ego has no place in my practice, I took that and applied it to my life. But I do work everyday to be the best version of myself, and I’ll continue to work on that everyday.

What are your aspirations?

Continue to progress my practice and become a 500hr Certified Yoga Instructor. I aspire to be like many of the big name yogis today. Teaching yoga around the world, helping others progress their practice, and showing everyone just what yoga can do. Yoga saved me, it’s the least I can do to help others who want to practice and learn yoga. I aspire to be better, even if that just means I finally settle down enough to do 5 minutes of meditation.

Biggest Success?

I’ve had a few “big” successes so far. I think the best one would be getting my toddler into yoga. He comes in to practice with me often, although his attention span isn’t too long, he knows many poses and loves doing pictures/videos with me. I don’t share this on Instagram yet because I feel he is too little to make that decision of being on social media or not. Once he is bigger if he wants to be out there, then that is OK. I guess my next biggest success would be getting myself out there, it is not easy to gain attention on social media. But this was an accidental success. I mostly just wanted a place to put pictures because I love photography and for me to document my progress. I am forever grateful however for this, I have made amazing friends that I cherish everyday.

Most Challenging Moment?

Figuring out where to start when I was first learning about yoga no doubt. I found information on it left right and centre. But I couldn’t really find a connection to it or a solid way to get started. It took me a long time actually to really develop a practice and to find teachers I could connect with. I ended up getting drawn into Ashtanga Yoga and progressed from there. I still do Ashtanga Yoga often because its my roots. I teach mainly Vinyasa but more often then not you’ll find me using a lot of sequencing from Ashtanga, I give it my own twist, but the idea and roots are still there. Getting healthy too was another huge challenge. I’m sure if you google healthy recipes your met with thousand of pages and recipes of what appear to be good food, but it took me months if not a year to really figure out what healthy eating for me was. I think its a good thing I started looking into being healthy and doing yoga at the same time or I never would have had enough patience for it.

Favorite Motto?

“Bend, adapt, but never break”

Favourite People?

Kino Macgregor by far is my most favourite person. I connect with her on so many levels its insane. Irene Pappas would have to be next, she's been one of the biggest inspirations to me.

Favourite Places?

Montreal, QC, Canada is top. I’ve been there a few times and love it. It is beautiful, and just such a wonderful place to be in. I hope to go back soon, maybe for a vacation? Just to relax and enjoy it. Vancouver, BC, Canada I think would be next. I lived there for 3 years and wish I had done more exploring when I was there. The sea wall walk is just stunning. I plan on going back one year too to just explore and do some yoga obviously!

Favourite Products?

I own an insane amount of activewear, and typically love most brands. However Alo Yoga, Onzie, and Mika Yoga Wear are my absolute favourites for clothing. I can always feel pretty in their gear. I can live without yoga clothing however, but I can’t live without my Liforme mat. It would have to be my absolute favourite product and must have item. Wherever I go, it goes.

Current Passions?

I am passionate about yoga (ha! Who knew?!). I am passionate about doing what I can to help others and offering advice when asked. I always try to answer questions on my Instagram or emails as best I can. I am passionate about healthy eating and making good food choices for your body. I am passionate about just enjoying life, seriously, enjoy the little things, go out take walk, watch the sunrise and enjoy the beauty.