Lindsay Schaefer: Artistic Director of Artists in Unity & founder and creator of "Movement for You Practice"

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Lindsay Schaefer is a professional dancer, choreographer, teacher, writer, and director/ producer for dance film and movement based projects. Lindsay is the Artistic Director of Artists in Unity- a professional multidisciplinary collaborative company specializing in dance film and photography based projects. Silent Dance, Pathway, Release, Petals of Love, Threads of Kin, and Project Landscapes are some of the dance works that have moved to film under Lindsay’s direction and producing for Artists in Unity.  Her films have been in film festival circuit nationally and internationally. Lindsay is also the founder and creator of Movement for You Practice~ a movement practice involving Pilates, Yoga, and Dance Conditioning.  A DVD was created in 2011 to document the practice for dancers and gymnasts. 

Lindsay’s voice through writing has been shared in Origin Magazine under their True Beauty section, Dance Enthusiast, Natural Awakenings, Yoga Stage, Movement for You and Artists in Unity blogs, and recently in her first book The Process~ The Practice~ The Artist which is available on Amazon.  In 2016, Lindsay and her creative team are working on trademarking Movement for You Practice and will be starting an apprenticeship based trainee program for teachers wanting to carry the MFY practice into their lives.  You can follow all the exciting developments with Lindsay’s work with Artists in Unity and Movement for You via the following sites and don’t forget to check out her new book!

What do you do best?

I am passionate about dreaming big, listening to my heart, and giving every ounce of love and compassion to others that I come in contact with.  We all deserve respect, no judgment, and freedom to be truly who we want to be!

What makes you the best?

I always view myself as a work in progress whether it be with my relationships, my commitment to teaching and creating, or with my pushing of my two companies Artists in Unity and Movement for You. Relationships, Creative Work, and Life are constantly changing and I feel being open with yourself and allowing yourself to always grow internally with everything that is placed in front of you allows you in time to be the best YOU!   This work in progress attitude I feel is very open and non-judging and allows me deep growth every day and allows me to be the best me I can be to my family, my creative circle of clients and collaborators, and to everyone that I may meet in a given day if our paths align.  

What are your aspirations?

Remember I dream big……seven years ago I moved with my family from New York City area to a little town called Bethlehem, PA.  It was a life altering experience with relocating, diving into major renovations with a new home purchase, raising two little ones at that time of 1 and 3, and still figuring out how shall I create in Bethlehem? How shall I teach in Bethlehem? How do I share my voice in a way that will make a difference with movement and my art in this small town that is so different than NYC?  We fast forward to now, 7 years later and with a lot of hard work, dedication, tears at times, and many, many days of not knowing where all the hard work will be taking us as a family and as a businesswoman and creator,  I can say my family is happier than ever, my businesses are stronger than ever, and my team (family being a huge part of that team) are reaching our goals one step at a time and all the dreams that are wrapped into those goals. 

That brings me to 2016 and a huge year for my family and my businesses since one of my major aspirations in life will be coming into reality. A home base for both Movement for You and Artists in Unity is in the works that will hold not only my creative processes with teaching but also our residency projects with dance and film.  In the future, this home base center for movement and arts will nurture not only my work as an artist in movement and creating but various artists of multiple disciplines.  My dream of having a Center and Artistic Residency is finally here and in the beginning stages and will pave the way for more teaching, creating, and global networking with both of my companies Movement for You and Artists in Unity.

Biggest Success?

Being a Wife, Being a Mother, Being a Teacher, and Being an Artist and never walking away from any of these successes in my life even when there are hard times and struggles.  That is why I can call each and every one of these statements a success because there have been really good magical days and yes, very hard ones too.  But, when commitment, dedication, and love are present your heart tells you to keep moving forward one day at a time and to do the best you can do with what is in front of you.  Relationships with your loved ones and how you make a difference in this world is what truly matters in life.  At the end of each day I always place intentions towards my husband and kids and the gifts that have been given to me such as my talents as a dancer, teacher, and artist.  And I give thanks to the day I had whether I felt it was 100% or not.  And I make sure to remind myself to be kind and compassionate so the next day I am geared to make it better than the day before.  

Most Challenging Moment?

I don’t look at moments as being challenging but as learning experiences for me to grow as a wife, mother, teacher, and artist.  I think with each day that comes before us it is extremely important to give thanks to the relationships and situations that make us think more, reflect more, and question more.  Every person, place of living, and situation is in front of us for a reason.  When we find relationships, places of living, or situations to be less smooth then we would like that is truly in my eyes our time to hit our journals, our mats to reflect, or taking some long walks outside to connect with nature and our souls.  With reflection as little as 5 minutes a day we can find more clarity and the inner voice that will guide us through all our relationships and situations that are before us.  

Favorite Motto?

Dance like No One is Watching.  I feel dancing can lead you to another person’s soul and all their dreams.  There are no inner inhibitions when I am dancing and especially when I am by myself in the studio creating and working out choreography.  I try to share my favorite motto with my clients when I am teaching and collaborators so they will let go of their fears and trust the endless possibilities that are within them with movement and creating.  

Favorite People?

My best friend and lover for life is my husband Brian and I’m grateful for the two souls that we created together my daughter Penelope and son Baxter Jack.  I have many people who have loved me tremendously throughout my life and rank right up there as my favorites too~ my mom, my dad, my brother Dennis, my mother in law and father in law, my Nana, mentors and dear friends (to many to mention but smiling as I’m thinking of them), and finally every soul who has walked into my dancing, filming, teaching career….I am here at this point because you all have made me better and I thank you for allowing me to share my passion with life with all of you!

Favorite Places?

My everyday favorite place is my home, my studio, and anywhere I can be with my family and where I can share my passion for movement, art, and life.   Places I love to travel to are Arizona since I lived and taught there for a period of time, Key West for Smathers Beach and best food truck smoothies ever, San Diego for Coronado Island, New York City because it feels like a second home at times and where I hit pavement as an artist with auditions and creating and networking, Belmar Beach and Sandy Hook in New Jersey at all times of the year, and St. Lucia will always be dear to my heart since it is where my husband and I traveled to on our honeymoon and where many, many dreams began.

Favorite Products?

I love fashion and how it inspires me with my creative process with my dance film work.  Some of the clothing that we have used in Artists in Unity dance films have been from Mod Cloth and I truly love their advertising and marketing as a company since they focus on women of varying shapes and sizes.  Their clothes fit beautifully!

In the studio I wear dance wear from Mirella, Bloch, Natalie, and also Danskin Apparel.  However, some of my clients said it is now, time for me to create my own line of leggings and body wear.  That may be in my cards in the future!

As far as my family, we live simply and with always keeping the environment in mind first and foremost!

Current Passions?

Reading, reading, and more reading.  I am a big Nicholas Sparks follower since I love how they turn his storylines into film.  Journaling every day since it is my form of meditation and a way that I can get all my heart felt words down on paper to share with myself, family, and my followers.  Hang out days with my kids and my Brian that are filled with coffee, big breakfasts, cooking, and lounging around for as long as we want.