Danielle Abisaab: Founder of Union Square Yoga

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Danielle Abisaab is a 500 hours Registered Yoga Teacher. She completed her Yoga Teacher training with ISHTA NYC in 2003. She holds a certificate to teach Unnata Aerial Yoga since 2012 and has followed a restorative aerial yoga course with Anti-Gravity Yoga in 2012. She is the founder of the funky Union Square Yoga in Beirut Lebanon, where she has been living since 2005. Her many years lived in NY working as an architect, have informed her personal life and yoga practice with depth and tremendous amounts of yoga knowledge. Constantly seeking ways to improve her teaching skills, she travels regularly back to NYC to study with some of the most influential teachers in the US and has accumulated over 300 hours in continuing education over the course of the past 10 years.

Currently living in a challenging part of the world, she draws teachings from her everyday life as a way to keep growing spiritually. She strongly believes we are all teachers, we are all students, we are all one and feels consistently grateful to her students for being a great source of inspiration, they make the expansion of her spirit possible; they are her gurus. Her classes, whether Vinyasa Pop and Rock, Vinyasa Honey flow or Aerial Yoga, are infused with spirituality, laughter, fun and music. Danielle’s wildest dream and hope is for every human on this planet to discover the magic of yoga one day and remember that they are whole.

What do you do best?

What I do best is believe in the excellence of human beings.

What makes you the best?

Being a humble student of life.

What are your aspirations?

To continue planting and spreading the seeds of yoga, not only through the teaching platform, but through actions and words, play, art, poetry, photography, and design.

Biggest Success?

Having two jobs I am passionate about (Architecture and teaching Yoga), when most people on this planet feel stuck with one job they despise. But the real success, is in having found ways to bridge both disciplines together. I teach Yoga as the architecture of the body and the soul. I design spaces with positive energy, sustainability and kindness in mind. Both disciplines have allowed me to truly understand the full spectrum of space. Yoga refurbishes and expands our inner space, Architecture defines our external space, our environment.

Most Challenging Moment?

The moment a loved one must go.

Favorite Motto?

"Curiosity didn’t kill the cat, ignorance did."

Favorite People?

Every member of my immediate family, every single one of my friends, every teacher I have studied with, every annoying person who has pushed my buttons or triggered me in some way.

My Osteopaths.                           

Leonardo Da Vinci.

My inner child.

Favorite Places?

Union Square Yoga, the Yoga studio I founded and designed in Beirut Lebanon.

The entirety of New York City.

The top of Huayna Picchu in Peru.

The Yoga mat.

A lover’s arms early in the morning.

Favorite Products?

Jade Mats.

Onzie leggings.

Free People clothing.

Hampton Chutney’s Dosas in NYC.

Moroccan Oil hair product.

Green $ Black’s dark chocolate with Ginger.

Awan’s Orchid Flesh tea.

Current Passions?

Teaching Yoga to Syrian refugee kids.

Learning to play the Djembe (West African drum).

Discovering new music.

Watching documentaries.


Understanding human behavior.

Working on myself everyday.