Gwen Lawrence: Yoga instructor to NY Giants & Creator of Power Yoga For Sports program

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Gwen Lawrence is a Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 500) with Yoga Alliance, which acknowledges the completion of a yoga teacher training with an approved and active Registered Yoga School (RYS). Gwen holds a BS in are and dance, is a licensed Massage Therapist LMT since 1990, Registered Yoga Therapist. Gwen is the yoga instructor for many teams over the last 20 years including the NY Giants 16+ seasons, NY Knicks 8 + seasons, NY Redbulls 9 seasons, NY Rangers 7 seasons, NYC FC 1 season (inaugural season and going) and members of the NY Yankees, several major colleges like: Columbia, Yale, Manhattan, UNC and many more.  

She is the official spokesperson for Gaiam TV, and ambassador for Lululemon, Prismsport, Gaiam, Kulae and Under Armour.  Her writings appear in Men's Health, Men's Finess, Women's Health, Women's Fitness, Cosmo, Fitness Magazine, Shape Magazine, Yoga Journal, Yoga Digest, Yoga Magazine, Details and and  Gwen makes regular appearances on NBC TODAY SHOW, Good Day NY, and Dr. Oz as well as many Radio and TV news shows.

Gwen owns her own Yoga school registered to certify students with 200 and 300 hour trainings along with her online Power Yoga for Sports Teacher Training. Gwen has been named Best of Westchester, and featured in ESPN Magazine as "The Best Innovation In Sports Medicine" Gwen has 9 Power Yoga for Sports sport specific DVD's, a feature DVD with Gaiam, and a book Body Sculpting with Yoga.  You can take advantage of working with Gwen through Gaiam TV,, her Power Yoga for Sports APP, Audible Yogaand he You Tube Channel Gwen Lawrence Yoga.

What do you do best?

"I transform lives from good to great, helping my clients reach their highest potential, using my 6 power yoga for sports philosophy's to Attain fitness, find Balance, Create goals, and Define personal happiness in work, school, family and life the way only an intuitive Yogi and seasoned MOM can” especially when it comes to the lives of athletes...

What makes you the best?

My ability to morph into, and my deep understanding of the athletes life, i do not expect them to become a yoga, I use yoga to lengthen their longevity, reduce injury and create a more mindful player, my inmate ability to read bodies

What are your aspirations?

The journey of an athlete, how it is one that starts innately with potential drive determination and focus from a young age.  the sacrifice and coordination of universe and talent is second to none and when it works it is beautiful to be a part of. also the intense dedication of our Veterans.  oops i thought you said inspirations….my aspirations are to continue and broaden my work with athletes globally with my Power Yoga for Sports Affiliate Association and to dedicate more time working with our wounded hero's

Biggest Success?

Being a part of the NY Giants as their Yoga Coach for over a decade and being named by ESPN Magazine as the “Best innovation in Sports Medicine” not to mention my 3 amazing sons and long successful marriage!!!

Most Challenging Moment?

There is not just one challenging moment, life is made of ups and downs and make you what you are, and you are defined by how you deal with them. However I am a product of abuse as a child, this has made me strong and many other things good and bad.  It is a mental blip in my life that i deal with everyday.

Favorite Motto?

“good is the enemy of great!”  to me and to the athlete good is not good enough never settle, always strive to be one better than the next person…be great

Favorite People?

Dr. Suess, Dali Lama, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Lady Di, Ellen Degeneres, Van Gogh, Howard Stern, jack Lalaine to name a few…this is part of my ultimate dinner party list : )

Favorite Places?

Sedona Arizona, My Bed, in my husbands arms and around my sons.

Favorite Products?

Oooo, lets see…alignmed foot supports, my treadmill, my gaiam sol mat, coconut oil for everything, my Bose wireless speaker, Jack Daniels whiskey, all things Kid Rock, my Turbo car, a sharp pencil

Current Passions?

To get a sweat on, improve the game of every athlete i come in contact with, make a difference for our wounded veterans!