Karen Dubs: Yoga teacher, Author & Health/Nutrition Coach

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Karen Dubs teaches yoga, Pilates and Spinning and specializing in Flexibility for Athletes and Yoga for Sports Conditioning. She has trained a wide range of athletes from The Baltimore Ravens players and The University of MD Terps Men' basketball team to recreational golfers, triathletes and marathon runners. Karen traveled to Rishikesh, India with Yogafit in 2009 for a yoga intensive to deepen her practice and philosophy studies.

In 2007, Karen partnered with Coach Troy Jacobson and Spinervals to create a series of athletic yoga DVDs for mulitsport athletes. Karen graduated from the Integrative Institute of Nutrition in July 2015 as a Holistic Health Coach. She is excited to combine yoga and fitness with nutrition and stress management to help everyone from athletes, teams and weekend warriors to corporate executives and stay at home moms to be more energized, balanced and flexible both in their sport and in their lives.

What do you do best?

I think I'm pretty good at finding balance in this crazy, fast-paced world between doing hard things that require willpower and discipline and doing easy things that require chillpower and letting go. And people tell me I'm a good listener and help them strengthen their chillpower muscle as well.

What makes you the best?

Practice practice practice. Actually doing hard things and earning the rewards. And actually doing easy things and letting go. It's a never ending practice and balancing act. Also I learned my greatest life lessons from challenges and obstacles that have come my way. By embracing the challenges, it helped me be a better listener and teacher and gave my a lot more compassion.

What are your aspirations?

I aspire to evolve my health coaching and yoga business to reach more people. And boy do I need to update my web site! And to do more yoga fundraiser classes for some of my favorite charities, which include Back on my Feet, Knights of Heroes, Believe Big and the SPCA.

Biggest Success?

Maybe because it's fresh in my mind since I just recently published it, but writing a book was definitely a project that opened up a whole new world of insight and wisdom for me and connected me with people unlike anything else I've ever done. Years ago, I would have said the same thing about producing the Flexible Warrior Yoga DVD series. It's so rewarding to work hard on a project that connects you with people all over the world. .. And I'm very proud of being happily married for 23 years.

Most Challenging Moment?

Healing from Lyme and Hastimoto's thyroiditis. It's a continuous healing journey that has given me a million dollar education in the value of self-care, fitness and nutrition.

Favorite Motto?

Worrying is praying for what you don't want.

Favorite People?

People that do hard things to make the world a healthier, happier place... Joshua Rosenthal (founder of IIN), Beth Shaw (founder of Yogafit) and Kendell Reicchart (my personal health coach). Also my husband and our two rescue pups.

Favorite Places?

The NCR trail with my dogs... it's a mile from my house. And hiking the hills of Normandy France and Tuscany Italy with my husband.

Favorite Products?

Anne Marie Skin Care, doTerra essential oils, Navitas naturals superfood cacao goji superfood snacks and Zia's fresh juices (which is a local Baltimore area thing that I love to treat myself to!)

Current Passions?

I started to do mosaics a few years ago and am now addicted. The two projects I'm most proud of is turning an old, broken pot that was precious to my mom but was in a hundred pieces, and turning it into a piece of art that's now on her kitchen wall. And the second project was an old artists table that was covered with nicks and scratches and layers and paint and was going to the dump and I turned it into an awesome treasure that I love in our family room. I love making pottery too, but lately mosaics have my interest more.