Elena Brower: Mama, Yoga Teacher & Best selling Author of "Art of Attention"

(photo credit: Pete Longworth)

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Mama, teacher, speaker, coach, and author, Elena has taught yoga and meditation since 1999. Influenced by several traditions including Katonah Yoga, ParaYoga and Kundalini Yoga, Elena offers practice as a way to approach our world with realistic reverence and gratitude. Her first book, Art of Attention, has been ranked number one for design on Amazon, and has been translated into five languages. Her monthlong Audio Meditation Course is globally renowned as a way to boost or begin practice, and her weeklong Cultivating Spiritual Intelligence Course has been downloaded in more than 30 countries. She's an Executive Producer for On Meditation, and founder of Teach.yoga, a virtual home for thousands of yoga teachers worldwide.    

What do you do best?

Speak honestly to my kid.

What makes you the best?

I'm forever a student.

What are your aspirations?

Naps. Study time. Reading time at the Library near my house. Time walking the Met with my family.

Biggest Success?

My recovery from addiction, which has led to every other success.

Most Challenging Moment?

The day my Mama passed. I was laying on her belly. Placed her hand on my face as she left.

Favorite Motto?

Trust yourself.

Favorite People?

My friends. My boy. My man. My sister and her family. My parents. My teachers. My coaches. My students. Tough to narrow that down.

Favorite Places?

Turks and Caicos. Bhutan. The Met. My apartment in NYC.

Favorite Products?

Dr. Alkaitis

Vered Botanicals

Chattra cushions all over my home

dōTERRA Essential Oils and household products

Current Passions?

Knitting. Kundalini Yoga.  Designing and cultivating my businesses; empowering others to do the same.