Donielle Morris Aparo: Yoga Teacher

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Donielle Morris Aparo lives by the question, “What Would You Do if You Weren’t Afraid?” but it wasn’t always that way. At the age of 19 years old, she was diagnosed with a life-altering autoimmune disease that left her body completely destroyed. Battling through years of digestive inflammation and later an allergic reaction to a medication that left her body stricken with arthritis, she discovered yoga.

Three years after her first yoga class, she enrolled in a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training and was certified in January 2013. Having an extensive family history with cancer and beating a chronic illness herself, she knew that she ultimately wanted to share her story with people who were facing similar physical challenges. In November 2014, under the guidance of Jnani Chapman, a pioneer in the field of Yoga Therapy, Donielle completed Level 1 Yoga Therapy in Cancer & Chronic Illness and shortly thereafter began working with cancer patients. She is currently wrapping up her 500-Hour Yoga Teaching Certification. Now 31 years old, Donielle lives on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina with her husband, a singer-songwriter, and her miniature schnauzer, Gus.

What do you do best?

Living life outside of my comfort zone.

What makes you the best?

Compassion. Drive. Love.

What are your aspirations?

To travel and teach an abundance of people how to live from love and not fear.

Biggest Success?

Healing my body from an incurable autoimmune disease by getting completely present.

Most Challenging Moment?

Letting go of medications that no were no longer necessary and no longer served me. That was some scary shit. But it needed to happen so I could shed the identity of the girl who was sick and move into who I was called to be.

Favorite Motto?

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

Favorite People?

Like EVERYONE. People are my jam. But especially my husband, my amazing family, and my girlfriends.

Favorite Places?

Anywhere new…I love exploring new places especially if they have a ton of history.

Favorite Products?

Isagenix - I absolutely cannot live without nutritional cleansing and my delicious superfood shakes, I’m also obsessed with their AMPED Performance line that’s helping me train for a marathon.

Ameo Essential Oils- Proshield and Soothing Aire save my butt anytime I feel a cold coming on

Audible - I don’t have a ton of time to read, but I can listen anywhere anytime I’m free, I love personal development!

Current Passions?

Yoga. Running (a lot of running). The Go-Giver (OBSESSED). Abundance.