Leah Kim: Nike Athlete, Global Yoga Ambassador & Master Trainer

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Leah Kim is a Nike Athlete, and most notably, Nike’s Global Yoga Ambassador. Originally from California and of Korean descent, she studied Economics at UCLA, only to realize her life would be much better spent on the mat than in a cubicle. She started teaching in LA, then lived and taught in Hong Kong for 3 years followed by 5 years in London, and is now super excited to be living in NYC. She travels regularly to represent yoga for Nike, and some of her favorite projects have been launching the Studio Wrap in Stockholm, launching the Pedro Laurenco Collection in Paris, shooting a Just Do It campaign in Rome, and creating and shooting content for the NTC App (which is incidentally also how she met her husband). She has also collaborated with the likes of Vogue, Colette (in France), and Vita Coco. Leah teaches yoga as a way to stay vibrant, strong, and centered. She believes in living a life well-rounded, well-nourished inside and out, and authentic.

What do you do best?

I speak up for other people. Empathy drives a lot of what I do.

What makes you the best?

My son. Just the other day it really, clearly dawned on me - that having a kid has undoubtedly made me a better human being.

What are your aspirations?

To keep living as best as I can, to keep stepping into the unknown, to take on new adventures, to love as big as I can.

Biggest Success?

I’m grateful to have accomplished a lot in my life and career, but I have a feeling my biggest success is still to come...

Most Challenging Moment?

Giving (a traumatic) birth & the year that followed.

Favorite Motto?

Live & let live.

Favorite People?

Too many to name. My family, my longtime friends, my Nike family, my yoga teachers.

Favorite Places?

Home. Coffeeshops. Grocery stores. In front of a fire. Santa Monica.

Favorite Products?

Matcha. REN Skincare rose body oil. John Masters Organics zinc & sage shampoo. Nike flyknits. Kombu. James Perse cashmere scarf (which mostly my husband steals). Ralph Lauren cashmere throw.

Current Passions?

After several nonstop, ambition-driven years traveling & teaching around the globe, I am relishing in neighborhood-living (albeit in NYC), getting to know fellow parents, my local dry cleaners, and the baristas at my favorite coffeeshop. Right now, I’m making life about the small things. Plus, you know, raising a human.