Margo Chabot: yoga instructor, holistic health coach, artist, & founder of #ProjectGoodness

My NativeAdVantage:


Margo Chabot has a background is positive psychology and creative therapies, and is a certified (kids and adult) yoga instructor, holistic health coach, artist, and founder of #ProjectGoodness - a community dedicated to noticing and adding to the goodness that surrounds us always. She is passionate about giving people the tools to live happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives through helping them become aware of their strengths, feeling the power of gratitude, cultivating mindfulness and wonder, and understanding the importance of self care.

Over the past three years she has been documenting (on Instagram, @yogamargo) the goodness that surrounds us always- uplifting messages and little reminders that sprinkle the streets. This pursuit inspired her to start #ProjectGoodness, as a way to inspire others to do what she does, and focus their attention on the goodness in and around them. To date, there are 1,400 Project Goodness stickers (which say “I’m with goodness”) in circulation in more than 21 states (in the US) and 20 countries!

What do you do best?

Try. I practice giving things my best shot. And when I do, it feels great! When I don’t, it becomes a learning experience. I am constantly reminding myself that what I’m striving for is to try MY best (and not anyone else’s version of “best”). 

What makes you the best?

I’m going to answer it through a lens of – what I love about myself, (which is an important question that each one of your should think about, and answer). I love that I love learning (from people! Books! Experiences!) - because it leads me to discover new ways of thinking about things, plus lessons/inspiration to share!

What are your aspirations?

To affect people in a positive way and continue to find new ways of giving people the tools to live happy, meaningful, and fulfilling lives. 

Biggest Success?

Appreciating and celebrating the little successes.

Most Challenging Moment?

Dealing with different injuries over the past few years, and trying to be extra kind to myself during those times, and seeing them as learning opportunities.

Favorite Motto?

“It’s about your attention and where you put it”

No matter what's going on, and with all the things we don't have control over, our attention is something that we do, and training ourselves to notice the goodness in/around us can enhance our lives in so many ways. From my experience, focusing my attention towards the goodness that surrounds us always has lead me to a deeper appreciation and enjoyment of the good times, while also making the difficult times more bearable.  

Favorite People?

My family (parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, and cousins): Who, since day one, have been my biggest supporters/cheerleaders.

My friends: Who constantly make me smile, and encourage me to continue doing what I love.

My teachers: Who have a passion for teaching which has made me love learning.

The #ProjectGoodness Community: Who continues to inspire me in their pursuit of making the word a brighter place!

Favorite Places?

The Special Children’s Center, where I get to teach yoga to children with special needs, and Mohonk Mountain House in upstate NY.

Favorite Products?

Bogavia natural skin care, I’ve been using their cleanser, toner, and moisturizers for the past year and it’s made my skin feel and look great. Outdoor voices leggings, they fit like a dream. And my Cuyana leather tote, which comes everywhere with me and fits everything!

Current Passions?

Teaching yoga and creative workshops. Spreading goodness and mailing out goodness stickers. Walking in nature. Exploring. Oil painting. Writing (on my blog!). Reading (right now I’m reading Brene Brown’s latest book- Daring Greatly, and learning so much from it). Soul cycle. And meditation.