Natalie Mazzetta: Creator of "Better Stronger Tougher" & certified indoor cycling, Lagree fitness & Pilates instructor

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The creator and wellness influencer behind Better Stronger Tougher and a certified indoor cycling, Lagree fitness and Pilates instructor, Natalie Mazzetta's desire to help others find value in their health and to be stronger physically, mentally and emotionally led her down the path to becoming a fitness professional. Natalie is currently teaching indoor cycling and Better Stronger Tougher's signature class, BST: the workout in addition to training and coaching fellow indoor cycling instructors.

What do you do best?

It might not be the most traditional of answers, but I legitimately feel like the single thing I do best is living life. To say that I'm enamored with how many opportunities, relationships & life experiences that are out there for me to take on, would be an understatement. Living life, loving and being loved truly thrills me & I do my best everyday to get after it without fear & to create my own best life.

What makes you the best?

I actively work to compare and compete only with myself - so to say that I'm "the best" at living, to me, means that I'm the best because I'm taking a new day and doing something with it, I'm living in the moment. My outlook and approach on living has been and will always be a consistent work for me. As someone who, like many, has struggled with bouts of negative self-talk, anxiety, depression, fear, judgements, etc. I seek to reverse those unhelpful thoughts and behaviors and replace them with an appreciation and understanding of why and a forward momentum thought process that has me focused on the moment instead of dwelling on the past.

What are your aspirations?

I cannot wait to walk down the aisle to my fiancé in a few short months and (several years from now) start a family with him. Professionally, I aspire to use BST as a means to continue to motivate & inspire people to live their best and healthiest lives through fitness & a balanced lifestyle.

Biggest Success?

Waking up every single morning for 26 years and being committed and focused on giving it my best and honest effort. I don't feel confident that as a society we give enough credit or practice the necessary amount of compassion towards ourselves and others around the notion that, as awesome as it is, life is is also really effing hard.

Most Challenging Moment?

This is arguably the most difficult question for me to answer because I'm hard pressed to identify a single moment that has been most challenging. Consistently throughout my life, there have been a number of challenges of varying intensity and context and it's hard for me to pinpoint one as being more difficult than another. Despite their difficulty, I still wouldn't change any of these moments for anything - they're what has made me and my life what it is today.

Favorite Motto?

"Breathe deeply and appreciate the moment. Living in the moment could be the meaning of life."

Favorite People?

My fiancé, my family and my friends - of course.

Favorite Places?

My parent's home in small town Connecticut; Martha's Vineyard, The Berkshires & Boston all in Massachusetts; Stowe, Vermont; and recently Bend, Oregon stole a small piece of my heart.

Favorite Products?

Spotify, Espresso, Lara Bar, lululemon's align pant, Nike Free's, Pond's Face Cream & Living Proof Dry Shampoo

Current Passions?

I've always been passionate about teaching my classes to my best ability - but lately that passion has sparked with more intensity and I've found myself in the studio practicing & programming more than ever. I've even recently taken this passion for teaching strategic and well thought out classes to other instructors, as I've most recently created an indoor cycling teacher training program and have been training and working one-on-one with current instructors to share key tools and tips for leading high quality classes.