Anna Renderer: Fitness Entrepreneur, Certified High Performance Coach & Host of POPSUGAR Fitness

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Anna has a Masters Degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology and 11 years experience as a health and fitness coach. She is the creator of the Sexy Confident Woman Formula, a 4 week fitness, nutrition, and personal development course teaching women lifestyle traits to master their own strength, energy, and mindset. She has incorporated her skills as a Life coach and fitness expert to empower women to design a life they love. With over 650K subscribers to POPSUGAR Fitness, Anna has created over 100 workout video's that offer effective, time efficient solutions to staying fit. Workouts done at home with little to no equipment.

In addition to her fitness programs and video's, Anna is passionate about mentoring others to build a fitness business they love while serving and inspiring others.  She leads a Beachbody network marketing team of fitness enthusiasts and fitness professionals who’s mission is to end the trend of obesity. Anna believes her greatest contribution is teaching and mentoring others to become leaders in the health and fitness industry.  

What do you do best?


I fell in love with teaching fitness video back in 2005 when I was an extra for my mentor's training video's. I started bringing my camera and tripod to the park to shoot short workouts. I was nervous and very rigid but I was excited about sharing my expertise and passion for fitness with others. The mission always outlived the awkwardness I felt.

As time went on and more opportunities came, I took every chance I could to be on camera.

The more frequently I shot, the better I became and I fell more and more in love with it.

What makes you the best?

I have a deep LOVE and PURPOSE for what I create which allows me to stay consistent, authentic, and disciplined.

Having an open mind and willingness to make mistakes has allowed me to progress and improve.

I also never take myself too serious. Bringing the energy and enthusiasm is how I like to lead myself into every situation and how I like to be remembered both on and off camera.

What are your aspirations?

To inspire strength, joy and confidence in women around the world. I've spent so much of my career teaching fitness and helping strengthen the physical body but now I am developing programs such as the Sexy Confident Woman Formula, to empower women both physically and emotionally.

Real change is more permanent when women believe in themselves, have clarity on what they truly want out of life and take ownership of their choices and dreams. Health and fitness then becomes a tool, helping us to accomplish bigger goals rather than the goal itself.

I'd also love to travel the world and experience the beauty of different places and cultures.

Biggest Success?

Being chosen as the host for POPSUGAR Fitness 4 years ago.

I remember moving to LA in 2011 to pursue my dream of creating my own fitness show. I had no idea how I would do this but it was my big dream.

I kept shooting my own video's on Youtube and looking for opportunities until a friend I had met at a recent BBQ called to tell me about a hosting position he saw in one of his emails.

He said he thought of me immediately. I probably spilled my passion for fitness and dreams of having my own show that night over too many glasses of wine.  

But I immediately put my cover letter together, resume and gathered all my best YouTube video's to submit.

I don't know how I got so lucky but they picked me and it's been the most rewarding opportunity of my life. It's allowed me to do what I love most and opened doors for many other amazing opportunities and experiences as well.

Most Challenging Moment?

This would be my first few months after moving to LA. I had no job, no savings, no clients and was basically starting over with my career.

I had been working in San Diego as a fitness trainer and boot camp instructor at a studio for over 6 years but had come to a point where I was working over 10 hour days and still not making enough money for a savings account.

When I moved to LA it was out of sheer determination to better my career and situation. But before it got any better, things got worse. There were a few months when I had to borrow money for rent, I felt scared I might not make it and it took a great deal of faith and persistence to come out on top.  

Favorite Motto?

"Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm" - Winston Churchill

In order to receive more you must be willing to give more

Adopt a role model mindset in everything you do

Favorite People?

My siblings. I'm 1 of 6 kids and we all have a very special bond between us.

My mom is one of the strongest, hard working and loving people on the planet. She taught me to be humble, accepting, kind, and faithful.

My husband Vito La Fata is the love of my life, my mentor, my friend and one of the smartest and funniest people I've ever met.  

As far as people I don't know personally, some of my favorite people are Brendon Burchard, Bob Marley and Gary Vaynercheck.

Favorite Places?

Florence, Italy

Mammoth Mountain, CA

Ogunquit, Maine

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Favorite Products?

Foam Roller



The Curve Treadmill by Woodway


Current Passions?




Gardening (i'm a green thumb!)



Guiding my students through the Sexy Confident Woman Formula

Growing my network marketing team

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