Morag Barrett: Best-selling author & CEO of SkyeTeam

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Morag Barrett is the best-selling author of Cultivate: The Power of Winning Relationships. She is also the founder and CEO of SkyeTeam, an international leadership development company.
Morag’s experience ranges from senior executive coaching, to developing high impact teams, to leadership development programs across Europe, America, and Asia. At last count Morag has worked with more than 3,000 leaders in 20 countries and on four continents in companies as diverse as Newmont Mining, Scholastic, Microsoft, DexMedia, Level 3 Communications and Denver Art Museum.

Morag has been featured in Industry Week,, Business Insider,, American Management Association and is a regular contributor the Association for Training and Development, Society for Human Resources and among others.

What do you do best?

I help organizations, teams and individuals to get unstuck. Whether this is facilitating a leadership development program, working with a senior level team or as an executive coach what I do best is to hold up the mirror and ask the tough questions. In doing so I help people to move forward, overcome barriers to success and build high performance teams.

What makes you the best?

What makes me one of the best at what I do is my experience in business and leadership development. I was originally planning to be an engineer, and instead spent 10+ years in finance. I have a logical mind, and a curiosity about how things work. It means I am a quick study in understanding the context and challenges unique to each of my clients and businesses. I understand what they are trying to achieve. Couple this with 10+ years of leadership development I bring a pragmatic approach and solutions to how those business results can be achieved. There is no doubt in my mind that my colleagues at help to keep me at the top of my game. We are continually learning, taking out own medicine and seeking new ways to communicate and inspire our clients. We have worked with more than 3,000 leaders from 20 countries and on 4 continents. That’s a broad impact and legacy.

Biggest success?

Aside from raising three boys, my biggest success was writing and publishing my best-selling book Cultivate.The Power of Winning Relationships. It was a challenging process to take my  years of experience and thoughts on how to diagnose and cultivate strong professional relationships and turn these into a compelling narrative. The results has been powerful, I’m getting calls from across the globe from leaders who are telling me the concepts have turned around toxic relationships and made a real impact in their lives.

What are your aspirations?

Personal: When not working I am a ballroom dancer and principal bassoonist for the Broomfield Symphony Orchestra. I’d like to continue to get better at both of these skills!

Business: Our corporate values include ‘fun’ three times. I want to continue to have fun at work, whether that’s with my team or with our clients. Life is too short, our goal at SkyeTeam is to provide high –impact leadership development that makes a difference. We ensure that we are true partners with clients and make it easy to collaborate.

Most challenging moment?

Being an entrepreneur is exhausting. It’s certainly the hardest I have ever worked in my career. There is always something that needs doing, ideas that are being generated. It’s rewarding, however my most challenging moment was losing my mojo for a few months. I had literally burnt myself out. Taking a few months to step back, re-evaluate my priorities and recharge my batteries was the key. It resulted in the decision to move from solopreneur and to build a team.

Favorite Motto?

 Business is personal and relationships matter. It’s my own twist on an old adage I was told in my banking career.

Favorite People?

My family and friends. The people who make me laugh.

Favorite Places?

I love to travel, however my favorite places include being on a sailboat in strong winds, or else in rugged terrain, I was recently on the Isle of Skye and Iceland, I love the changing landscapes and the opportunity to get away from the day to day hubbub.

Favorite Products?

Chocolate and wine.

Current Passions?

Chocolate and wine.