Scott Spann: General Manager of Cliff House Maine

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Scott Spann is General Manager of Cliff House Maine. Nestled across 70 oceanfront acres atop Bald Head Cliff on the southern coast of Maine, Cliff House offers unrivaled experiences that are accessible, exceptional and spectacular. Opening in July 2016 following a landmark transformation, Cliff House will reemerge as one of the most captivating coastal destinations of its kind. Cliff House joins sister property Stowe Mountain Lodge, A Destination Hotel, to expand the portfolio of the Destination Hotels New England collection. The sophisticated New England resort boasts breathtaking views, inspired oceanfront dining and programming, 9,000 sq. ft. luxury spa with a sanctuary room, an adjacent 18-hole semi-private golf course, year round recreation, 25,000 sq. ft. of premier meeting and events space, and so much more to provide guests with an authentic and memorable Maine getaway.

What do you do best?

I have this unique ability to assimilate massive amounts of information on all different levels and rapidly get right to the core of the issue.  I learned this from a young age.  This enables me to remove emotions and judgements and see the situation objectively.  Being the youngest growing up with brothers and sisters, I had to think on my feet and quickly. We were competitive.  Yet, I try not to react but sleep on it and then reflect on the right thing to do.  

What makes you the best?

Being curious and listening to the thoughts of others, it is extremely important to learn, challenge, and seek to grow in your own thoughts and experiences.  You have to be willing to take risk and recognize that people are the greatest resource to you.

Biggest success?

The greatest successes in my life are people.  My twin daughters 17 and how smart and talented they are, while having compassion in their hearts. The most humbling and greatest feeling of accomplishment I have in my career is when an opportunity arises and a past team member raises their hand because they want to be a part of what you are involved in creating.  They are making huge life decisions and believe enough in you to take that risk.  It creates a strong sense of self and pride.

What are your aspirations?

Personal:  To see my daughters happy and content in their life and choices they make.  At my core this is the thought that creates significant worry in my mind and that I have the greatest optimism about.

Business: To explore, learn and positively impact the people that surround me by sharing of one’s mind and heart.  

Most challenging moment?

I have faced many challenges throughout my life.  The most difficult I have faced has always been centered on the loss of people.  As your life progress you find that making difficult choices that impact individuals leave emotional scars on your soul that cannot be removed with time.  Each person you encounter you have this unique opportunity to engage and find the most from this interaction, when you chose not to embrace these times you lose.

Favorite Motto?

•    Once a plan is at 70%, go, the last 30% you will learn.

•    Trust your gut, don’t second guess the tingle on the back of your neck, it is never wrong

Favorite People?

Winston Churchill, Coach K, Roger Staubach and Willie Nelson

Favorite Places?

San Francisco, New Zealand (aspirational), Maine or Oregon Coast, and home

Favorite Products?

Freemark Abbey wines, Ted Baker clothes, Jeeps, and Elemental Herbology Fire

Current Passions?

Cooking, Wine while cooking, Obsessed with seeing New Zealand, juicing, Winning at cards