Melody Mayer: Owner of WearWithAll

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Melody Mayer is a fashion designer with a message. After many years in the industry, Melody is opening her first boutique/gallery, WearWithAll, at 10 Main Street in East Hampton, NY selling custom-made couture apparel, jewelry, sunglasses, hats, bags and mens vintage inspired t-shirts from Paris. In addition to the designer goods, the store will also feature a weekly rotating art exhibit featuring paintings by emerging artists from around the world. To celebrate each new installation, the store will host "Tea Time with Melody,” where shoppers can enjoy complementary ice tea and juices.

Through the years, Melody’s designs have been available for purchase at major department stores, including Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue, Henri Bendel, Macy's and Harrods in London. Her accessories have been sold worldwide. Melody’s spectrum of private clients has diversification from Hillary Clinton, to Madonna.  All of Melody's pieces have a one-of-a-kind inspirational message and are made with exquisite fabrics evoking her signature theatrical glamorous style. Melody and her designs have been featured on VH1, MTV and MSNBC.  You can learn more about Melody’s boutique/gallery at

What do you do best?

Create , invent, and inspire

What makes you the best?

Love of human kind

Biggest success?

Sold 4 million pieces of one of my inventions

What are your aspirations?

Personal: To build homes for abused and orphaned children so that no child ever has to go to foster care

Business: To have my designs sold internationally so that they are available to inspire people all over the world

Most challenging moment?

Moving out at 18 to be on my own in Manhattan

Favorite Motto:

My own quote – “We are all in this world to help each other”

Favorite People?

Anyone who has a heart and shows it

Favorite Places?

East Hampton, London, New York, Paris

Favorite Products?

IPhone, candles, Big TVs, great stereo systems

Current Passions?

Designing, socializing, writing