Karen Taylor-Bass: PR Expert, Speaker, & Media Coach

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KAREN TAYLOR-BASS IS GIFTED. For almost three decades she has taken a solid approach to creating unique media campaigns, taking under-performing or unknown brands from obscurity to notoriety. Bass has been featured as a PR Expert and ‘Brand’ Mom in several media outlets including: Dr. Oz, CNN, BET, NBC Today, Fox-TV, ABC-TV Here and Now, WPIX-11, Entrepreneur, Essence, Newsday, NY Daily News and more. Bass has authored a best-selling book (peaked at #18, Amazon) on public relations and branding. Named Top 20 PR and Brand Expert to follow @ Twitter at ereleases.com.

What do you do best?

Storytelling. I have a passion and gift for taking information and making it relatable to everyday people while showcasing their unique talent and gift while keeping their integrity.

What makes you the best?

Sheer authenticity. I’ve never tried to be anything more or less than what I am. However, sometimes it can be quite crunchy and all over the place. With that authenticity, I am able to inspire, coach, speak and guide my diverse clients to be honest about their mission/niche for success.

What are your aspirations?

To become an international public relations/branding ROCK STAR! And, continue to empower women entrepreneurs, small business owners and young people on a grander scale about growing/competing/running a successful business. First up is to have my own radio show entitled, “Brand You” on Sirius XM; grow TaylorMade Media LLC to pivot me as “talent” for multi-media opportunities internationally.

Biggest Success?

I really had to noodle on this question. Launching TaylorMade Media LLC, as the premier public relations boutique agency a decade plus ago to create personable and marketable campaigns for athletes, celebrities and corporations. My company has competed with the big sharks and scored the contracts to work with many. Abbreviated clients include: Sony International, Interscope Music, NBA, Coca-Cola, Jill Scott, Russell Simmons, Harper Collins Publishers and so forth that I can talk about publicly since I sign tons of NDAs (non disclosure agreement).

Most Challenging Moment?

Having a child at forty, hemorrhaging post delivery, having my clots pulled out manually and having two blood transfusion. I can do anything!


“If you are going to talk about me and gossip, I’m going to make it worth your while.

Favorite People/Role Models?

I love change agents. My grandmother, Lurlene Garrick, Nelson Mandela, Michelle Obama and Bob Marley.

Favorite Places/Destinations?

Kingston, Jamaica (my birthplace), Paris, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Philadelphia and Hawaii.

Favorite Products/Objects?

Ha Ha! I am not really into gadgets but an exceptional bottle of South African wine coupled with amazing hair gel is right up there on the happy list.

Current Passions?

This is a great question. My current passion is Karen Taylor Bass! I turn 50 next - year and currently taking a moment to live my bliss and be selfish. This has been the year dedicated to what I call “Quintessential Karen.” Expect to see me at a football/NBA basketball game, jumping on the trampoline at Sky Zone, learning to swim with my fellow beginners at YMCA and saving for my 14-day tour of South African for birthday trip with college friends. LOL