Leena Patidar: Co-Founder, The Coin Up app

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The Coin Up app was created by Leena Patidar and Scott Graham. Leena is a MIT/Sloan graduate, a serial entrepreneur, a certified public accountant, and has a certificate of achievement from Harvard Business School with a “Management Development Non For Profit Program.” Scott, who has been featured in numerous renowned national publications, is an ambitious visionary, an award-winning entrepreneur and graduate of Fresno State University. Both have been passionate about developing a social impact company that can make a world of difference. As a result, they worked together to create the Coin Up mobile donation app, providing a unique technology platform to nonprofits, while allowing donors to incrementally give to causes they are passionate about. The Coin Up app is free to download and free for charities to register.

What do you do best?

Live authentically, prioritize family and friends, and know what I don’t know.  

What makes you the best?

I worked really hard to get where I am at.  Looking back I see that I have been innovative for over 25 years and that is where I thrive.  I love to problem solve in creative ways and identify new opportunities.  With my experience in audit and operations, I can quickly assess what strategies may work and those that will not.

What are your aspirations?

Use my skills and experience to benefit everyone around me.  Make a difference, create a positive legacy.

Biggest Success?

Raising my 2 children with good values and respect (so far!)

Most Challenging Moment?

Dealing with the death of my 37 year old brother after already losing my father, who was my hero. 


Be authentic and live with integrity

Favorite People/Role Models?

•    My younger brother – his values, ethics, and dedication to whatever he chooses in life.

•    My kids who inspire and motivate me everyday.

•    My mother’s strength and courage.

•    Other than that – Jackie O’s grace and class; Ellen DeGeneres ability to make me laugh and Oprah for her honest interviews and convictions.  

Favorite Places/Destinations?

I love Bali – the culture was an amazing blend and Italy for it’s passion of everything!

Favorite Products/Objects?

Beautiful art and sculptures; My laptop is probably my best friend.  

Current Passions?

Making an impact with Coin Up, Painting, Learning anything (especially piano right now)