Dr. Douglas Steinbrech: Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

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Dr. Douglas Steinbrech is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon under the American Board of Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Steinbrech’s NYC practice specializes in cosmetic procedures customized for men, including both surgical and non-surgical options. His passion for male plastic surgery led him to establish The Institute of Male Plastic Surgery in early 2016, which will provide an educational foundation for current and future physicians to learn about and help further this subspecialty. Dr. Steinbrech is one of a very few surgeon’s in the United States that has a practice that focuses on procedures that are most important to men. His techniques, attention to detail, and approach to cosmetic procedures are customized to the male anatomy. Dr. Steinbrech has been recognized as being one of the top plastic surgeons for men in the New York City area in his field by multiple media sources.

What do I do best?

One of the things that I do best is to find a creative way to solve a problem. As a plastic surgeon and an aesthetic plastic surgeon I specialize in the man’s aesthetic plastic surgery space and this is a space in the wild West where many surgeons have focused on women and their problems for so many years so if a patient comes to me and wants to fix his abs I’ll figure out five different ways to fix it and then look in anatomy book and find a new way to do it. If someone comes to me and I want to have bigger pecs I’ll figure out some way to do it which it may include grafting fat into it, it may include an implant, may include sculpting, it may include body banking. But they will get the change that they want.

What makes me the best version of myself?

The most important best quality there’s got to be here today is crazy determination and hard work. I get criticized many times for being a workaholic but I get energy and satisfaction by seeing a girl being reached and the only way that happens is by lots of sweat and lots of tears and lots of hard work and long hours.

In terms of my personal goal in life it’s very simple, it is to be the best father that I can be to my seven-year-old son, to be the best husband I can be and to be the best friend I can be to my good friends.

What are my aspirations?

In terms of business from my work as a plastic surgeon in the Surgical space it’s a pretty big,  my dream would be that someone would say that I was the modern-day father of the aesthetic male plastic surgery movement.

My biggest success has been my blue ocean which is creating big transformation for men and for women but are utilizing the power of fat grafting out of the bad areas and into the area good areas.

My Biggest Success?

This new paradigm shift in a aesthetic body contouring is called Bodybanking and Bodybanking allows us to change your body and to change your life by taking all of the bad fat in the undesired areas like your flanks and your love handles and that flat tire and putting it all in a good Areas like the chest and shoulders and biceps triceps calves and abs and men and breast and back tune of the ladies.

I hope this perhaps may change your grandmothers liposuction into a new power for artistic way of shape changing your body and transforming lives

My Most Challenging Moment?

The most challenging moment was having the guts to start a private practice in the middle of the ultra competitive landscape of Park Avenue in Manhattan with absolutely no money in a pile of medical student loan debt loans.

That was the most terrifying time in my life, it was more terrifying than when I was trying to chief for NYU surgery at Bellevue Hospital when people would come in with gunshot wound‘s and stabbings and would a war but this is more terrifying, but out of it came pride because I was be able to build a good practice that I am now a proud owner of that spans from New York to Beverly Hills and keeps me very busy doing the work that I love now.

My Motto?

My motto is to first find your blue ocean. In an area where the ocean is clear there’s very little competition and you can excel at what you’re doing without having a product that is mass marketed and ends up being a commodity.

My blue ocean is the aesthetic male plastic surgery space. My daily mantra is this, one must contemplate infiltrate and penetrate to dominate.

My Favorite People/Role Models?

My favorite people in business, a role model, personal and business I would say in business it is Warren Buffett because this is the gentleman that has done nothing but work hard, be very smart, to read a lot and to be very successful. He is a person that rewarded and took his friends along with the ride. Also because even though he is one of the richest man in the world and still lives a very humble life & is still living in the same modest he has lived in since 1968.

In terms of personal role models I would say one is John Kennedy for his famous ask not speech as I see these days too many people ask what they can get from the government and don’t strike out on their own and work hard to achieve their goals in their dreams but rather are waiting for someone else to make their dreams happen for them and that was not the spirit of John Kennedy in 1961.

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

My number eight favorite places I love to go to;  Aspen and ski between Christmas and New Year’s with my family and watch the fireworks over the mountain side on New Year’s eve. I love our little 200-year-old farmhouse in the Hamptons near the beach and we go there every single weekend if it’s 90° out or if it’s -30° out with 2 feet of snow and that is my respite And that is where I recharge my batteries with my family and get ready for the busy week ahead. The last place is the apartment in Santa Monica for my Beverly Hills practice which is a great getaway and is on the beach where it’s fun for us to go down to the water after work after a long day in the operating room and my son loves to go to Malibu beach camp in August.

My Favorite Products/Objects?

I’m not the kind a guy that spends a lot of money on flashy objects for myself but I do love Rolex watches that I won two years in a row in a drawing for a great philanthropy called Lenox Hill house which I love to work with. One is a beautiful dark blue face and the other is a crisp white shade that I use everyday and I can’t wait someday to be able to pass it on to my son when he turns eight when he graduates from college.

My Current Passions?

One of my current passions right now, the most exciting thing I have now is finishing up my book. It will be the first book for plastic surgery is that is based on aesthetic procedures for men only. The other thing that I’m exciting about is expanding what we’ve done with our practice, extending to California has been so successful that I look forward to see to expanding our practice in to Florida. A lot of work to do and a lot of late nights and weekends but I hope that this will be an exciting endeavor.