Nicole Norton: Yoga Teacher 200 RYT

My NativeAdVantage:


My name is Nicole Norton. I grew up in Green Bay, WI and I am a Capricorn. I have always been an athlete but in college, I become obsessed with fitness and nutrition. I have tried everything (including physique competitions and every single crazy fad diet there is) on a road to self-discovery. Starting my professional career in hospitality, after college, I moved to Chicago, Scottsdale, Seattle and finally settled in Los Angeles where I quickly became absorbed in the fitness industry. After less than a year of living in Los Angeles, I attended my first yoga class (hot yoga to be exact) and that's when yoga became life. Now, I have become a teacher, a forever student and leader in my community.

What do I do best?

I have a knack for meeting truly amazing people who don't necessarily fit a standard mold of “cool”. I am able to connect with people on an interpersonal level with out hesitation. I am vulnerable with a person I may have just met, allowing them to feel comfortable and open. I have been able to manipulate this newfound talent into a (different type of) society that connects instructors, healers, philosophers and any individual that is looking for support while going though their own spiritual quest. What is my superpower? Creating connections and building community.

What makes me the best version of myself?

Questioning fear. The more something, someone, some situation frightens me, I ask my self why? Then I take the steps to have more fun than fear. I take that class, I go to on that trip all by my self, I do that damn arm balance (and probably fall flat on my face a few times ahaha). Once fear is questioned, it has no power over you and you are able to evolve. Don’t get me wrong, qualities and characteristics that have gotten me to this point, have been: continued education, curiosity / asking questions, but mainly trusting my higher Self. When it is all said and done, I cannot be the best version of myself if I don’t allow my self to just be. Fear inhibits everyone. Fear stops you from growth and that is not acceptable in my world. So, I question it. I talk to it. I say “Hey, what up? Why you gotta be a rainy cloud in the middle of my sun shinny day?” Then I wait patiently for the answers to unravel. This is a process and as each question is answered, the layers of doubt are lifted, and I am able to dive deeper into the Self and grow.

What are my aspirations?

To learn, to connect and to share. I co-created a company purely for selfish reasons (although my business partner would scold me for saying that). I selfishly want to absorb as much information that I can so that I can grow. The only way I know how to do that is to connect with really cool people. And once I do that, I find that other really cool people want to learn the same things. So the cycle repeats itself over and over until a community is established. If my purpose is to build community then the path to get there is to educate myself, create connections, share with likeminded souls and repeat.

My Biggest Success?

200 RTY

Starting The Sage Society

My Most Challenging Moment?

1. Moving away from home (and to a new state) for the first time. I am an only child and in that moment it was the hardest thing I had ever done. It was almost unfathomable. However, I mustered my courage and stubbornness and did it. This choice started the trajectory of where I am today. It was the first time I had made a decision about my life that was 100% for me by me and no one could talk me out of it. It was the first time I had to trust myself and fully commit to the consequences of my actions. Good or bad.

2. My first 200 RTY teacher training. It was the toughest and sweetest experience of my life. I learned some much about my self. Who I am and who I thought I was. That program opened up a whole new world (cue Disney music). I took my first steps into a new perspective; into a purpose driven life and haven’t looked back.

My Motto?

Try everything twice. The first time you might not like it but things change, people change, and situations change. Give everything and everyone a second chance.

B R E A T H E – since I can remember I have had to tell myself this. Just breathe.

My Favorite People/Role Models?


Andrea Speir Kaufman: My boss (and friend). She strong, kind and confident. She is tough but fair and understanding. Never stops smiling.

Elizabeth Polk: My other boss (and friend). She doesn’t fuss with nonsense. She is level headed but open-minded and always gets the job done. Neither ladies I have every heard complain.

Bethany Frankel: well, she is just a BA (badass). She is a hustler with a conscious. She is driven and determined. She craved her own path and doesn’t apologize for her strength.


Rebekah Rivera: My mentor / me teacher. She is the reason why I took my first teacher training. She is the guide that had brought me to the trail and said “alright time for your journey now. Go!” She will forever be my teacher.

My Mommy: The more grow into my own Self, the more I look up to my mother. I see her strength and her weakness. She shows me that I am human but encourages me to strive to be me; to do me.

Raea Burer: My soul sister and business partner. She is an old soul and a dreamer. She is calm when I am not. We balance each other out.

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

Any bathtub, anywhere, any time.

Any place I can see the night sky full of stars.

My Favorite Products/Objects?

My peppermint oil roller from Saje (

Locally sourced honey

Brain ON – E3Live (I make algae lattes)

Kona Water

My Current Passions?

Becoming my authentic self in all aspects. Teaching Yin Yoga and learning antomey/alinglment. Cooking (always) but more recently, Vegan deliciousness. Bees (not so Vegan but hey, I support my local bee-niesses). Photography. Learning how to use Ayurveda in my daily life. Creating and building my community and empowering others to share their passions.