Ashley Koff RD: CEO, The Better Nutrition Program

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Ashley Koff RD is your better health enabler. When her own frustration with not getting better health results despite "doing everything she was told perfectly" Koff went on a mission to find something better. She discovered better nutrition, and the power it has to help get and keep better health. Then she set out to enable others to get and keep their better health powered by better nutrition. Over two decades as a dietitian, Koff developed better nutrition tools to help her patients and their practitioners get results. Her successful results helped her grow into a leading international resource on Better Nutrition. Today as CEO of The Better Nutrition Program, Koff makes those tools available online as part of The Better Nutrition Membership and during her "Build Your Better Nutrition Plan" workshops for groups (book clubs, schools, organizations and businesses).  A practitioner first, Koff is an award-winning nutrition expert, author, speaker, consultant, spokesperson and advocate. She regularly shares her better nutrition message with millions via national media, social media and co-hosts the podcast “Take Out with Ashley and Robyn." For more about Ashley or to get the Better Nutrition tools visit And I hope in the future I can also soar more deeply into connecting and inspire others to know they are everything already awesome and becoming more awesome.

What do I do best?

My super power is to be a better mirror – I see what is already better in people and I show it back to them

What makes me the best version of myself?

Learning from others – I love to observe and ask questions of others and learn what makes them do better in their lives, and then customize it to mine

What are my aspirations?

Personal: to challenge myself to be the best version of me in this lifetime

Business: for those interested and investing in their health, to enable them to get and keep their better health powered by better nutrition. Too many people are guessing what their bodies need to run better. I want to help them (and those that help them) learn to assess themselves better using better nutrition tools.  

My Biggest Success?

Helping people achieve their better health powered by better nutrition

My Most Challenging Moment?

Moving to DC at 39 and 350 days not knowing anyone and running my own business, I had to choose my new community. Everyone I meet here would ask “so what do you do”? I recall one person saying “I don’t know what Ashley does but I know that she can get people to support our work” I realized that while I loved this, it wasn’t clear to people what I do and what my goals are, and how they could support me too. I had to work to define my business mission which included what is my purpose – today I am clear I am your better health enabler helping you get and keep your better health powered by better nutrition. I also learned that I didn’t need to be friends with or know every person I met, even if what they are doing is amazing and I want to help or be a part of their work. I had to learn to choose. Choose my friends, choose my pro bono work, choose where I invested my resources.

My Motto?

Make better not perfect choices, more often

My Favorite People/Role Models?

My brothers – they are two amazing men, partners, fathers (and father-to-be), and friends.

LeBron James – to be the best at his craft, to focus on what he can accomplish, to have a positive, lasting impact on his community

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

New Zealand

Bristol Bay, Alaska

My Favorite Products/Objects?

Natural Calm magnesium – game-changer for my personal health and now for all those I introduce to the benefits of magnesium

Beauty Counter dew skin – better beauty means working to protect my skin as well as make it look its best while not using anything that can harm my body

Stainless steel straw - better for my teeth and mouth, better for the oceans

My Current Passions?

I am relearning the trumpet which challenges me to make time for practice and to learn to breathe better.

Better nutrition tools – I am so excited to be developing them and bringing them to more people directly or through their practitioners.