Emma Mildon: spiritual activist & international bestselling author

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Emma Mildon is the girl-next-door millennial mystic charged with creating a movement of conscious action in the world. Crowned by the Huffington Post as "a true millennial mystic leader", she is a spiritual activist and the international bestselling author of her book The Soul Searcher’s Handbook now available in six languages. Emma’s passion and enthusiasm is infectious. Through her work as a philanthropist, columnist, speaker and the hostess of powerful new moon gatherings each month, Emma educates, inspires and holds space for people who are committed to taking balanced, conscious action toward global healing. Emma writes for mindbodygreen, The Huffington Post, Thrive Global, and Simon and Schuster NY with her second book The Evolution of Goddess - set to activate her already awakened audiences.

What do I do best?

Listen. I see a lot of people thinking when other people are talking. Or worse, trying to reply while the other person is still talking. I really like to listen. For a person who is deaf in one ear it has always meant I have had to listen more carefully – maybe that is why. It is hard for me, maybe that is why I try to do it better than most.

What makes me the best version of myself?

Emotion. My ability to feel. More so, my ability to express what I feel. And let my emotion flow through and out of me into my words and ideas.

What are my aspirations?

To serve. It sounds ridiculous, corny even I know – but my books, my love life, my family. My goals are to better the lives of those I touch be it through the words in my books, a blog, or even a conversation. I want to share insight, spread wisdom, and seek out love in others. Trust me, it is a big goal to tackle and one that challenges me daily.

My Biggest Success?

Not giving up. Sure, I could say my bestselling book The Soul Searchers Handbook. But, in truth, it was the 300 rejections I got before getting published that I am proud of. The fact that I kept going. That is the source of my success, not the trophy, the journey.

My Most Challenging Moment?

The death of my mother when I was 15 shaped me as a being. Adopted as a baby, my mother had raised me to be spirituality open, curious, and gave me the freedom to really feel safe in a world I struggled to understand where I belonged in. When she died of cancer in my early teens I was left on my own again. It saw me transition from teen brat to woman. Taking wounds and turning them into wisdom. I became empathetic, aware, and painfully conscious. Spiritual growing pains at its finest. Change in all of its complex beauty.

My Motto?

And so it is.

People tend to always surprise me. What they say. Do. Why they do things. This saying helps me to make peace with that. You simply can’t control how people are, and why they are the way they are, but you can control your response. I find this mantra helps me with that.

My Favorite People/Role Models?

It might be my abandonment and mother issues but I really crave matriarchy in life. I deeply admire woman wisdom keepers including Marija Gimbutas, Starhawk, Tererai Trent, Caroline Myss, and Clarissa Pinkola Estes.  

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

I have a big Pohutukawa tree in my back yard, it has violently red flowers that come out every summer – I love it. I love to walk, along a beach, up a hill. Strolling with the wind whispering to me is when my best ideas and thoughts arrive.

My Favorite Products/Objects?

Books. To name one, or a few would be silly and unfair on my bookshelf that houses too many good reads to pick a mere few.

My Current Passions?



Walking. (obviously a must due to my previous passion)




You could say, I am a bit of a doer.