Jamie Krauss Hess: VP, the Narrative Group & Founder, @NYCfitfam

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Jamie Krauss Hess is a NYC public relations professional with a passion for fitness. As the Vice President of the Narrative Group, she reps some of the today’s hottest brands, including many in the fitness space that keep her on the front lines of industry trends. After her husband, George, proposed to her on the treadmills at Barry’s Bootcamp, the duo began to document their fitness adventures together on social media as @NYCfitfam. They have been named one of the "7 Fittest Couples on Instagram" by Women's Health, and have been featured by Dr. Oz, NBC News, the Washington Post, Runner's World, the Daily Burn, Health.com, Refinery29, and more. The couple lives in Manhattan with their two-year-old son, Mason, who is already showing an affinity for track suits and running shoes.

What do I do best?

Schedule, schedule, schedule. I run my life with military precision(!), but in doing so I open up the ability to accomplish a tremendous amount in any given day. Every day at the bare minimum, I fit in one workout (often two), a fully focused nine-hour work day, and time with my family. I maximize every pocket of time because there’s a lot I want to do in this world, and I’m not interested in compromising on any of it!

For instance, one of my favorite life hacks is “sweatworking.” Because I’m a mom of a young son, I don’t do a ton of after work events unless it’s really necessary, so I make my early morning workouts serve double duty. I invite my various business & media friends to join me at different boutique workout classes almost every day. That way, I get plenty of face time but never have to feel guilty about skipping after work drinks and activities.

What makes me the best version of myself?

I am the best version of myself when I am fully living in gratitude. An attitude of gratitude is your most important asset. From the moment I get out of bed (very early!) in the morning, I am steeped in gratitude for my beautiful family, my career that challenges and gratifies me, and my many blessings and luxuries which are not lost on my for one moment. All the “stuff” is not worth having if you don’t have gratitude.

My Favorite People/Role Models?

My mom is TV journalist Joan Lunden, and she’s always been my role model. I’ve watched her navigate her career so beautifully, striking the perfect balance between strength and grace, tenacity and charm. She always conveyed to us as children that we were the most important thing, yet also made it clear that career also has to take priority too, a lesson she passed along to me and my sisters in our work ethic. We’re best friends to this day, and I’ll forever be grateful to her for being such a strong and model-worthy force in my life.

What are my aspirations?

I am the Vice President of the Narrative Group, a PR & marketing company with a really cool roster of clients and a super supportive corporate culture. It is a wonderful feeling to JUMP out of bed every day to go to your job - not make people feel that way, I’m well aware!

I’ve worked in PR for almost 20 years, and it is so awesome to feel like you’re growing every day, even after all this time I love working hard – it is what fills my happy cup and allows me to put my head on the pillow content at night.  I aspire to continue growing this fabulous, innovative company, as I truly believe the sky is the limit. It’s an exciting time to be in my field, as there is lots of opportunity to carve new paths and methodologies given where things are headed with today’s digital landscape.

In addition to my role at the Narrative Group, building NYCfitfam over the past two years has been one of the greatest joys of my life. What started as a simple Instagram account to show the world my shared fitness adventures with my husband has become a full-blown brand, giving us a platform to share our personal passion and affect people’s lives for the better. Having that platform is a huge gift, and not one I take lightly.

Growing up, I watched my mom inspire millions of people every day to live their best lives from her seat as the host of Good Morning America, and if I can even make a comparatively small contribution to people’s happiness, motivation, and well-being, then I am thrilled.

My Biggest Success?

Striking balance in my life as a career woman, mom, wellness blogger, and NYC fitchick. It’s a never-ending exercise in time management but I feel like I’m in a place where I’ve really nailed the juggle.

My Most Challenging Moment?

I’ve struggled for the past year with some pretty debilitating injuries, including a herniated disc and bum knees from running the marathon last year. It’s slowed down or changed up my workouts, and my workouts are a big part of what keeps me sane and happy. I’ve learned some big lessons in patience and am try to learn more about self-care and listening to my body (although sometimes I still want to be a control freak and run the show… progress not perfection!)

My Motto?

Gratitude is an action word.

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

My husband and I love to go to Woodstock… it’s our happy place. We go there a few times a year, stay in a B&B, hike the trails, meditate at the Buddhist monastery, and eat at all the fabulous healthy restaurants.

Amsterdam is another place we visit a lot because of my husband’s work, and it’s one of our favorite spots – we adore the people, the progressive culture, and the city’s magical vibes.

Basically, we like anywhere we can go to be active, practice spirituality, and eat like healthy hippies.

My Favorite Products/Objects?

I’m a protein junkie, so I put protein in literally everything. Right now, I am obsessed with Pure Protein’s Superfood Powder, it’s a 100% plant based protein (I like the chocolate kind). I am also a Pure Protein bar junkie, I always have some in my bag, usually the dark chocolate coconut flavor.

I’m also obsessed with acquiring cool activewear, it’s one of my favorite hobbies, especially since I work out so much. Some of my faves right now are K-Deer and W.I.T.H leggings.

Our other latest obsession is Cryotherapy. We can’t get enough of it, it is so cool! (haha, see what I did there?) We go to Cryofuel in Tribeca. They let us pick our favorite song (usually something by Armin van Buuren) and blast it as loud as we want for the three minutes of -250 degree temperatures, which is a nice distraction. Our two-year-old son, Mason, comes and watches… he calls it “mommy and daddy going into the freezer!"

My Current Passions?

Part of how @NYCfitfam started was because of my obsession with the boutique fitness scene in NYC. In fact, we were so obsessed with Barry’s Boot Camp that George proposed to me on their treadmills! Over time, we’ve tried everything, and the amazing thing about NYC is that there’s always something new to try popping up. In August, I did a 30/30 challenge on @NYCfitfam where I did 30 different classes over 30 days, and it was one of the most fun months of my life. We are so lucky to live smack in the middle of the most robust fitness landscape on the planet.

Since I hurt my back, I’ve been spinning and trying all sorts of new things I never did before (Barre, anyone??). I’ve also been doing private Pilates sessions at Chaise Fitness, which is helping a lot. I’m also obsessed with all the special pop-up classes you can find all over NYC, like Akin’s Army at Bandier and SoulCycle’s new concept, SoulAnnex. Another obsession: my husband and I love to cap off our week with a Friday night Hip-Hop candlelight Yoga flow at Y7. It is truly my favorite way to end the week with a dose of spiritualty and SWEAT!

Finally, running tourism is one of our current passions. We ran the NYC marathon last year, and from there we decided we should be running all over the world. It’s the best reason to travel, and there’s no better way to see a city than on your own two feet. We’ve run a half-marathon through the streets of Amsterdam, run to the top of castles in Ibiza, and this past year, we traveled to the French Alpes for my husband to run Alpe d’HuZes. The race raises money for cancer research, and we went with the team from Armada Music in honor of the young son of the company president, who suffered with (and beat!) Leukemia. The race was 9 MILES STRAIGHT UP A MOUNTAIN in the Alpes! It was one of the most special things we’ve ever experienced, and it really reinforced to us that if you’re not pushing your own boundaries – mentally and physically – and using it to do good in the world, you’re missing out on one of the greatest gifts of life.