Lisa Prior: Founder, Prior Consulting & Leadership Author

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Lisa Prior is the author of Take Charge of Your VIEW: Career Advice You Won’t Get from Your Boss (Nexus Impress LLC, July 2017). A 20 year veteran leadership coach and change consultant, Lisa is the founder of Prior Consulting, serving leaders and highly skilled professionals in healthcare, biopharma, biomedical, academic, financial services, asset management, retail and nonprofit sectors.

What do I do best?

People say that I bring perspective: that I help them rise above and see situations through different lenses; get unstuck and move ahead. People also say that I listen with compassion, which to me means hearing a person or team without judgement.

What makes me the best version of myself?

A good night’s sleep.

What are my aspirations?

So many aspirations and so little time… but I’ll give this a try.

My children will live happy lives; my husband and I will share more adventures together. Our bucket list includes running a half-marathon in every state. Three down, 47 more to go!

For my business, I want to amplify my work as a thought leader on how we handle big changes—like how automation will disrupt jobs and careers—in the years ahead. The seeds of this mission were planted when I was fourteen. I grew up in a factory town on the banks of the Naugatuck River in western Connecticut. My family returned from a three-year overseas assignment in Rome, Italy just as the factories were leaving. This came at a terrible time for my father’s career. It was a hard for the town and our family. Everyone was caught unprepared. Our town’s story was the nation’s story and the changes we are experiencing today are coming at us even faster and more furiously than at any time in history.

My dream is that my new book, Take Charge of Your VIEW: Career Advice You Won’t Get From Your Boss, will become a resource for people grappling with how to create the life and work of their dreams when there is so much change and their lives are so busy. Leaders want employees to feel motivated and committed to their organizations. Employees want career development. The book helps people and organizations create win-win relationships, so they can both grow and thrive.

My Biggest Success?

I was a chubby girl, not an athlete. When I biked up Mount Washington, the steepest cycle-climb in the continental United States, in my early ‘30’s, I found inner strength by tackling something I never thought I could do.

My Most Challenging Moment?

When I joined my husband on a work trip to Miami for a rare get-away, I spent the entire weekend crying. Although I had a great job in a global financial services company and two beautiful children, exhaustion dogged me and I felt I was caught between demands of work and family and failing at everything. It took planning to start Prior Consulting. I began by writing a vision on a napkin for the kind of work I wanted to do. That was seventeen years ago. I haven’t looked back.

My Motto?

Avanti! It means forward or ahead in Italian and it implies moving with others.

My Favorite People/Role Models?

My parents, who role model what it means to live in a compassionate way and be of service to others.

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

The Shining Sea Path in Falmouth Massachusetts, where the water shimmers like gold in the late afternoon. I’ve spent many hours cycling this path with my family.

My Favorite Products/Objects?

I love my electric tea kettle.

My Current Passions?

Honestly? I am loving doing author chats and talks about my new book. I’ve also had a second book in the works for more years than I want to admit. Not sure if this is a passion or an aspiration or both, but I’d love to get that story into the world as well.