Rhyanna Watson: personal trainer, yogi and health & wellbeing consultant

My NativeAdVantage:


I am a Tassie Devil, born in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. I learnt about and participated in health and fitness from the beginning of life. I guess you could say I was born to love health and fitness with my genes and my up bringing. I started walking at 9 months and never stopped moving from there. No matter what you achieve somebody helps you, behind the creation we call our own are thoughts of others and efforts of so many incredible souls. I want yoga to not be some awe inspiring unattainable thing for others who aren’t where I am. I want everyone to know they can.

It literally saved my soul and life when I started yoga in 2013 at home and 2015 I started learning handstands and I would never imagined these movements being part of my daily life. At the time of starting handstands I was a girl in Saudi Arabia struggling like hell, deep depression from life being too much and on top of that dealing now with this different culture that is very restricted for western women, being away from family and trying to figure out this thing called motherhood, life without family to help was too much so I thought…. I turned my struggles and pain to a goal… better flexibility and learn handstands in yoga with www.codyapp.com Now I am here a few years later doing more than I dreamed and happier than ever….. I learnt all my yoga at home no classes, except one gifted to me my first class this year so grateful for it. Maybe the butterfly is proof that you can go through a great deal of darkness yet become something more amazing then you dreamed. I want to share my love of and help others to learn.

I have a daughter who is 4 called Laine.

I am personal trainer, a yogi and health and wellbeing consultant. I trained progressional golfers on the European circuit. Ran internationally and played waterpolo and swam nationally. I was one of Tassies first chicks to be a Boundary Umpire for the #AFL Australian Football League. I have worked as a Personal Assistant/Executive Assistant for 8 years in Engineering and one of the top four accounting firms in the world. I have previously worked on a 6 star cruise-ship as the international fitness director traveled from Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Middle East and Europe. I have lived in Austria, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Australia (where I was born) and now Switzerland. But all that aside. Im Rhy. I am here in hope I can help and aspire others to make the rest of their life the best of their life.

What do I do best?

To be honest this question is not something I can answer so straight forward as I do not believe we can say we are better than another or do better than another.  I do not do anything better than another. I do things differently than another, an alternative method that brings a different perspective of skills and learnings into the world.  I believe that we are all awesome sharing our lights to help and inspire each other to grow. I believe it is our imperfections that create our connections not our best bits.

What makes me the best version of myself?

I become my best version of myself when I am living in the moment letting go of my own and others expectations. When I can breathe through music and movement and laughter and smiles.  My characteristics are being free to be me and smile. I have always been different never fit a box. It was hard growing up but the older I get the more I enjoy it and realize it is a gift.  I think my ability from a young age to be powerfully empathetic and sensitive has given me a lot of compassion and understanding for all.  My ability to find a reason why I can through all the reasons why I can’t and most importantly my ability to continually try my best to find the positive in life and others.

What are my aspirations?

My aspiration is to lead my life in such a way that it will touch others to know they are worthy and enough and help them to see they have everything inside them they need to make the rest of their life the best of life.  But also, to help bring love back into our connections with others.  To find the blessings rather than the reminders we and our lives and others are not enough.  This is my personal and business aspiration.  I want to do this through movement and authenticity.  I want my movements to be a base recipe for others to then add their own unique ingredients to and mold it into their own . Through connection, building a tribe of like-minded beautiful souls that know that each step they take in this world leaves a footprint.  So, we each make a footprint with a stamp of breathing for a better tomorrow in our actions and are empowered to lead with love instead of fear.  I would like to teach others through movement and through the positive empowerment of our mind.

I want people to know no matter what you achieve somebody helps you, behind the creation we call our own are thoughts of others and efforts of so many incredible souls. I want yoga to not be some awe inspiring unattainable thing for others who aren’t where I am. I want everyone to know they can.

My Biggest Success?

My biggest success is my daughter Laine she was born March 25, 2013 in Vienna, Austria.  I was told after I lost my first child on 1 January 2012 that I was never to be able to have children. But Laine surprised me.  She is my teacher and soul mate and best friend.  She reminds me of unconditional love, the small things, what really matters.  She is my reason why I stand up every day and try to improve myself.  Children follow by example and so I try to be the best example of I can be for her to know she can do anything and each step and choice should be led with love not fear.

My Most Challenging Moment?

I am 33 years old. I have had one child. Laine is now 4.5. Before I had my daughter and before I was 31 I could not handstand or do most of what I can do now. I am honored to be 33. Because for the first time in my life I feel alive, happy and loved. It isn't age that is our restriction of what we can do. It isn't having children that gives us limitations, it actually makes us better. It is our own minds that are our prisons. Everyone thinks of changing the world but no one thinks of changing themselves. 2 years ago I wanted to say good bye to this world, today i feel so blessed to be here. My life hasn't really changed i still struggle financially and have no idea what I am doing from one day to the next. But 2 years later I have gone from being my own worst enemy to my own best friend. We have such high levels of automation and we still wonder why we are suffering. We walk around in our robotic states and we don't understand why we don't feel the passion, gratitude and bliss we have always desired. Your brain is the most powerful piece of machinery here on earth. It can be your greatest helper or your greatest enemy. Whether it is the first or the latter depends on the meanings you have created and are creating at any given point in time. Most people are running completely outdated and negative beliefs on a machine that was built to innovate, create and explore. It is time to realize that as long as you are living a fairy tale, you might as well be the king or queen who lives happily ever after instead of the peasant who is always suffering. Today I realize that the question is not whether we are caught in the mind-made prison. The real question is to what degree are we prisoners of our own minds? We are all living in an illusion and mistaking it for reality. You can skip all of the energy-draining activities you are currently doing in order to feel worthy and just know that you are worthy because you truly are.

My Motto?

Life isn’t about labels. The amount of riches or likes you have. It isn’t about the clothes we wear. It isn’t about the external features or any things we have. It’s about the moments that take our breathe away. The people we love. And the right here and nows.

My life, my message, my story is so much more than me. It is about my future. Laine.

Dare I say it: if nothing changes, nothing will change. Doing things how you've always done them will only get you what you've always gotten. We keep running the hamster wheel if we keep everything the same yet expect things to turn out differently.

We *must* try something new. Try being willing to ask for *and receive* help/support & being open to listening, really listening, to suggestions from others (don't "yeah but" them). This is how you change any unwanted behavior. And therefore your life. Our lives are our messages to our children. Our future leaders. So for us to create brighter tomorrows we must create brighter, empowering and example leading nows and messages. Your messages will be tomorrow’s future make sure your messages are the changes you want to see and you want your children to carry. We are all connected. We all shape the future. This is how we change any unwanted behavior and make the rest of our life the best of our life and the world more beautiful place.

My Favorite People/Role Models?

My daughter requires me to see life in a new way. She is particular with her food, her style, her toys, when she sweats. She hums and sings to herself. She’s quiet, calm, and sometimes shy. She is beautiful, with blue eyes and long, blond hair and I could watch her play for hours. She is mostly easy-going, but her defiance is sometimes shocking. I feel powerless to her tactics, she is casual and unaffected by others. Most days she looks at me blankly as if I haven’t got a clue. I am a tornado of energy, and all she’s wondering is how wonderful everything and everyone is.

Of course my daughter can feel proud and strong and able without conquering facts at lightning speed. It’s like she has the key to this secret world, where everyone is frantic and she is delighted to exist. And though the concept of slowing down and acceptance are so uncomfortable to me I can hardly write the words, I must learn from her grace. She is simply comfortable with her strengths and satisfied with her shortcomings. She tries new things, she says “no” as she pleases, and is content to participate in life without dominating it.

Lately, I have felt a great strength between us. The world will hold standards for her. But she does not need that from me. She needs a place to have the freedom to be herself without condition or expectation. I vow to be that place for her. She needs me flawed and fabulous, broken and brave, gentle with myself and others. And I suppose the truest difference between us, isn’t in our personalities, our passions or interests. It’s that everything I’m fighting desperately to learn and teach, this girl — a child, my child — already seems to know.

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

My favorite destinations is where the heart smiles on planet Earth.  I have traveled afar and seen a lot and what I found is the destination is not the beauty it is the people, the smiles and the blessing to be able to travel and see the big wide world.  Every place I have visited I am in awe of and in love with for each place has given me a story, a lesson and a blessing.

My Favorite Products/Objects?

My favorite products…. I to be honest love my Liforme mat it was a life changer to my yoga practice and inversions.  

My Blissology arm band it reminds me every day to find Bliss and make Bliss. My Batman arm band to remind me that I am my own hero, everything I need is already inside me.

There are many products I also use daily like my MacBook Air, Camera and Iphone and Ipod to create my videos and photos to share.

And finally, Bras n Things and Carbon38 clothing lines because in these two online store is everything I wear an adore in training and everyday life.

My Current Passions?

I want to show my girl that the possibilities are endless. That's my goal - to not only do it for myself, but to show her I can do whatever I put my mind to.

This is my world, she is everything that makes me be a better person. She taught me real love. The love that doesn't judge, the love that says you be you and you'll always be awesome to me. This is my reason why I am here today trying to help others. Trying to live my dreams and love me. Because she reminded me my future isn't in gold or the trophies society gives out, its in the hearts I leave smiling, the souls I help to soar and the footprints 👣 I leave in the sand after I've gone. She reminds me life is now in this smile, in this breath and its all up to me to dream big and lead by example, so she knows she can too. My future is being made by what I do now. Laine my future deserves every awesomeness so I must show her she is her own hero and nothing stops her except herself.