Katy Trost: Certified Personal Coach & Podcaster

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Katy Trost is a certified Personal Coach specialized in eliminating stress, burnout and achievement addiction and helping leaders discover higher levels of fulfillment and happiness. She’s been location independent since 2013 and has traveled to 30+ countries on a mission to help people change their lives and create greater emotional well-being. You can learn more about Katy and her work at www.katytrost.com and on her podcast The Coaching Journal.

What do I do best?

What I do best is to help others see their world differently. The only thing that ever limits us and holds us back is ourselves. I love exploring peoples belief systems, understand them and then help them change it for the better… therefore I practice a lot.

What makes me the best version of myself?

I live by the rule that I always go where my biggest challenge is, where I’m most afraid and maybe even think I might fail. I believe failing, getting up and repeating is how we grow the most efficiently and become who we truly are. I’m not afraid to live an extraordinary life, there is no right or wrong and I never play by the rules of society. I make my own.

What are my aspirations?

My aspiration is to help others change the way they see their lives. Life is an adventure, ever-changing and to be created, not stagnant and repetitive, a problem to be solved. I want to create more emotional well-being in the world, more fulfillment and happiness.

My Biggest Success?

I’ve been traveling the world for the past 4 years and built a remote business along the way. Living every day by my own rules and schedule, doing what most inspires me and lights me up is a huge success in the quality of my life. Helping others live fulfilled and meaningful lives, increasing their emotional well-being and happiness is the best way I could possibly spend my time and energy! So exciting.

My Most Challenging Moment?

There are countless moments that had meaningful impact on my life but here are just a few of them:

-     I’ve always been an A Type personality and reaching my goals was my addiction, being successful was my purpose. I was crazy good at adjusting my life externally and optimizing every area of it. I learned that my life can look picture perfect on the outside but if I’m a victim of my own mind there is suffering regardless. Looking for contentment in achievement sets us up for misery.

-    At the age of 22 my mother died from cancer, which taught me that there is no way to control what life throws at you. The only control we have is how we respond to any given situation.

-    I suffered from something called fibromyalgia which is chronic pain all over the body. It had me not move for almost 2 years. Learning to change the way my body translates stress and pressure helped me heal myself from something that was supposedly incurable. The power of our mind is absolutely incredible, it’s our greatest tool. The best way to master anything is to master your mindset.

My Motto?

“Your life is your message”

I think it’s so important to walk the talk and inspire others to create a life that excites them. Thinking and acting outside the box, taking on challenges and living extraordinary lives is giving others permission to do the same!

My Favorite People/Role Models?

Everyone who created something extraordinary and now sharing something meaningful through their platform. That might be a politician, actor, artist or author etc.

Also I love Louise Hay, Eckhart Tolle, Oprah… there are so many inspiring thought-leaders I can think of.

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

I think every place has a different purpose. I love the energy, network and mindset of NYC, it’s the capital of the world. If you’re looking for an adventure in the tropic go on a sailing trip to the San Blas Islands in Panama. And if you want culture and the best food ever, hopping around Europe is the best thing you can do. I love mixing up different trips and destinations, depending on my mood.

My Favorite Products/Objects?

My favorite thing ever is carrot cake… joking aside, I’m a fan of minimalism, so the less the better. I have to admit that my mac is probably the most useful tool I own. It gives me the freedom to work remotely, have friends all over the world I can stay connected with, plan my travels and stay organized.

My Current Passions?

My passions are definitely my business, traveling and my own personal development. These things challenge me and let me grow. To tune out I love to dance salsa, scuba diving and skydiving. … And there is nothing better than an inspiring, mind-blowing conversation.