Michael Philippe: Co-founder, Keli Network

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Michael Philippe co-founded Keli Network with Robin Rabban and Swann Maizil. Prior to creating Keli, Michael and Robin founded LeKiosk in 2008, when they were just out of college. LeKiosk is a successful European digital newsstand offering over 200,000 paying subscribers access to 200+ publications, including titles from Conde Nast and Hearst. The experience of creating and running LeKiosk led Michael Philippe and the team to examine the media habits of Millennials and Gen Z, determining that the next wave of media consumption would be based on social platforms, and on video. While LeKiosk continues its successful operations in Paris, they decided to create a new company focused on this market. In 2016, Michael Philippe left France to run the new Keli Network from its headquarters in New York City. Michael Philippe has a Master’s degree from ESCP Europe, winning the school’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship award in 2009.

What do you do best?

At The Keli Network, we work to better understand both social content and social distribution. Expertise in each is vital for content creators in today’s mobile-first, social-first climate. Consumers are increasingly receiving their news and entertainment on mobile and via social channels. Understanding which formats and topics will resonate best on each social channel is key when aiming to engage consumers and increase viewership. In short, we are experts at identifying trending topics and developing content with the best possible chance of going viral in today’s media landscape.

What makes you the best?

Our technology sets us apart. We’ve worked extremely hard, alongside our team, to develop tools that enable the creation of engaging content and optimize that content for distribution on social channels. It is this technological innovation that has enabled Keli to employ content creators who are first and foremost enthusiasts about their category, not necessarily data analysts or video experts. To this end, our platform supports authentic content creation with a strong chance of resonating with the key audience.

What are your aspirations?

From a business perspective, we aim to build a new generation of media brands for the social and mobile era. The shifting media landscape is creating opportunities for new media brands to capitalize and move to the forefront of the industry.

Biggest Success?

Our biggest success thus far has been reaching 2 billion monthly videos views in just over a year. On the way to reaching the milestone, The Keli Network’s monthly network views doubled each month since the start of 2017. It was simply amazing to see our hard work speak for itself through the metrics and for The Keli Network to gain traction and recognition in the industry.

Most Challenging Moment?

Leaving my home in France to move to the United States was difficult, as any move to a new country is. However, as they say, every challenge is an opportunity and the move was instrumental in starting and growing The Keli Network.


Move fast and be patient.

Favorite Places/Destinations?

New York City is an amazing city to both live and work in. The rush of the city not only fuels your dreams, but inspires you to get up each day and chase your goals.

Favorite Products/Objects?

Like most of people in today’s society, I can’t live without my iPhone.