Kate Mitchell: Yoga Instructor & Yoga Therapist

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My Name is Kate Mitchell and I am a qualified Yoga Instructor and Yoga Therapist. I work in the Illawarra region in Australia (1.5hrs south of Sydney). I have spent the last 14 years practicing Yoga and Meditation. I teach Yoga because I am passionate about its health benefits and specialize in relaxation, stress relief and posture. I mainly teach Restorative Yoga, which encourages slowing down, quieting the mind and helps to restore the body to a more rejuvenated, healthy, balanced state. I also teach private one to one Yoga Therapy sessions where I design a personalized daily Yoga Practice for the student taking into consideration their medical history, physical and mental state. My approach is therapeutic with a means to restoring the body back to its natural state. Working with people to aid illness, physical injury and to bring balance to students busy lives. I am passionate about getting the body moving in a gentle way to aid joint and general mobility. I love what I do!

What do I do best?

I am pretty driven and don’t usually let anything stand in my way. I set goals all the time and take steps to achieve them. I really believe in making the most out of life and not missing out on anything that is important to me. Doing things that scare me but help me move forward to where I want to be.

At the moment I am living and breathing my work with private clients in a Yoga Therapy setting and getting so much from these sessions. I am really loving building individual, tailored, short daily practices (10-15mins) for my students and seeing them reap the rewards of a targeted daily Yoga practice that takes into consideration their physical and mental state and how Yoga can help them move forward and help them with anything from Asthma, Anxiety, back pain, reflux, high blood pressure, terminal illness, injury, fatigue, sleep difficulties, depression to stress related tension and stress reduction.

What makes me the best version of myself?

Constantly learning and that includes learning to move through and past the things that scare me. Challenging myself to be a better version of myself and to treat others the way I want to be treated. Compassion for others and myself. Working hard and not giving up, hard work does pay off!

My Yoga practice

What are my aspirations?

To bring more focus to Yoga for health. How Yoga Therapy can align with the medical industry for rehabilitation after surgery, assist with injury & terminal illness, general better mobility and overall stress reduction and health. I would like to see Yoga become a necessity rather than a nice to have.

To make yoga very accessible to all types of people especially through one to one private Yoga therapy sessions, workshops, group classes and online classes.

My business goals are to run workshops throughout Australia, to run online classes for friends and family in NZ, to grow and become a more dedicated yoga Therapist, to get sponsorship with some of my favorite Yoga brands (fingers crossed!). to be the best mum I can, to continue to help people find themselves through Yoga.

I also think that business owners / Yoga teachers should stick together to support each other and make our industry stronger. Its hard running your own gig but it helps when you can lean on and support other practitioners in the wellness industry and they can support you.

My Biggest Success?

My yoga therapy training it totally changed my life and I have finally found my place in the world and my true passion. Being authentic within what I do, Yoga is about every day and every moment in your life not just an exercise class you turn up to once a week. Living and breathing my trade.

My daughter and my commitment to helping her become the best she can be and generous at heart.

My Most Challenging Moment?

This time last year I was diagnosed with stage 3 melanoma and it has been a very tough, challenging and scary 12months.

Having said that it has taught me a lot about myself, my strengths, my motivations and my work as a yoga Therapist. I was able to use my skills to help myself reduce stress, get moving, heal and pickup where I left off with even more determination to do the things that are important to me.  It gave me even more of a drive to help others with illness or injury to work towards their goals.

I am clear of melanoma and Yoga got me through this tough time and again It reminded of just how powerful Yoga can be.

My Motto?

Go hard or go home. (work hard and it pays off)

Om Shanti, shanti, shanti (more peace)

My Favorite People/Role Models?

I don’t really look up to particular people of course I have amazing teachers both in my life and through yoga books that inspire me but I really believe in going your own way and calving your own path.

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

Travel especially Mexico can’t wait to go back.

Small pleasures like an ocean swim on a Sunday with my husband and daughter. I adore the ocean

Good food! ~ going to a great restaurant

Sunday morning when the three of us are together just hanging out

My Favorite Products/Objects?

Yoga Bolsters! I am passionate about the benefits of Restorative Yoga and these babies are the key to supporting both my students and I through stressful times!

Lululemon yoga gear, Dharma Bums leggings, my Shashi bracelets & the Daniel Wellington watch my parents gave me. Oh and I love Gorman clothes when I can afford them!

My Current Passions?

Yoga Therapy, friends, living life to it’s fullest, my daughter, swimming in the ocean, stress reduction, learning.