Julie Rader: Yoga Instructor

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Julie Rader has been teaching yoga and meditation since 1999. Her mother taught her the power of meditation when she was a teenager, which is the foundation all of her teachings. Julie's practices are also influenced by Shakti Mhi, Swami Janakananda, Shiva Rea and Swami Satyananda. Julie’s yoga classes combine solid alignment with an intuitive teaching method that weaves the ancient wisdom of yoga into everyday life. Julie’s classes allow students to tap into their highest potential through breath, body movement and stillness. Her creative and specific sequencing focuses on matching asana and intention with lunar cycles, seasons, and astrology. Her classes have been described as “sneaky” because students reach a deep meditative state in the flow but often wake up sore the next day. With a background deeply rooted in exercise physiology, Julie helps students marry the spiritual aspects of the practice with solid anatomical principles. In addition to her public classes, she is also a passionate teacher of elite athletes, including the US National teams for volleyball, soccer, and cycling. You will see several professional athletes in her classes as well.

Julie is a single mother and her children have been teaching yoga and meditation to their peers since they were three years old. Julie’s most recent venture is a downloadable daily practice inspired by the five elements. She attributes her ability to remain at peace daily, and in all situations, to her personal practice of asana, pranayama and meditation. She believes it is more beneficial to practice for 11-30 minutes daily than to attend one or two 90-minute classes per week. You can find these Elemental Daily Practices at julierader.com Add NATIVE10 at check out for a 10% discount

What do I do best?

I make the best cornbread! Also, I think one of my strengths is simplifying complex or ancient techniques into accessible teachings for everyone. I have honed this skill by integrating the teachings I have gathered from teachers in Sweden, India and Canada as well as the USA into practices that are appropriate for my students.

What makes me the best version of myself?

My parents taught me the power of the mind. As a teenager, I learned meditation from my Mom who was using it as a mental tool to help battle breast cancer. My dad was diagnosed with stage 4 leukemia twenty years ago and was told he had one or two years to live. He continues to live every day to the fullest. I am fascinated by the power of the mind. I am so grateful that I learned at a young age to train my mind. The meditation techniques I learned helped me become an All-American collegiate athlete, build my career and, most importantly, have helped me remain focused and calm as a single mother. It is a practice I continue to utilize daily.

What are my aspirations?

My personal goal is to continue to spend as much time as possible with my children. Family dinners are extremely important to me as they are often the source of the most informative (and humorous!) insights into their daily experience.

My business goal is to continue to teach yoga and meditation to professional and Olympic athletes. I believe the difference between a good athlete and an elite athlete is mental training. Additionally, it is my intention to share the importance of a daily practice with people worldwide. Doing asana, pranayama and meditation first thing in the morning is a powerful way to start the day. My daily practice is sacred and my children often join in.

My Biggest Success?

My biggest success is becoming a mom. I was told I’d most likely never have children due to stage 4 endometriosis. I am so grateful to have beat the odds…twice! My children are my teachers. They exude endless love and joy and remain in the moment.

My Most Challenging Moment?

My most challenging moment was losing a dear friend, and client, Kathy Thomson. Kathy had a brain aneurism during one of our yoga session and was then in a coma for 51 days. She is my inspiration. She was a very successful business women yet humble and always put her family first. I will always love and respect her passion, dedication and strength. After witnessing the impermanence of life first hand, I am committed to living in the moment now more than ever before.

My Motto?

“No big deal” is a mantra that has prevented many tantrums in my home. It is one that puts things in perspective for me and my children. If I spill something or forget to grab my phone it is truly no big deal compared to someone almost dying in my arms. It stops me before over-reacting to the little things. I hope that this example will teach my children the ability to respond calmly when big things in their life arise.

My Favorite People/Role Models?

Bob Proctor is a dynamic speaker and truly a mastermind thinker. I’ve learned more about the mind from him in a few seminars than I did in four years of studying psychology.

Swami Janakanada is my teacher. He taught me the power of discipline and meditation. I am forever grateful for learning Yoga Nidra from this master teacher. Yoga Nidra has become the foundation of my healing and teaching meditation.

Margo Lang is a name you will be hearing more in the next decade. She isn’t even 30 yet and I already know this young lady will change our world for the better. She may even become our president one day, God-willing. Margo is a social activist and is always looking for ways to help those in need. She is brilliant and humble. She co-founded a company called Conscious Period, which produces organic tampons with a giving model to provide homeless women with period products for every box sold.

My mom is my lifelong role model. She is a super hero.

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

I love all of France, but especially the South of France, because of the fresh food and organic/biodynamic wine. Vancouver is also one of my favorite cities because it is so walkable and active. I love Kauai, or really any island, because I get to slow down. The Galapagos Islands has a special place in my heart for it is truly a nature-lover’s paradise.

My Favorite Products/Objects?

Beauty Counter Cleansing Balm - I use it nightly as an overnight mask. Beauty Counter products are natural, organic and have a never-list of 1500 chemicals they will never use

Mantra Muse clothes – This new brand was founded by two lovely yoginis. I love the look and feel of the tank tops.

Lululemon - The Mat. Seriously the best yoga mat! And, of course, my favorite yoga pants.

Yogi’s neti pot - I do neti daily and this is my favorite neti pot. It is from the Scandinavian School of Yoga and Meditation, where I learned Kriya Yoga and Yoga Nidra Meditation

Turasa - A yoga game for kids. It is a favorite in our home and at my daughter’s preschool.

vitamix - I use my vitamix for daily smoothies, almond milk and soups. I waited years to commit to buying one and now I can’t live without it.

My Current Passions?

Soccer - I love watching, coaching and playing soccer.

Cooking – It is an art I love exploring. I love knowing all of the ingredients (always including an extra dollop of love!)  that are going to into my children’s bodies as well as my own.

I am passionate about teaching meditation and yoga. I love sharing tools to enhance well-being, peace and clarity.