Kelly Stackhouse: certified yoga instructor

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Kelly Stackhouse is celebrating her 12th year as a certified yoga instructor and truly feels she has found her calling. Certified in Toronto as a Hatha and Vinyasa teacher, she has been adding numerous certifications to her resume for the past decade. Moving to New York in 2005, she took her advanced training at Ishta Yoga with Alan Finger and has since then been teaching classes as well as privately in New York, Hawaii, as well as Telluride, Colorado. Yoga has truly transformed her life in numerous ways, and it is with a humble heart that she extend a thank you to all of those who have touched her so deeply over the years and truly made this a career that she could never have even dreamed of.

What do I do best?

Gosh, I don’t think I do anything in particular better than anyone else. But I guess I would say that I was able to work really hard in New York City for 8 years, building a private yoga practice that allowed me enough money to do it full time for many years. I think my ability to connect with people, whether they were a College student, a CEO of a big company, an expecting mother, or even a billionaire, I was able to find a way to meet them where they needed me. Three years ago I moved to both Telluride Colorado, as well as Kauai Hawaii to be with my fiancé, and still when I call people up to tell them I will be back in New York, I get such positive responses. I’ve managed to maintain around 80% of my clients in the city. That means the world to me. To see them, all these years later.  To have these strong relationships and see their kids grow and their practice develop. I’ve been teaching yoga for 12 years and full time for 8 of those years. I’m blessed to do this work.

What makes me the best version of myself?

I am always looking for new experiences. I’m an explorer at heart, and am always up for something new. I was born in Canada and my entire family lives there, but I left my hometown at 19 and I’ve been gone since. When I left for my last year of College in Singapore, I was set on a path that has served me so fruitfully and has forever changed my life. I lived in Vancouver, South Korea, Toronto, New York, and now split my time between Colorado and Kauai, Hawaii. I’ve had many chapters, loves, careers, and groups of friends. I’m always taking a course, or studying a new form of yoga, or massage, reading countless self-help books, and listening to various podcasts. Years ago I took a life coaching course with Handel Group (, as well as Landmark Forum (, and I keep looking for ways to continue growing. I am humble, I am curious, I am creative, and I am determined to keep learning in this lifetime.

What are my aspirations?

As I mentioned, I’ve been teaching yoga for 12 years. I love teaching and sharing, but I’ve been nervous to take it to the next level. To really expand my audience and to maybe even start to take my teaching globally one day. To lead retreats or even to host a teacher training has been a fear of mine that I want to confront. I want to really push my boundaries, and allow myself to really elevate my skill sets. I have worked so hard all these years to learn about myself, and heal and repair relationships in my family that needed mending, to get over broken hearts, and abusive and self-sabotaging behavior towards myself. I don’t know what it looks like, and I don’t even know what the topic is, but I’ve starting seeing myself as a speaker. Years ago I created a 5 disk Health Program called “Real Health Now” that took a full year of serious commitment to complete. It was a total flop and I was incredibly embarrassed and depressed about it because I had such a strong urge to help people, to reach out. And yet, at the same time, I had this feeling that it was just a learning experience, a step in the right direction, for what was yet to come. It has been really empowering learning about health and not just in terms of exercise and nutrition, but from a neurological standpoint. Our psychology. Our mind and how we have the ability to harness it in a way that can really work for us. To empower us to be in gratitude, and of service to the community, to be compassionate, and loving, accepting of others and of ourselves. Those are the things that get me going. Those are my passions and I’m aiming high that one day, I’ll have the ability to use those tools to speak to others and inspire them on a path of true happiness.

My Biggest Success?

I dreamed all my life that I would live in New York. I didn’t think a girl from Oakville, Ontario, Canada would really make it there. But I did. And it was such a beautiful 8 years for me to really grow into the woman I am today. Even though this may seem small, I think one of my biggest success moments was when makeup artist Bobbi Brown worked with me and told me that I was special. That she had to ‘let people know who I was’. I appreciated her words but didn’t quite know what she meant. Months later, she offered to fly me to New York and do a shoot with me for her upcoming book, “Beauty from the Inside Out”. The book came out this spring and I am featured in the yoga section of the book. It was a really special experience for me and seeing how excited my mom and dad were when they saw the book really touched me. It meant a lot to me that she asked me.

My Most Challenging Moment?

When my now fiancé Ken, asked me to move from New York to Telluride, Colorado to try and make our relationship work. I love, love, so I went. To move from such a huge city, where you never have to go to the same restaurant twice or run into anyone you know for months, to a small town, in a box canyon, with 2500 full time residents. This was one of the hardest things I’ve ever gone through. The shock was much more intense than I anticipated and it took me a good year or more to get comfortable walking down main street and losing that ability to be one in the crowd. My business changed a lot and all of a sudden I went form 25 private sessions a week to a handful. But as the years have passed, I feel so incredibly lucky to live in such beauty. There are days when I am driving to teach in the early hours of the morning and I start to cry because it is just so beautiful. Seriously. You have to visit Telluride. It will blow you away.  

My Motto?

Try everything you can get your hands on. Don’t stop learning. If you can live with the lens of gratitude in your life, you will always feel in abundance.

My Favorite People/Role Models?

My grandmother Maria, who passed away many years ago. She escaped the Hungarian revolution, with her children, and left everything behind in search of a better life. She made that possible, even though the odds were against her. She is a true survivor. She was everything to me. And still is.

Annie Leibovitz – American portrait photographer. I studied documentary photography and Annie was my first real inspiration that I can remember.

Christiane Amanpour – CNN’s chief international correspondent. Her intelligence and bravery is so inspiring.

Oprah – talk about being productive with your life. She has had a million phases and all of them have been incredible to watch

Tony Robbins – I mean, just amazing. Memorizing. I had a Tony sighting at this years Mayweather fight, and instead of actually watching the fight, I kept staring at him in awe. He has gotten me through some seriously challenging moments in my life and I wish I had the chance to thank him in person.

Brene Brown – research professor. Her work is critical right now. Her passion is contagious.

Elena Brower – yoga teacher, author, speaker. I started taking classes with Elena over a decade ago. To see her growth throughout the years has been incredible. She inspires me and elevates me to be the best version of myself.

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

I decided to go to Hawaii in 2014 for a month by myself. I met my fiancé watching sunset one night and Hawaii has been in my life every since. I have a special place in my heart for these islands, this culture, it’s people and all of the folklore and tradition, the dances, and living aloha. When I am here, I am the most grounded as well as the best version of myself.

I also travelled to Barcelona for the first time this fall. I went to visit my friend Susanna, who inspired me to become a yoga teacher. That city has me hooked. I am truly mesmerized by it’s beauty, culture, and way of life. Joie de vivre! Barcelona truly embodies that expression.

My Favorite Products/Objects?

Yoga blocks for home practice are a must. Sometimes when I have only a few minutes to practice, I take a restorative pose and just allow myself to breath in silence for a few minutes. It’s medicine. I like Manduka.

Essential oils. I don’t travel anywhere without them. I have been using doterra oils for years and they have incredible benefits that are truly healing. I have a really strong love for plant medicine and being able to carry these potions in my pocket, has been a true blessing.

Traditional Medicinals Tea. I love this brand. I have tried everything and this is my go to! Whether it is Peppermint tea for an upset belly, or Throat Coat for a sore throat, this brand not only tastes delicious, but it works like magic.

Aroma Veda skin products. This company’s ethics and high quality ingredients have made my skin happy for years. The girls who started the company are firm believers in Ayurveda and Aromatherapy and have had me hooked ever since I got my hands on them!

Foreign Domestic handcrafted bags and leather goods. I must have 8 different bags from Foreign Domestic that range from toiletry bag, to black leather carry on tote, to sweet little festival backpack. I have loved designing with Kym over the years to create the most beautiful and original pieces that truly suit my lifestyle, as well as who I am as an individual.

My Current Passions?

My passion, in this current moment is SHOWING UP. BEING PRESENT. I have spent many moments, throughout many years, in a fog of not believing in myself. Not having the confidence to show up, comfortably, as myself, accepting of who I am. A fog of not feeling my worth, or letting my voice participate. I have let myself, in many moments, be content and comfortable in a way that was hindering my creativity, my artistry, my true passion. I want to be alive and live this life, in action. Present. As a witness, to all that is truly possible. I want to show up and be bold and brave.