Maggie Gelineau: Yoga Instructor

My NativeAdVantage:


Maggie Gelineau's style is a balance between super playful and very deep work. She believes anything as challenging as personal development should have an element of lightness and humor. She is here to be a facilitator of connection, compassion and truth. She creates a space where students can intimately explore their personal story and being. We all know that intimacy is not without confrontation; Maggie believes in facilitating a purposeful edge in each experience that allows students to be pressed to a limit. Through this process they are able to come through the other side and keep the strength they were able to connect with. Together we laugh, we cry, we roll around and make noise and shapes. Most importantly we feel...a lot.... students are encouraged to invite it all in and feel everything. The experience is challenging and cathartic an experience deeply rooted in the heart that allows for self discovery. She draws inspiration from many styles of yoga, such as Ashtanga, Iyengar,Yin, and Bhakti and Kundalini. Ultimately her passion is with Vinyasa, restorative yoga, meditation, sound healing and reiki. Maggie began teaching in 2012, she received her first certification from Corepower Yoga and completed 100hrs of intensive work with Jonny Kest in 2014. Maggie is a LoveYourBrain Certified teacher of yoga and mindfulness for the traumatic brain injury community. She has facilitated 14 teacher trainings and personal development programs for both students and teachers. Continuing education and group facilitation and personal development are an underlying theme in Maggie’s life and career.

What do I do best?

I facilitate connection to the heart and soul.... bigger than that a deep connection to each other as humans in the world. I do this through leading/facilitating yoga experiences. I say leading....because teaching yoga asana (the physical shapes) is the smallest part of what I get to be a part of on the yoga mat. Together we get to strip away all the hard outer layers and get right in to the meat of the work. Sorting through emotional wreckage and mental clutter, deconstructing all of the "bullsh!t" that keeps us from deeply connecting to ourselves and each other. We move, dance, sweat, make noise and cultivate a very meaningful physical edge that takes you right up against the roots of what stands in the way of this connection. It is raw, challenging, cathartic and usually filled with just a little bit of laughter, anything as challenging as personal development should encourage an element of humor!!! My heart desires for all humans to feel their value and worth at it's greatest potential...I want people to meet my eyes and know that I see them and I appreciate them....we all want to feel that. We are a collective that is striving, over achieving and grasping on to ideals that don't serve us just to feel that for a moment. I believe it can be more simple than that...we are all humans, spirits and breathing bodies...strip away the rest and see what happens. IT IS MAGIC.

What makes me the best version of myself?

BOUNDARIES!!!! I learned early from my mother, that a NO is just as powerful as a YES. I am clear with my expectations of the people I work, play and sleep with. Everyone is not your friend.....wait what???? I love all humans and this does not mean we are friends and having coffee and cocktails together!!!! Author Danielle Laporte says it best " big open heart...huge Freaking fence around it" I am very mindful and selective of my inner circle; we are small but mighty.  You know the whole quality over quantity deal. Lastly... I do my very best to never over commit myself...this one takes practice and discipline. When first teaching yoga...I would take every class that came my way..sometime teaching up to 20 classes a week!!! That may work for some people, but it left me as a drooling pile of blah on my couch every night with nothing leftover for my family. Coming back to saying NO...I am always learning to listen to my heart...if I know I can't/don't want to go out for coffee with friends or take a class I don't commit to doing it.

What are my aspirations?

I want to inspire and encourage teachers and students to find true authenticity in the way they approach life, yoga, teaching, painting...whatever they do to express themselves. I enjoy continuing education and facilitating space for personal development for yoga teachers. I want to always encourage people to ask the hard questions, to doubt the system and me in a way that invites curiosity and growth. I am an ambassador for Lululemon and through coaching and personal development I have married my style of leadership with  the company's culture of goal setting and personal accountability. I would love to travel and teach my personal blend of yoga, movement, personal development and connection around the world. My husband is a beautiful craftsmen trapped in the daily vision of professional success would allow my husband to quit his job and find his joy sanding wood and making beautiful art!!!

My biggest success?

I met my husband when I was 19, he is 9 years older than me. We fell hard and fast for each other. He had a son from his first marriage..he was a super little guy. I dove heart first in to our relationship helping to raise a child and support the emotional healing of my husband and myself. The shoes I was standing in were waaaay to big for my little feet!!!! Our relationship has been a giant blessing and at times and incredible challenge. We were to yound and emotionally immature people holding each other up. As we began to heal as individuals and find our way back to ourselves it made being a couple a challenge. We had to find our way back to the evolved more mature us, we are still in that process. The success is staying..doing the work...asking more of man...our kid. We are continually learning how to show up as better humans in this life we live together. The biggest success in all of it is the invaluable lesson... I am responsible for me...that is it. Insert this lesson in to every argument/challenge and every tender, loving moment.

My most challenging moment?

I have struggled with mental health, anxiety and deep depression for most of my life. I have been on handfuls of different medications and tried every self loathing thing to depreciate my body and my heart. I was in the dark and and could not find my way out. A friend of mine found me sitting out front of my house the night before I was going to end my life. I was completely apathetic, checked out and the color had run out of my life. She took me to yoga...I was not even in yoga clothing. I hardly moved, but for 5 minutes I felt like I could breathe for the first time in years. The monumentally giant weight I had been carrying was lifted for just a moment. This feeling took me back to yoga the next day and for 3 months I lived in the yoga studio. I showed up an hour early and sat in the lobby reading and stayed late after class...I felt seen even if nobody really knew me. I chose to quit a job I was deeply successful in and enrolled in teacher training...I wanted to help other people feel seen the way I did in the most dark time of my life. The most challenging moment was actually found in the choice to go off of all my medications. I wanted to feel more, there was a thin, fuzzy layer coating all the elements of my heart and mind. I was scared and it took 2 years to completely come off all the medications. I worked with my teachers to develop a meditation practice and an honest line of communication with my support system. I think medication has it's purpose and is super helpful when correctly prescribed and did save my life for a long time. My depression and anxiety are completely present and fully a part of my daily life. These are simply a part of my wiring and do not define my character or value. I use the information they provide to be more in tune with my heart space and that helps me heal my head space.

My motto?

Hmmm... Well this is my HERE TO BE statement... I am here to be a facilitator of connection, compassion, community and honesty. This is my barometer for ego, heart and purpose....It keeps me in check. I measure all opportunities I am given against this statement. If the offer does not align with this statement and support me in being who I am HERE TO BE...I don't take it. I had the joy and pleasure of having lunch with Janet Stone, one of my favorite and most inspiring yoga teachers. I asked her about success and how to accomplish what she has in her career. She said, " I could be bigger than I am, more successful. I have never taken an opportunity that does not align with my core values." I want success and I want longevity and I want to like who I am as I accomplish my goals and achieve it.

My favorite people/Role Models?

Brene Brown...DUHHH!!!! She makes me think, she fills me with hope. She also gives me permission to make up my own definitions for words and situations if the proper one does not do the job! My husband, Josh is one of my favorite people, especially when his beard is all scruffy and his hair is long and messy. He always lets me put my freezing cold feet on his warm body...that is priceless and hard to find longterm. He is hardworking and the definition of dedication. My best friend and soul sister Sarah is hands down my ride or die chick. She holds me up, holds my hair back when needed and holds me accountable to my own personal greatness...always. She is an inspiring and gifted teacher and so incredibly humble. I continually learn form her relationship with God and her trust in the greater good.

My favorite places/destination?

The Thousand Islands in upstate NewYork is my heaven. I was married in a little cobble stone chapel on an island there. My husband's family has a little cottage on the an island and the community is super sweet. They say it is where time stands still and it does. Swami Vivekananda stayed in a cottage not far from ours after lecturing about interfaith tolerance and Vedanta and Yoga to the western world. I love my yoga community there and enjoy guest teaching when I am in town.  The place is steeped in culture, calm and the sweet curiosity of nature. At the river our days are long and slow filled with sun, river baths, picnics, boat rides and simple family bonding with less distractions. May favorite local spot is Bear Coast coffee in San Clemente, they make the most yummy cappuccino and avocado toast.

My favorite products/Objects?

My favorite clothing item is the Align pant from Lululemon, they are like soft, creamy butter painted perfectly on your skin!! Obsessed, they are about the only thing I wear to practice yoga. I have a ritual of rubbing coconut oil on my whole body in the shower daily, it is a self love practice and leaves me really soft. Young Living essential oils are always my go to for clearing, calming and healing. Deep Relief roll on oil is always in my bag, it is the best thing in the world for sore, aching muscles. I love to burn sage, palo santo and sweet grass, the act of ceremony makes me feel complete. I don't have many likes, wants or needs for physical stuff, my routines are fairly simple as are my tastes.

My current passion?

I just got back from leading a retreat in Nicaragua and the sweetness of life, food and flavor made me fall in love with cooking all over again. I have been ablaze in the kitchen since being home. I love creating new recipes and spending time cultivating beautiful and delicious food. It has become an act of ritual and deeply meditative to spend time with myself and the colors, smells, textures, and flavors of food that is so close to the earth.