Alice Louise Blunden: senior Yoga Medicine instructor & Founder of The Yoga Project UK

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Alice Louise Blunden is a senior Yoga Medicine instructor who teaches both locally in London and instructs teachers in training all over the world.  She is also the founder of The Yoga Project UK, a company that connects yoga teachers with schools across the UK.

What do you do best?

I'm a bit of a perfectionist and I really enjoy paying attention to detail and feeling prepared. Whether it's wrapping up birthday presents with a pretty bow or taking time to plan my yoga classes around a particular theme, I always like to know that I've done my best.

What makes you the best?

I'm really resilient, hard working and rarely take no for an answer!

What are your aspirations?

In my personal life, I want to continue making the most of all the people in my life that I love so much. My incredible family, hilarious little nieces and nephews and all my amazing friends. One day I'd love to have a family of my own too (including a miniature sausage dog!).

In business, I love having my roots here in London to be of service to the community we have here and I hope to continue to expand my offerings and grow as a teacher and a member of our community. I’m also passionate about my company, The Yoga Project UK, its incredible to watch it grow and help so many children as we connect more and more yoga teachers with schools across London. I’m also incredibly honored to be part of the Yoga Medicine team and I'm excited to contribute to its growth in the coming years and to help train teachers all over the world in addition to my hometown community in London.

Biggest success?

Probably my biggest success has been setting up The Yoga Project UK. I was a school teacher for years and I feel very passionate about bringing accessible yoga into schools for parents, teachers and pupils alike. Although TYPUK is a small company, we bring inspiring teachers to the most unexpected corners of London and teach communities that would not have access to yoga otherwise.  I really believe that educating & inspiring our youth is one of the most important things we can do as a community.

Most challenging moment?

My most challenging moment lasted about a year. It was my first year of being a school teacher in a deprived area of London. I’d completed a six-week fast track teacher training over the summer holidays and was thrown into the deep end as a Year 5 class teacher at the start of the new school year. Learning on the job was really tough especially with 30 children depending on you for their education. By some sort of miracle I managed to get through the year and enjoyed my time there so much that I stayed there for a further four years! Needless to say, yoga and meditation became an essential tool for maintaining sanity, which is why I set up TYPUK. In addition to helping the kids I also want to help support other teachers through the difficulties of the job by teaching them simple tools like breathing & yoga postures.


Appreciate and make the most of everything.

Favourite people and role models?

My favourite people in the world are my mum and three sisters. Our dad died when we were quite young and this taught me so much about the importance of family. My mum and sisters are my absolute rock in life and I love them to bits.

Tiffany Cruikshank is my teacher, friend, mentor and number one role model without a doubt. I’m sure that many people would agree that she is one of a kind and a true inspiration.

Favourite places?

Sitting on the pebbles and looking out to sea on Hayling Island beach. I was born and brought up there and it will always be my home.

Favourite products?

I'm fairly obsessed with KiraGrace leggings and tops at the moment. I know it’s really materialistic and un-yogi but I love how strong and sexy they make me feel when I wear them!

Current passions?

I fractured my spine a year and a half ago in a kite boarding accident. I’m totally fine (thank goodness!) but live in a bit of pain, which can be tiring. Learning all about the anatomy of the body with Yoga Medicine has taught me so much about working with this and it has become my passion to help others in chronic pain. Knowledge is power and I love how a detailed understanding of the body has not only developed my mindfulness but also changed my perspective & experience in my body.