Brett Gamboa: Assistant Professor of English, Dartmouth College

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Brett Gamboa is Assistant Professor of English at Dartmouth College. He arrived at Dartmouth in 2010 after completing his Ph.D. at Harvard. His teaching and research focus on Shakespeare's plays in performance, though he has taught courses exploring a range of artistic media, from lyric poetry to contemporary television. His essays and reviews on Shakespeare and other dramatists appear in several journals and books, including Shakespeare Bulletin and SHAW: the Annual of Bernard Shaw Studies, and he recently published performance-oriented introductions and commentaries for the 40 plays collected in The Norton Shakespeare. His first book, Shakespeare’s Double Plays is forthcoming from Cambridge University Press. Brett is also a theater director and dramaturge, having mounted productions professionally and on campus, including ten plays by Shakespeare.

What do you do best?

Teach actors to take better advantage of the lines Shakespeare wrote.

What makes you the best?

Trial and error. And a knack for hearing suspense and potential chaos in syntax and intonation.

What are your aspirations?

To make theater that makes audiences nervous. To write about theatrical performance in a way that engages audiences beyond the academy.

Biggest Success?

Staging The Crucible--a static play with a large cast--in the round, and enabling everyone to see and hear everything during the Trial scene.

Most Challenging Moment?

That too.

Favorite Motto?

All I want to do is love everyone. -Jeff Buckley

Favorite People?

Gladys Lee, a wife and mother so dizzyingly brilliant and capable that one will never believe she moonlights as an eye surgeon. Two daughters well worth their father's dotage. Sundry dead poets and mystics.

Favorite Places?

Akka, the walled crusader city on the north coast of Israel; Covent Garden; anywhere in Turkey; Berkeley, California; Stamford Bridge.

Favorite Products?

Shakespeare's plays. Saarinen tables.

Current Passions?

Discovering how and why Shakespeare works to unsettle audiences, about which I'm writing a book. Chelsea FC.