Aggeliki Salamaliki: Virtual Yoga & Wellness Coach & Creator of Detox + Slim Plan

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Aggeliki Salamaliki was born in Peloponnese, Greece, from a young age was exposed to a healthy lifestyle, by being close to nature, honouring and respecting the energy that comes from mother earth and let that pure energy heal the Body and Mind. She has a “Bachelor of Science” from Salem State University, in Sports and Movement Science with a Concentration in Fitness and a Minor in Human Biology. She has worked with diverse population in Fitness – Wellness Centres and Sport Clubs in Boston, MA since 1998. She was first introduced in Yoga in 1997 through a major course at Endicott College. In the years to follow she had the chance through her University courses and her jobs to learn more,and practice different styles of Yoga. It was not until 2000 though that Yoga changed her life. Suffering from backache and inflammation in her left knee from sports, weight training and running, decided to cut back some of these activities and practice more Yoga. She visited her neighbourhood “Baron Baptiste Power Yoga Institute” in Cambridge, MA and after practicing this style of Yoga for a month the pain was gone. She has received her 200hrs certification from YogaWorks and is completing her 500hrs in Intergrative Yoga Therapy. She was the director of O.M. Yoga Sala in the island of Crete, Greece where she taught weekly classes, weekend retreats and organised Yoga Workshops with international teachers such as Tiffany Cruikshank, Natasha Rizopoulos and David Magone. Now, she has been taking her business online and planning more workshops and trainings with international teachers and herself in the near future.

What do you do best?

I create communities, I bring people together whether this is live or online. I love seeing like minded people coming together, creating friendships, collaborations and memories. I have a passion about creating events related to yoga and outdoor activities where people come together do what they love and are happy.

What  makes you the best?

I don’t see myself as the best but as someone that tries her best to create a safe and welcoming environment for her students. Over the years I have build trust with my community, people know they are in good hands when I work with them. I will never recommend something that I don’t believe or haven’t tried it myself. Every individual is unique, I don’t believe there is one size fits all. I always do research and prepare sequences that are uniquely designed for the specific needs of my student. Not all lower back pains have the same reason.

What are your aspirations?

I want to build a farm at the mountain place our parents used to take us for summer vacation. They were the happiest years of my life. I want to invite people from all over the world to come spend time in nature, breathe, relax, eat fresh food from the farm, practice yoga, sing, dance and just be present and enjoy life. This is how I grew up, our grandfather used to sing to us after dinner, we had quests all the time, he would give them a tour in his garden offer them fruits and wine. I want to bring these moments back.  

I also want to create a yoga therapy training that certifies yoga teachers to offer their services in hospitals in Greece. Watching my father suffering in ICU for 3 months and not be able to help him created a deep desire inside me to be of service for other people in this field. Not only for the patients but for their families and most important of all, the doctors that are the bridge between the patients and their loved ones.

Biggest Success?

Maybe that I had the courage to open a yoga studio without funds, in an island that nobody knew me. I built a strong community there and invited some of the world’s most famous teachers as guests.

Most challenging moment?

The year I decided to close my yoga studio and say goodbye to the community I worked so hard to build for 10 years, while at the same time I lost my dad in a very unexpected way. It felt like life stopped there and there was no next page.

Favorite motto?

“Keep going but remember to take breaks and Breathe”. Life will keep giving us lemons we are here to evolve. But we shouldn’t quit or forget why we started. Keep your eyes focused on your dreams but also stop and smell the roses and enjoy the journey before you arrive at your destination.

Favorite people/role models?

My family, especially my grandfathers. One taught me to be a warrior and to not take no for an answer and the other one to be patient and surrender.

Favorite places/ destinations?

I would love to travel the whole world and I have been to some beautiful destinations but there is no place like home.

Favorite Products / Objects

Healing crystals, I love collecting beautiful mugs, glasses, candles and anything related to home decoration.

Current passions?

Making healthy raw drinks with herbs and spices. It all started in 2011 when I was trying to improve my digestion and created the online course “Detox + Slim Plan”. Now I take them from my kitchen to my community of friends and students.