Somya Munjal: Chief Youth Servant of Youthful Savings & Best Selling Author

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Somya R. Munjal CPA, MBA, MAS, is passionate about money management as a tool to live life fully and is committed to educating people about their finances. She works extensively on economic empowerment and wealth gap disruption through her social enterprises Youthful Savings - which seeks to empower the next generation with financial education products and entrepreneurship training, CPA for the People, LLP - a growing team of do good financiers that seek to empower all with financial knowledge, and Audacious Endeavors, LLC - a social change agency dedicated to solving the world's most pressing issues. Somya’s debut book Audacious Endeavors is a step-by-step guide on how to align your soul's mission (inner artist) with the new economy through socially conscious business practices. Dedicated to all the young people out there - in age or the young at heart. Explore how you have the audacity to be different and change the world so every new, young person lives a better life. When she's not working hard on empowering people economically, she can be found at the beach contemplating life through the spiritual power of the Pacific Ocean.

What do you do best?

I think anything that I have a genuine passion for I will do well. Currently, that’s serving as Chief Youth Servant of my education technology company Youthful Savings and sharing the story of that company with my book Audacious Endeavors: 8 Steps to Light Your Inner Fire and Change the World Through Socially Conscious Business.  I’m also a CPA / financial advisor and very passionate about helping my clients tax plan / invest well so they have more cash flow to do good in this world. The theory of social good finance is very important to me.

What makes you the best?

I wake up every morning wondering what more I can do to help make the world more equitable, kind and just. Reading the news and all of the issues the world is facing makes me want to work just a little bit harder. I think what makes me strive to be the best is my undying need to make the world a better place. For as long as I’m alive, I will do what I can to contribute positively and leave a lasting legacy through my human experience.

What are your aspirations?

My biggest goal is to make a meaningful contribution in the education and finance sectors. I truly believe that if we all made a sincere effort to make our children more educated and kind, the world can shift into a better place. I also would love to see the world operating on a unified spectrum versus this nation versus another nation situation we currently live in. The former seems like a power struggle and not something that is actually helpful for citizens. Solving socio-economic and geo-political world problems is something that I would like to do on a grander scale as I continue my journey as a social entrepreneur / educator / author.

Biggest Success?

Getting my first book out was a journey to say the least. Just knowing it’s out there and hopefully inspiring other people to create social ventures is exciting and makes me feel like I’m getting closer to what I deem as a successful life – one that is filled with impact and results.

Most Challenging Moment?

Being a woman and starting a technology company in New York City wasn’t easy. Being objectified or degraded because I somehow am less than a man is frustrating. We really need to work on equality in this world and I’m hoping my generation and the next generations can work towards that. Women are less likely to get funded and more likely to get paid less. One of the reasons I run my own companies is because I’m in charge of how much I get paid and I can make sure I pay people and treat people equally.


Stay strong. Stay focused. Stay humble.

Favorite People/Role Models?

My mom - who also serves as my business partner. She has a heart of gold and a moral compass that guides anyone that is lucky enough to utilize her advice. I just wish I started listening to her sooner! ☺

Favorite Places/Destinations?

It’s a tie between Pune, India and Bali, Indonesia! I love outskirt farmlands of Pune but nothing beats the island vibes of Bali! In an ideal world, the two cities would be next to each other!

Favorite Products/Objects?

I’m pretty in love with my Echo from Amazon. I can’t do anything without music playing and I love how Alexa knows exactly what I want to hear. I find myself asking for Alexa even when I’m not at my home.  She’s quickly becoming my best friend! ☺

Current Passions?

I’m determined to become a decent surfer and surf every morning before I start my day! Catching the waves would be a good start…