Christina Leon: Area Group Fitness manager, Equinox Fitness & Creator of Colorized Wellness, AthleKintix & FasciaKinetix

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Christina Leon has been in the fitness industry since 1986 as an aerobics instructor initially learning and growing along with the expansion of the industry. Christina holds certifications as a Certified Personal Trainer, Cycle Instructor, Reiki Healer, Color Therapist, Yoga Instructor, Kickboxing and many more. Her passion is helping people to enjoy fitness not merely tolerate it. She infuses humor with education to inspire her participants.  Christina is currently the Area Group Fitness manager for Equinox Fitness and the creator of Colorized Wellness, AthleKintix and FasciaKinetix.

What do you do best?

Most definitely and hands down that answer is I am the best mother I can be. While I think I am competent and good at what I do in the fitness world it does not compare to the passion that I put into being a parent.

What makes you the best?

In my professional life what makes me the best is my drive to improve daily. The quest towards that improvement keeps me constantly striving to learn and re-create myself. As an example every time I lead a fitness class I make sure that I am either going to say something new, my music is new, and/or all experiences are creative and flow well.  I basically make sure that I am giving the best experience from connecting with the participants, my programming, and my ability to guide people through the experience. I also let go of the need to be perfect which makes being my best much easier.

What are your aspirations?

Personally I aspire to leave a legacy for my children about what family is. We are an incredibly close family and at the end of the day in my opinion there is nothing more valuable than the people that you hold the closest to your heart. Professionally I have two aspirations. As it relates to Spectral Journeys and my Colorgized Program, I aspire to empower people to understand the chakras and how they can affect their lives. When I teach a class, I  open myself up to whatever someone might need in the room so that I can make a difference. In my fitness career at Equinox my goal and aspiration is to impact people in a way that allows them to find fitness fun and to do that I create challenging workouts that are dynamic but I infuse a lot of humor and humanity. It's sort of like a self-help meets a comedy club meets exercise. In all of my realms my goal and my aspiration is to impact people positively so that they will walk away feeling better physically mentally and emotionally.

Biggest Success?

My biggest success and I will speak as it relates to work is my job at Equinox. I have been a group fitness instructor for 32 years and I am with a company that is everything I think a fitness company should be. They are edgy, upscale and cutting edge. That's a difficult balance because typically upscale doesn't allow for a lot of edge or individuality and yet EQUINOX finds a way to bring out the best in all of us. As the Area Manager I have reached a point in my career where all of my experience has come together to allow me to lead a team of over 100 employees and five facilities which have the best equipment, the most innovative and exciting programming. As it relates to Spectral Journeys and the chakras it's funny because I thought my biggest success was when Canyon Ranch in Arizona called me to lead a workshop for them. I was so excited, I was jumping up-and-down because I thought this meant I had "made it" and I was going to be accepted by one of the biggest spas or wellness resorts out there. What made this humorous is when I arrived the employees had no idea what they were there to learn and really didn't adopt the philosophies. So what I thought would be my biggest success really just fell flat. In reality my biggest success as it relates to that program is that every time I teach the class someone comes up to me and says it sounded like I was speaking right to them. I like the ability to know that I made a difference.

Most Challening Moment?

My most challenging moment is that as a single parent I want to prioritize my career and the work I am doing however I have to find an a way to create the balance between home and work. When I started doing the Colorgized work I was doing a lot of traveling to conferences to other states and even other countries. Although it ate away at any possible profits, I tried to take my children with me as much as possible. I did not want to be trying to save the world and at the same time neglecting my own microcosm.


"Whether you think you can or you think you cannot you are right."

Favorite People/Role Models?

I have two favorite people. One is Gandhi because I just love what he stands for and the fact that he was in service of people and did it in a way that is so different from how the rest of the world handles problems. Aggression is so easy and so hurtful, his mission and life was a peaceful one. My other favorite is Pitbull which is hilarious given my first favorite person however there is a similarity.  His music inspires me, his heritage is Cuban like mine, he grew up in Miami like I did, and when he speaks he does so about taking his life from a negative to a positive, he wants to make the world a better place and really seems like he's making a difference. Oh and I have a tremendous crush on him so that doesn't hurt.

Favorite Places/Destinations?

Dead Sea in Israel. There is something magical about being able to float on water in the middle of this vast sea without any fear and feel the magical energy while gazing at the most beautiful colors.

Favorite Products/Objects?

That's an interesting one. The only tool I can really say I use is my cell phone because with it I carry my music, my contact lists, it organizes my day with my calendar and it allows me to speak my emails and texts because I am a horrendous typist.

Current passion?

Physics. I recently started reading about the universe and its origin and expansion. I also started to understand or maybe not understand but rather read about the theories that Einstein came up with and they are really quite fascinating. While I do not even attempt the mathematical equations I do very enjoy reading the concepts.