Sahara Rose Ketabi: Author & ayurveda/wellness expert

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Internationally known for her easy-to-follow plant-based solutions helping others to achieve mind-body balance, ayurveda and wellness expert, Sahara Rose Ketabi, is the fresh young voice for the modern spiritual movement. As an an author and expert in all things health, wellness, and ayurveda, who has received accolades from some of the most influential wellness experts like Deepak Chopra, Sahara is passionate about bridging awareness to the fact that, in order to achieve complete health, you must be in touch with all aspects of your life: medical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and metaphysical. In addition to hosting her podcast, The Highest Self Podcast and writing her blog Eat Feel Fresh, Sahara will be releasing her new book, Idiot’s Guide to Ayurveda, on August 8th, a book broken up into 6 parts to make the principles of Ayurveda understandable and digestible. Her goal is to teach the basics of Ayurvedic practices and how to slowly integrate them into your life, to hopefully change others lives as Ayurveda has changed hers. As someone who struggled with chronic digestive issues, she hopes that her book will enlighten and assist others who may be struggling with similar issues.

What do you do best?

I’m most known for making Ayurveda, the world’s oldest health system and sister science of yoga, approachable to today’s generation. I wrote the official Idiot’s Guide to Ayurveda and had the pleasure of being called “a leading voice in the millennial generation into the new paradigm shift” by Deepak Chopra, who wrote the foreword to my book.

What makes you the best?

 I have a very good balance of creativity and work-ethic and that’s what makes my wildest dreams come true. I’m a visionary but also willing to do the work it takes to make that vision come true. I find most people tend to be on one side or the other but am always striving for that balance of dream and do.

What are your aspirations?

 My personal and business aspirations are one-in-the-same and I think that’s the same for any entrepreneur. I strive to help people become their highest selves, meaning the truest versions of who they were meant to be on this planet. My books, podcast, videos, workshops and everything else I create has that same goal- to empower people to awaken to their own greatness.

Biggest success?

My first biggest success would have to be being chosen by Penguin Random House, a publisher I grew up reading books by, to author the official Idiot’s Guide to Ayurveda out of the thousands of Ayurvedic Practitioners out there. I always knew it was my dharma (life’s purpose) to be the one to bring Ayurveda to the masses but being recognized by such an established publisher was truly an honor and a reflection of my vision.

My second biggest success is definitely collaborating with my lifelong inspiration, Deepak Chopra. His book, Perfect Health, was the first book I ever read on Ayurveda and it was truly synchronicity how we met, then him writing both the cover quote and foreword to my book! (I explain the whole story on my podcast, Highest Self Podcast). We are now co-leading a 31-Day Mind-Body Transformation Challenge together on his social network, Jiyo which has truly been a dream come true because I grew up doing his meditation challenge with Oprah!

Most challenging moment?

My most challenging moment was a period in my life when I did not have the support of my family for my chosen path. They feared the instability that comes with being a writer, especially dedicating your life to Ayurveda, a subject almost no one at the time had heard of. It was an internal battle of both wanting their approval but needing to listen to my own inner guidance and I chose the latter, leaving the United States on a one-way ticket to India and Bali. Though it was a time of a lot of turbulence, it was also a time of pure clarity when I could finally hear the voice of who I was, outside of societal and familial expectations. Now we joke that they’re so happy I went off those years to the jungles and slums because I wouldn’t carry the wisdom that makes me who I am today.


My motto that I always say in my podcast is “Your external reality is a reflection of your internal mind.” What this means is that our lives are a reflection of our thoughts. If we open our minds to see the synchronicity, joy, life and possibility that exists all around us, that’s exactly what we’ll find. If we choose to focus on the chaos and destruction in the world, that will manifest as our reality. Nothing in life happens to you- it happens for you to grow and learn from, to then help others to overcome.

Favorite People/Rolemodels?

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it 1000 more times—Deepak Chopra! He is a true role-model to me, still speaking and traveling across the globe at almost 70-years-old with 85 books under his belt- talk about goals! Knowing him personally has been the greatest blessing in my life and I truly see that he leads with love and compassion for all. It means the world that he sees so much potential in me and I am eternally grateful for his support.

Favorite Places/Desinations?

Bali is my true home. Never in my life have I experienced such a feeling of nostalgia being somewhere for the first time. Spirituality is so ingrained in Balinese culture, from their daily morning offerings to their festivals celebrating the moon and stars. The time I spent living with a Balinese family of herbal healers deep in the jungles was probably the most formative of my life, truly shaping who I am today. The reverence to the land and higher spirit there is incredible and something the world could learn from.

Favorite Products/Objects?

My favorite tool is definitely my iPhone because it allows me to connect with anywhere in the world. I truly believe the internet is the greatest gift to humanity because it tears apart boundaries and borders and creates a collective cloud of knowledge and interchange of ideas. Each of our souls chose to reincarnate at this time of information so it’s up to us to make the internet either our greatest asset or greatest enemy. I’m all about sharing the sacred through social media!

Curent Passions?

My current passion is my podcast, the Highest Self Podcast. I love the medium because it’s so easy, raw and real. There are no filters you place upon it like Instagram, no editing that needs to be done like Youtube, no scheduling that needs to be done like Facebook, no condensing your thoughts like Twitter. I can have a thought, take a mic and hit record, sharing the depths of my soul to an empty chair. As soon as I’m done, I just upload it and it’s instantly ready for the world to hear. I love fully surrendering to creative flow and think the world needs more of that authentic type of conversation, straight from the soul. I am excited to see where the podcast journey will take me!