Susan Scott: best-selling author & leadership development architect

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Susan Scott is a best-selling author and leadership development architect who has enabled top executives worldwide to engage in vibrant dialogue with one another, with their employees, and with their customers for two decades. For 13 years, Susan ran think tanks for CEOs and designed and delivered training to peers working with CEOs in 18 countries. In 2002, Fierce Conversations — Achieving Success at Work and in Life, One Conversation at a Time, was published in 4 countries and, shortly thereafter, was listed on The Wall Street Journal and UPI best seller lists, and was one of USA TODAY’S top 40 business books of 2002. Her much anticipated second book — Fierce Leadership: A Bold Alternative to the Worst “Best” Practices of Business Today was published September 15, 2009. In its debut week, the book was listed on The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times best seller lists. Susan founded Fierce in 2001 after more than 10,000 hours of conversations with senior executives and one epiphany: While no single conversation is guaranteed to change the trajectory of a career, a company, a relationship, or a life - any single conversation can.

What do you do best?

Write, give keynotes and talks that connect with people at a deep level.

What makes you the best?

I cannot imagine myself saying that about myself in any capacity.  I am, however, very good at what I do because I believe that what my company is all about is important for all of us to understand, so in addition to the rationale behind our work, there is also a great deal of passion imbedded in our work.  Head + heart.

What are your aspirations?

To improve human connection. To help children - K-12 - understand that their lives are unfolding one conversation at a time and teach them how to have the conversations that are central to their success and happiness.

Biggest Success?

Building a company that takes the principles and practices in the book (Fierce Conversations, Succeeding at Work and in Life – One Conversation at a Time)  to clients all over the world.

Most Challenging Moment?

Having to fire my own daughter, who was CEO at the time.  


Don’t do details.  Focus on the high, far view.

Favorite People/Role Models?

My favorite people are my three dogs, Hamish, Tallulah, and Dobby.  My favorite person is the one standing in front of me at any given time.  

Favorite Places/Destinations?

My tree house on Orcas Island.

Favorite Products/Objects?

Books, my piano and guitar, art.  I was just in Paris and found a drawing of a warthog that I absolutely love.  It came home with me.

Current Passions?

Travel because it reveals that there is more than one right way to live a life.   Giving keynotes, interviews, spreading the “fierce” word.

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