Bridget Sirotnak: Soul Cycle Instructor

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Bridget Sirotnak brings her passionate SOUL from a small town in Connecticut. After studying Theatre Performance at The Pennsylvania State University, Bridget moved to New York City to pursue further Acting training in Manhattan where she fell in love with SoulCycle. After a year behind the  Front Desk in the Midtown East 54th Street Studio, she took a leap of faith and never looked back. Bridget is a firm believer in the connection between our emotional life and our physical well-being. In order to push past physical boundaries, we need to become aware of and involved with our mental and emotional strengths and weaknesses. Her carefully curated playlists coupled with her vibrant energy creates an atmosphere that encourages her riders to freely express themselves.

What do you do best?

Listen & Love! 

What makes you the best?

That I think I’m definitely not! The day I believe I am “the best “at what I do is the day I stop learning and growing. I think the success I’ve had in life so far is only because I’m constantly looking up to the people surrounding me. I always want to improve- I never want to settle or become lazy in any field I'm pursuing. 

What are your aspirations?

I hope to be a good friend, a good sister and a good daughter, and honestly, just generally I want to be a good human. Those are my everyday aspirations. In the long haul, being an artist is my passion. My aspiration is truly to make a living based off my art- whatever form that takes, but hopefully it comes in the form of acting and performing.

Biggest Success?

Personally, the relationships I have in my life are my biggest successes. I am extremely close with my friends and family members and I know that this is very unique & special and I would never want to take them for granted!

Professionally, I think the leap I took to become a SoulCycle instructor was my biggest success. It was my biggest success because I trusted myself enough to move extremely far out of my comfort zone and the payoffs have been huge! It’s amazing how often we take ourselves out of the running before we even really try. I am proud of myself for taking that leap and for believing in my abilities!

Most Challenging Moment?

This past year has been a challenging one for me. This past January I moved out of New York City, put my acting career on hold and moved to Boston to be a full-time SoulCycle instructor. I was thrown into a brand-new city, all the while trying to get my feet on the ground with my new job. It takes so much patience and kindness to yourself when you’re going through any transition. On top of all those professional changes, I also experienced a lot of loss and heartbreak within my first few months in Boston. Showing up to class every day and having to put whatever was happening in my personal life on the back burner for that 45 minutes of class was, at times, extremely difficult. I’m still working through the challenges this year has brought me, but I have had the privilege of an incredible support system help me through it all!  


“Be messy, complicated and afraid, and show up anyway” - Glennon Doyle Melton

Favorite People/Role Models?

1. My entire family- and I have a BIG family. They’re warm, hilarious and the most generous group of people I have ever come across. Through the bad times, and especially the good, they show up with their whole hearts and love hard.

2. The Ladies. My chosen family. Seven wildly different women who have been there for each other every step of the way since the 4th grade. We celebrate and support each other and invest in our friendship year after year- between schedules and work this is not easy!

3. The Maggie Flanigan Studio In New York- I attended this school the year after graduating college. The studio and the Meisner Acting Technique, changed my life. It helped me realize that making yourself smaller to serve others is not the way to live your life AND that you have to be passionate about the work- not just the end result. I look up to every artist I worked with there.

4. #soulpeoplearethebestpeople- It’s a hashtag but it also couldn’t be more accurate. The instructors, the riders, the managers, and every single person on the staff believes in this company and its’ message. SoulCycle is a powerful force in the fitness community because it extends beyond physical appearance as an end-game. Everyone at the company works tirelessly so we can spread support and inclusivity and I will always be grateful to be a small part of this team.

Favorite Places/Destinations?

1. Nantucket

2. Turks and Caicos

3. My Aunt's house- On Christmas Eve

4. New York City

Honestly, if my people are there, it will end up being my favorite place!

Favorite Products/Objects?

My favorite objects are all my old birthday cards, notes, pictures, and journals. I try to keep as many as possible for as long as I can. I have a hard time throwing things away…

My favorite product will forever be Palmers Cocoa Butter. I literally use it every day-It smells amazing and keeps everything soft.

Current Passions?

I love poetry! My favorite two poets are Brian Andreas && Tony Hoagland

Reading! Life changing book: LOVE WARRIOR by Glennon Doyle Melton

SoulCycle….I can be in my head, in a mood, distracted, but the minute I clip into that bike I get out of my head and into my body and nothing centers me more.

Wellness…. As a fitness instructor, my view of my body and what it means to be healthy as completely shifted…I need to fuel my body in a way thats conducive to my lifestyle and really listen to what works and what doesn’t, my favorite activity to cross train has been Barre class! It’s all about form and really engaging every single part of your body- it burns, you wanna die but then after you feel AMAZING…if you can walk…

Oh, I also love Pugs. And really great Coffee. And sleeping.