Taylor Stone: Holistic Health Coach

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Taylor Stone is a former NFL cheerleader who took it upon herself to heal her own hormonal issues that come with excessive exercise, dieting, and not taking proper care of her body and her soul. Through her training and obsessive researching, she has learned the protocols and exact steps to raise your vibration, lose the fat, heal your hormones, and get that glow every woman desires. She attended Arizona State University majoring in Exercise Science and Health Promotion as well as multiple certificates from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She also attended The Institute of Integrative Nutrition to become a Holistic Health Coach specializing in weight-loss, anti-aging, detoxification, hormones and lifestyle coaching. She believes that every single body is different, therefore every person requires customized guidance to reach their goals. One person’s healing food can be another person’s poison. Taylor also takes a holistic approach of the body factoring all aspects of your life such as your stress level, sleep, dietary habits, and mindset.

What do I do best?

Other than the sarcasm that pumps through my blood? Kidding. Or am I? The thing I believe I do best is help women intuitively, without judging or knowing where the answers come from. I have the ability to help women with what it is I feel they need (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually) that they may not have previously admitted to me they needed. When I’m talking to women whether it’s through coaching or friendship, I have an ability to speak exactly what it is they needed to hear. Which is what makes my job extremely fulfilling.

What makes me the best version of myself?

What makes the best version of myself is that I am extremely authentic and passionate. I have never bought into the status quo of how you should do things or believed people when they have told me I couldn’t  do something. I consider myself a bit of a rebel.

Jim Carrey has a quote that I have always admired that pretty much sums up how I view life which is: “Your need for acceptance can make you invisible in this world.” This quote fires me up SO much and I want more women, especially younger women, would have more positive role models to know that what makes them weird makes them so special. I feel like I have an ability to make every person I come in contact with to feel special and let them know they are worthy of amazing things in this world.

What are my aspirations?

My aspirations are to influence millions of women to raise their vibration to attract whatever they want in this world. I have said many times that I want to have an influence as large as Oprah, and my dream is to have a television show/platform where I can learn from other experts while also educating the masses on health/wellness and women empowerment. Ahh, I get goosebumps every time I think about it. What a blessing it would be to be able to educate AND learn as a career. It’s happening, I can feel it:)

My Biggest Success?

My biggest success to date is being an NFL Cheerleader for two NFL different teams which was one of the most amazing 3 years of my life. I ran the nutrition and workout programs for both teams and was able to educate on staying healthy during grueling practices and games. I also traveled the world to places I absolutely loved as well as military tours to visit the men and women who serve our country.

Second biggest success is taking a leap and starting my own company.

My Most Challenging Moment?

A challenging moment I’ve had to overcome was deciding between a mediocre and soul crushing life of financial safety or living an inspired one with no safety net. I moved across the country to pursue my dreams and my calling and left literally ALL of my materialistic possessions behind. My calling won, and I’ve never looked back.

My Motto?

My lisence plate on my car says: HIVIBE, so my motto for life is just that. Vibrate at the highest level possible and live your life in joy and passion.  Don’t compromise, ever.

My Favorite People/Role Models?

One of my very favorite people in this world is my boyfriend, Tommy. He has inspired me more than he may realize and has had an integral part in helping me start my business. He believes in me like no one ever has and he has a heart of gold. He’s also ridiculously good looking. (Name that movie)

Other influencers that I admire: Jim Carrey, Will Smith, Oprah and Elon Musk. These men and women didn’t care what would be thought of them, how they would be labeled, and continued with their vision. They all believe in the Law of Attraction which is what I’ve based my  life around and they have this fire for life inside of them that is absolutely contagious.

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

My favorite destinations are those that scream abundance, freedom and promote dreams. In order, those places are:

Sedona, Arizona: The energy here is out of this world. I’ll move there one day, but luckily right now it’s in my backyard and only 2 hours away from my current home.

Costa Rica: Did someone say…..coffee? I love the green lushness of Costa Rica, the surfing, and the stillness.

And anywhere with an amazing sunset and sunrise. I’ve also been borderline obsessed with Space since I can remember, so NASA was one of my favorite places I have been to a couple of times. And when the rides become available to Mars, I’m IN.

My Favorite Products/Objects?

I love crystals, candles, flowers and essential oils. The energy I feel from the crystals is amazing and the smells from the oils and candles always brings an uplifting feeling. And flowers…..what woman doesn’t love the vibe that flowers bring to a room? (Men: take notes for your ladies)

My Current Passions?

How many am I allowed to choose?!

My passions include anything that lights my soul on fire and makes me laugh uncontrollably. Right now those things are walking barefoot in nature, watching sunsets and sunrises, dancing in my kitchen, watching as many spirituality and mindset videos I can possibly consume, and inspiring young women to be themselves and stop comparing themselves to everyone's highlight reel on social media. That isn’t living life and I want to take a stand to help change that for the masses