Elaine Springer: Founder, Beauty and Grace

My NativeAdVantage:


In her work as a teacher, Elaine helps her English and German language students master their conversational and written skills. They become at ease in their new language and excited about going out in the world to expand and broaden their horizons. In her wellness and healing practice, Beauty and Grace ( founded in 2001 ), Ms. Springer helps her clients achieve harmony between their body, mind, emotions and spirit. She works with people to identify what is important to them, helps them realize their intentions and to fully live out their passion. Elaine has studied and practices transcendental meditation and vibrational healing. She experienced Ayurvedic medicine in Lancaster, Massachusetts where Deepak Chopra was in residence, and helped publicize his book, Quantum Healing. She earned her certification as a Polarity Practitioner with the Ultrasonic Core Group in Malverne, New York and her Reiki teaching master with Ron Baker at the Children of Light School in Manhattan. She currently  practices yoga at the Exhale Spa in NYC. Her other professional experience include owning Sunflowers Natural Food in Encinitas, Ca, managing  Galerie de Beyrie a high end French art gallery in Soho NYC  and taking care of the private estate of fashion designer Wolfgang Joop on Sutton Place.  While living in Hamburg, Germany she was director of the office of world renown still life photographer Michael Somoroff.

What do I do best?

Everything I do, I do with my whole heart and soul.

I am an inspired teacher and student with an unquenchable thirst for learning and seeing others expand their horizons.  I lead by example and posses integrity.

I teach others to speak, read and write in the English and German languages with creativity and the utmost dedication. I am kind, helpful and thoughtful and love being a mentor and poster child for glowing health and wellness at every stage of life !

What makes me the best version of myself?

Appreciation and generous compensation for my efforts certainly keep me motivated and give me the extra energy and access to resources I need to be the best version of myself.

Perseverance, passion and consistency keep going me while living a healthy and passion filled existence,

I eat fresh foods, practice yoga, walk and teach and learn something new everyday.

I am committed to improving myself and making our world a better place for us all.

I am grateful for having the opportunity to share my life with the people here at The Native Society and to learn from them as well. Being part of a lively inspirational community certainly helps to make me the best version of myself !  

What are my aspirations?

I aspire to be a force for love, kindness, and beauty in all forms.  I love to help others and see them do well !

I desire to keep growing and to support loved ones and colleagues to do the same.  I am here to lend a comforting hand to help fellow human beings through challenging times.  

My Biggest Success?

My greatest success is maintaining my glowing health and desire to keep learning and help others. My dedication  to well being has paid off.  Daily exercise. reflection and fresh real food keeps me strong, vibrant and medication free ! YAY ! I am so proud and grateful. A little sunlight, fresh air and deep breathing help too!

Being strong and vibrant myself serves to facilitate my efforts to support my clients to do the same !

My Most Challenging Moment?

I made the decision to break ties with a close family member who had been hurting me.  I had tried everything to maintain the relationship, heal it and make it better, without success. Finally after making the decision to cut our ties, my life has improved. Still I feel sad that things could not have been different. I do keep the hope and the door open for a healthier relationship between us in the future.

My Motto?

Always tell the truth ( even to the youngest of babies ) . There is a part in all of us that knows it anyway. Telling the truth gives us trust and confidence in our own wisdom and deepest intuition. This is vital for a carefree and fulfilling life.

And I like this one :

Always be kind when possible, it is always possible. From the Dalai Lama

My Favorite People/Role Models?

One of my favorite people at present and perhaps now more than ever during these times is Fareed Zakaria. His honest fact based journalism is a breath of fresh air. He is super intelligent, elegant , compassionate and knows how to communicate to a wide range of people.  I love the way he includes his audience and shows his real feelings while reporting on the subjects that move him. He is a rare jewel in the world of written and televised journalism.

I have great admiration for Dr. Frank Lipman. His own special brand of good medicine has inspired and helped me for over 15 years to maintain glowing health and help others do the same. His Cleanse is a common sense one that resets my well being and keeps my dark eye circles at bay. He shares his music and perspectives generously and for that I am eternally grateful.

Diana Rilov, my yoga teacher extraordinaire at the Exhale Spa on Madison Avenue is a life saver and master at making me strong, flexible and peaceful in a safe way.  She is elegant, knowledgeable, focused and gives outstanding direction. My body and mind are at its best when I manage to take her class four times a week.

I teach English as a Second Language and German and my students with their immense concentration and commitment never cease to uplift and inspire me. I love working with them one and one and in small groups. They serve as my heroes and role models along with every client who comes to me to pursue their goals of becoming more kind, compassionate and healthy. Working with them all gives me a warm feeling in my heart and seeing their lives improve affirms my purpose for living.

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

I love to travel and have been fortunate to have seen much of our beautiful world !  What stands out as most memorable however, is my visit to South Africa. The land, the people, the food and above all the animals touched my heart in a way that still overwhelm me to this day.  The safari rangers are extraordinary and the people at Kruger Park are the best at showing people the area safely while leaving room for adventure!

That said , Europe, especially Italy and France are close to my heart. Paris, Sardegna, Florence, Venice, the Cote Basque hold such fond memories for me.  It is also the friends I have visited and made during my travels that make places so special ! I love Switzerland, too ! Encinitas,  California was my home for several years and that area of our country is one of the most beautiful ! I love the beach and Montauk, Long Island has been and remains one of my favorites since childhood. Our world is breathtaking and I still hope to visit Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and Bali one day soon.

Museums, music and dance performances are high on my list of places to be.  New York City is an incredible Mecca for the arts. The whole world lives here. The Whitney downtown is one of my favorite museums to explore, but I also enjoy so many others. The Metropolitan Museum, the MOMA ( with its exquisite Modern Barroom restaurant ) , the Rubin, the Guggenheim, the list goes on and on and their ever changing array of exhibitions is simply outstanding !

My Favorite Products/Objects?

In NYC, I enjoy shopping at ABC Home and Carpet and attending events there. I would be happy to have almost anything from this wondrous store !

Real nature based products are my passion and for shampoo, conditioner, skin care, exfoliation and masks I absolutely adore the Josh Rosebrook line. Josh himself is a truly kind and inspirational human being. I love using his products and know they eminent from someone of high intelligence and integrity.

For working and hanging out I stand by Lululemon. Their clothes are cut perfectly for my body, look great, wash well and are long lasting.

Hellenic Farms supplies me with the most delicious artisanal foods from Greece. The Stories of Greek Origins organic Thyme Honey is pure poetry as are their numerous olive oils, biscuits, teas and herbs.

Another favorite culinary oil of mine is the Victoria Akkari organic culinary argan oil ! It is nutty, delicious,  and available for tasting at ABC Home and Carpet. The owner of the company is a sweetheart and pure delight to be with !

I adore Venini glass and for me the fashion coming out of Italy is the most exciting and fun to wear !

My Current Passions?

In my personal life, I live for romantic dates and gestures, music, dance, dining out and cooking at home with loved ones.

My work teaching foreign languages and keeping my wellness clients vibrant, fulfills me enormously and gives me a great feeling in my heart.,

I just love practicing yoga daily at Exhale Spa with Diana Rilov, Edward Vilga, Jason Reiff, Payal Parekh and Stefanie Eris.

Saunas and cold showers keep me young and energetic, together with time spent on my favorite beaches.

And I find spa days, Thai massage and cryotherapy sessions are invaluable for my work and wellbeing.