Nastasya Rose: Board Certified Coach & Founder, ImVure™

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Nastasya Rose is a Board Certified Coach and Founder of holistic life coaching company ImVure™. Losing a massive amount of weight while recovering from a heavy heart condition has become part of her legacy. She has a true passion for bringing truth to light on what it is to love the mirror reflection, and the light in this world, in a powerful way.  After near 10 years of development, multiple speaking engagements, hundreds of clients, great deals of life experience, and a school path for an intended PhD in Performance Psychology, this Founder is determined to leave her footprint on this planet. She is here to advocate how being bigger than ourselves in changing our ways can make a huge impact.

What do I do best?

I connect exactly with what the client needs from what they tell me, and I deliver. I am not about just selling the client to make a quick buck. If I talk to the client, and I can’t help, I don’t take the client on. I Hear the client, see what they need, and meet them at their level.

I don’t pull the sales card of repeating exactly what the person told me and then say, “Yes I believe I can help you.” No. That is not I.  If the client needs a great deal of help?  Then we handle that. If the client really does not have a lot of issues and just needs some reassurance?  Then that is what we tackle. I meet the client right where he or she is.

What makes me the best version of myself?

I have HEART. I do not give up until results are given. Powerful results the client can actually move forward with on a permanent level.

I also practice a GREAT deal of discipline. This is such a hard tactic not many people embrace. They want results right now, and don’t care for what isn’t sexy and cute in their work. Not I. I train myself diligently to apply what lessons I actually teach to my clients. They cannot learn from me unless I am doing the lessons myself. They have to see an example of how it is done.

What are my aspirations?

I currently run an online holistic coaching business. We have just launched our ImVure™ School, and are doing very well with getting the name out and with client enrollments. We are in the process of using very unique methods not used in a normal coaching practice, and it has done great for our brand and our teaching. As this continues to do well, I have every intention on opening a actual in-person center with the same title, where people can escape to be calm for their own ambitions in life.

As for my studies, I am currently studying as a Psychology major. I have every intention on obtaining my PhD in Performance Psychology and opening my own rehab. A rehab where people can go to truly detox from what life delivers in different areas of their life.

My Biggest Success?

My son, my company ImVure™, my survival with congestive heart failure under the age of 30, and being over 50 pounds down regardless of that condition.

My son’s life has given me life. He saved me when I was questioning why I was still alive.

My company is my other child. It is a legacy where we can bring hope to those who want it. This is a place where we can heal their pain.

In the matters of survival in my congestive heart failure and weight loss, this is a HUGE accomplishment. The past three years have been the most challenging. Yet, here I am, still standing, still preaching of a better life for us all. I almost died after delivering my son. My heart will probably never be the same again. And yet, I still have the biggest strongest heart anyone has ever seen.

My Most Challenging Moment?

My most challenging moment was when I chose to keep moving forward with my weight loss regardless of the condition with my heart. I could have given up at any time. 20 pounds of fluid was drained away from my heart and lungs so I could survive. I was in the hospital about an entire month after my son was first born. I could have given up at any time. But I kept going. I began to believe this, along with all my other challenging moments, have been given to me for a purpose. It was to show others with hard lives how they can still rise above adversary and prosper, regardless the cards they are dealt. This has still been a challenge for me. I am still beating it, being strong with my company, and being the best leader I can possibly be for our clients.

My Motto?

“Do what you almost thought couldn’t be done.” This company, ImVure™, is what I have dreamed and attempted to do for 7 years now. Since 2010 when I was studying in a Starbucks all my coaching material from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I have been evicted, survived a car accident where I flipped 7 times in the vehicle, and yet I still did not give up. I kept my head up high (after, of course, a tiny bit of depression), and kept failing forward. And now?  My coaching ha the best branding it has created in my entire near 10 years of my coaching career.

I almost thought this could not be done. Imagine if I had thrown in the towel. Do what you almost thought couldn’t be done. That one thing, is your purpose.

My Favorite People/Role Models?

Lyzabeth Lopez. All the way. That woman has not failed me. Not ever. You look at her videos, and you know she has survived and surpassed a ton .I speak to her online and let her know every time how she inspires me. I met her during one of the darkest points in my career. She is one of my sent angels who let me know to not give up on my dream.

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

I will always love Miami. Miami, and Santa Barbara. Those two places are my forever haven.

My Favorite Products/Objects?

My Omron Fat Loss Monitor, my measurements tape, and my jump rope and kettle bells. That is all I need.

My Current Passions?

I love to sing. I have been singing since I was 7. Song and dance are beautiful methods of therapy.

I love to coach. Absolutely love it. Guiding a person to their success when it does not exist in their current environment is everything for me. I want to show them what I could not be shown growing up. I want to do everything in my power to not have them face what I faced in my dark areas in life. And in some cases, they already have dealt with those things. But at least, now they have someone to show him or her the truth. Life is still not over.

The ultimate gift I will always be grateful, is the most beautiful treasure of all. Being a mom to my gorgeous son.