Chase Hughes: Best Selling Author & Founder, Ellipsis Behavior Laboratories

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Chase Hughes was raised in Houston, Texas and attended a military academy before joining the U.S. Navy in 1998. While in the U.S. Navy, Chase has served aboard Naval ships and in the correctional and prisoner management departments. Chase is an author and speaker on behavior analysis, body language and behavior engineering. Chase founded Ellipsis Behavior Laboratories in 2011 and is the creator of the Behavioral Table of Elements; the most groundbreaking behavior analysis tool of the century. He is also the creator of other life-saving systems such as 'The Hostile Hospital' and 'Tactical Psychology'. Chase frequently develops new programs for the US Government and volunteers his skills in training members of anti-human trafficking teams around the world.  He has published two books on human behavior and over 29 articles and papers on behavior and behavior analysis. Chase is a regular speaker on topics ranging from brainwashing to attraction. He is internationally board certified by the Clinical Hypnotherapy Board. Chase is the bestselling author of The Ellipsis Manual, and is currently working on his next book, 'Authority Mastery the psychological admin password'.

What do I do best?

I believe that profiling human behavior is what I do better than anything else. This enabled me to develop the groundbreaking psychology systems for the most critical applications in America.

What makes me the best version of myself?

Becoming my own butler. Getting to a place where the present tense ‘me’ takes actions to set the future ‘me’ up for success. This comes in the form of planning, prioritizing, fitness and overall project management. The present tense version of ourselves is usually NOT concerned with the happiness of our future selves. When they decide to work together, everything changes. The present self is so grateful for the actions you took earlier that you continue the cycle and it starts to snowball.

What are my aspirations?

On a personal level, I’d like to start a few schools in South America within the next few years.

Professionally, my goals are to bring our training systems to allied partners overseas. Instead of being a national ‘psychological arms dealer’, we want it to be semi-global.

My Biggest Success?

My biggest success was creating the Behavioral Table of Elements. It turned out to completely change the way we conduct business in interrogations.

My Most Challenging Moment?

Our team was tasked with rescuing a sinking boat full of Somali refugees in the Gulf of Aden. The vessel was so packed with people that they were on top of each other, and many of them were dead. The team climbed aboard and it was a nightmare. We brought some of them back onto the boat for emergent medical issues. One of the older men on the boat was in really bad shape, and once his IV was in, and he was getting some fluid, he looked over at me and, in broken English, said, “You worry so much, young man.”

That moment did something to me internally. The entire architecture of how I saw the world changed overnight, and it’s never gone back. This dying, poor refugee who’d just lost a dozen or so friends told ME that I worry too much. It was true. From that moment, I had some kind of gratitude system that hasn’t ever shut off. It’s changed my life, and showed me that gratitude conquers a whole lot of the internal struggles we all have.

My Motto?

“We rise by lifting others.” -Robert Ingersoll

My Favorite People/Role Models?

Winston Churchill

Michael J. Fox (exemplifies gratitude)

Joan of Arc (Jeanne d'Arc)

Laird Hamilton (pro surfer)

Almost all World War II veterans (unlimited wisdom on tap)

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

(Tell us your favorite travel destination(s) or other place(s) that you enjoy)

Top three:

Perth, Australia

Limassol, Cyprus

Hot Springs, Arkansas

My Favorite Products/Objects?

Anything my kids make for me

My MacBook Pro

Moleskine notebooks (obsessed)

A really good flashlight when you need it

Zebra pens (c’mon, they’re the best)

My FNX .45 ACP pistol (never leave home without it)

My Current Passions?

Currently, I’m passionate about seeing how teaching kids behavior profiling doesn’t affect their ego like it does with adults; it just makes them more empathetic and caring. The potential here is obvious. It’s fascinating.

I enjoy having the opportunity to serve as a mentor to people when they need it, and guiding someone through periods of growth is priceless. It’s a fantastic reminder, aside from having children, to set the example on AND off the clock.