Pamela "Sober Mami": Certified Professional Life & Recovery Coach

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Pamela is a studio executive producer, voiceover artist and founder of the Sober Mami community. Pamela started her recovery journey from alcohol addiction in 2009. However, in 2014, after five years of being sober, she drank again. It took two years of chronic relapse to find her path back to sobriety. Those two years turned out to be pivotal in her approach to recovery today. A Certified Professional Life & Recovery Coach (CPC/CPRC), Pamela believes in recovering out loud – putting a face to alcoholism and life beyond addiction. She developed Sober Mami to help and inspire those who still suffer from addiction. She lives in Dallas, TX, with her son Stefan and their dog, Rusty.

What do I do best?

I think my “superpower” is my ability to connect with people. Our stories may be different on the outside, but at the end of the day, we all share universal truths. Because I share my recovery story (from alcohol addiction) so openly, people feel safe sharing their authentic selves with me. When that type of connection happens, a universe of possibilities opens up.

What makes me the best version of myself?

My sobriety, for sure. In recovery, I am a person who is constantly evolving, growing, thriving. My life mission is to pass the joy of recovery to others; to give them tools to get “out of the hole”. In sobriety, life feels connected to the Universe and full of possibility. Drinking is exactly the opposite. When I drink, the light goes out of my eyes and out of my world - always. There is no middle ground for me - Life is or it isn’t.

What are my aspirations?

a.    On a personal level, I want to live in integrity with myself, one day at a time. This is extra important to me because I have a beautiful teenager boy, who is watching.  I want him to learn that no matter what life throws at us, we show up. That pain and joy are both learning tools; fear and love are daily choices. As parents it’s easy to talk the talk, but harder to walk the walk, you know?

b.    On a business level, I want to have my Sober Mami website reach millions of people who are struggling with addiction. I am a huge advocate of “recovering out loud”, because our society still views addicts as criminals, or people with no willpower. Few people understand that addiction is an illness of mind and body, and that there is a solution.  If we start being less anonymous and more open, and especially if we become thriving examples of life in recovery, we can start changing the narrative. The impact of this would be tremendous, and ultimately save lives.

My Biggest Success?

Learning to change the “story” of my life. I am a kidnapping survivor, an immigrant, a single parent, twice-divorced and an alcoholic. So for decades I had a drama-filled storyline. Who wouldn’t with these elements, right? I threw a pity-party for myself every single day. Today, I have totally changed this narrative. Now I see my life as a magical adventure - full of layers, colors and life-lessons. Changing my story is probably the most empowering decision I have ever made for myself. It also inspires others to do the same, which is pretty badass.

My Most Challenging Moment?

Man, there have been quite a bit. Probably my kidnapping. That was straight out of a Hollywood movie, and it got pretty scary for a bit.

But like with every challenging moment, it was all part of a process - and it helped me when I hit other “rock bottoms” in my life. I had been there before, I would survive.

My Motto?

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Cliché but SO, SO true in my life.

My Favorite People/Role Models?

On a personal front, my Mother is my life example. She is wise, kind and incredibly strong. Historic muses for me are Frida Kahlo - who painted her pain away, creating life from death - and Joan of Arc, who ran to the battle head-on, a metaphor for my life.

Business-wise, I admire my brother. He broke the mold of what was expected when we were kids, and decided to follow his passion. He owns a cross-fit and changes people’s lives with his mentorship. He also thrives financially because he does something he truly loves.

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

I lived in Paris for a year, and it’s still my favorite city in the world. I also love the ocean; I am the happiest when I am sun-tanning on a Mexican beach.

My Favorite Products/Objects?

Oh boy. I love my laptop. It lets me create everything from business-stuff to personal journey plans. I get a thrill at the sound of fast keyboard clicking sounds; it means I am writing out my soul and connecting with magic, somehow.

My other favorite “object” is a crystal triangle pendant I wear around my neck. It is a grounding object which represents my recovery. When the day gets funky, I reach for it. This gets me centered, and reminds me that there is someone bigger than me (God/Universe) driving the boat; I am just along for the ride.

My Current Passions?

I am currently obsessing over two passions:

The first one is exploring being a woman, in all the sense of the word. I am forty-two years old. Like most girls, I was programmed to see the “4th floor” as a scary place. It’s quite the opposite for me. I am loving this ride, even with its bad days (and there are plenty of those, believe me). It probably has everything to do with the fact that I have stopped hiding under my addiction and I show up fully for life - whatever life looks like.

The second one is the Sober Mami journey. Sober Mami is my online recovery platform, currently in its infancy. For now, the site just has a blog, a documentary, and other sobriety tools. In 2018 it will offer recovery online courses, coaching packages and things like the Sober is Sexy(™) campaign. This last one is aimed to bring information of addiction + sobriety to public high schools, so that kids can start shifting filters on drinking and realize how freaking badass sober can be. I am super grateful to be on this journey¡