Phil Anthony M & Jess Moses:co-founders, NanaBowls

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Phil Anthony M and Jess Moses, co-founders of NanaBowls, are two young Brits who came to Phuket to launch their revolutionary smoothie bowls. Phil is a motivational coach, TEDx speaker and award winning consultant. Jess is a Sociology Graduate who leads social media campaigns for global health brands, including Deliciously Ella, Phuket Fit and Protein World.

What do I do best?

We’re on a mission to create the world’s most delicious and nutritious smoothie bowls. And guess what? We’ve done it. We were tired of sugary bowls of fruit puree, diary and additives, so for the past year we’ve been experimenting like Willy Wonka in our kitchen lab.  We don’t mean to boast but NanaBowls are actually the first ever smoothie bowls to put nutrition and taste first.  Packed with protein, dairy free, and super low in sugar... we don’t even use dates or honey!  So we guess making thick, cold, creamy smoothie bowls is what we do best!  

What makes me the best version of myself?

Many of us want to control every aspect of our lives. We want to be hitting all our goals, all at the same time. And the worst thing? When we don’t meet our often unfair expectations of ourselves we feel like failures. Sometimes it’s better to step back, focus on a few micro-goals, successfully achieve them and then flow into the next micro-mission. This often creates a more enjoyable ride, and more often follows a path of less resistance.  We’ve experienced this a lot with NanaBowls… and that’s coming from two massive control freaks who want to achieve everything as quickly as possible!  The truth is, taking pleasure in the micro-wins, setting realistic goals and expectations, leads to a whole lot more happiness!

What are my aspirations?

Our dream is to grow NanaBowls into a global brand that feeds the world the most nutritionally balanced smoothie bowls EVER. An all-in-one meal that can be eaten anytime of day, that fulfills all your nutritional requirements, and that tastes amazing!  At the heart of our vision is the goal of educating people on simple, practical and realistic nutrition and healthy living. We’re constantly seeing smoothie bowls marketed as “healthy” but the truth is these beautiful bowls are all too often actually just laden with sugar, gluten and dairy. Our goal is to turn things around, as what can be more important than fueling your body with natural nutrition!

My Biggest Success?

We’re both pretty young, but have taken a fair few risks in our lives. Moving abroad. Quitting the corporate world. Trying new things. Not knowing exactly what lies ahead. And despite a fair few setbacks, we’re proud that we plucked up the courage to step into the unknown. You see, there’s something quite magical in stepping out of your comfort zone, feeling the fear and just doing it anyway. Not knowing exactly what will happen gives you the space for everything that might happen. It gives you the freedom to create your own reality!

My Most Challenging Moment?

The most difficult part of changing anything in your life is the first step. The first step into the unknown brings with it so much uncertainty. This uncertainty literally breeds fear, and overcoming all these fears is a huge task.  It’s easy to stay exactly where you are, doing the exact same thing, with the same people. But stepping into something new is immensely challenging, and all those questions of “Can I do this?”, “Am I good enough?” and “What if I fail?” all surface.  This is what stops many of us from taking that first step. The solution? Create a beautiful, powerful vision. When this vision is more vivid than the fear, then you are more easily able to “fear-less”.  You are more able to be “fearless”!

My Motto?

“Set micro-missions and celebrate the micro-wins”.

Of course we have huge dreams, but sometimes these epic goals can get overwhelming. It can be hard to measure success, and even allow yourself to feel successful until you’ve finally realised that vision. The problem is, delaying your feeling of success, also delays your happiness and achievement. Without this, how can you perform at your best… you’re always playing catch up! That’s where setting micro-missions comes in. It can be so easy to focus on the big goals, but each day we are conquering little wins which often just pass us by. So we make it our daily mission to recognise the little achievements. The micro-wins. No matter how small. After all, without celebrating the small wins, how can we get to the big wins, right?

My Favorite People/Role Models?

Lisa Nichols is a mother, a motivational speaker, coach, author and entrepreneur.  She is also a single parent who lived on government aid only a few decades ago.  She was never expected to amount to anything in life, having not had a great education or a great start in life.  But two decades ago, at her rock bottom, not even able to afford pampers for her newborn baby son, she looked into her son’s eyes and told him “mummy will never be this poor again”!  Lisa Nichols has gone on to radically transform her life, her son’s life, and now the lives of people around the world!  She had set such a huge vision, such a big mission, such a powerful intention that everyday she plugged away until she got where she is today.  Lisa’s journey from rock bottom inspires us as it is proof that it’s never too late to change your reality, you’ve just got to be willing to be clear with your intentions, work hard and be radically fearless!

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

Let’s be honest. When we travel we’ve only got one thing in mind… food! Bali and Australia are huge inspirations for us when it comes to beautiful healthy food. Having spent time in each of these places, we immersed ourselves into the cafe culture. Let’s just say no plate of food went unfinished and no smoothie bowl went unphotographed.

My Favorite Products/Objects?

We don’t go anywhere without our iPhones or camera. People used to say grace before tucking into food; we take snaps! We know photographing food is not the healthiest of habits… and it get’s pretty awkward when our fellow diner’s food gets cold, but it’s because we want to share our healthy finds, hidden gems and our go-to hotspots with the world. We’re good like that! Sharing is caring, right?

My Current Passions?

Studying women’s hormone health, motivational speaking and discovering new ways to upgrade our health and happiness! The mind and body are so powerful, and fine tuning them to perform optimally is what excites us, but sharing our learnings with the world is what fuels that excitement!