Ana Vucetic: Psychologist & Wellness Coach

My NativeAdVantage:


As a psychologist and certified wellness coach my main objective is to dig deep in the real issues that my clients are facing. Only once those are addressed the issue of weight loss and being healthy comes into play. I want to make a contribution in the health industry as I see obesity being part of our everyday lives and affecting more and more young children. Learn more about me at

What do I do best?

My background as a psychologist and wellness coach puts me in the position of truly digging deeper into my clients issues. Yes, it is true that my clients need help to lose weight or get back on their fitness track but there is always a deeper more meaningful, emotional, psychological, social reason behind their struggles. Being taught the skills of listening as well as motivational interviewing (to name a few) gives me the advantage to help my clients reach the internal mind-shift they so desperately need in order to reach their goals. I move them in some direction, they do the work.

What makes me the best version of myself?

I am very disciplined and driven towards my goals. I know what i know and i know what i don’t know. I am not embarrassed to ask for help. I would say that being organized, focused and disciplined has gotten me where i am today.

What are my aspirations?

Professionally, i want to see my company grow both with personalized coaching as well as working more with companies. I truly believe in prevention when health is concerned but unfortunately we have data that shows that more and more employees are on medication for high blood pressure because of work stress, more and more of them take absence leaves, fall into depression, eat poorly and do almost no sports because they are just so tired all the time. Introducing sessions to employees about healthy lifestyle can be beneficial for both employees and the business itself.

Personally, i would love to see my family expand, a little girl wouldn’t hurt to balance out our family dynamics:)

My Biggest Success?

As my kids are too small i don’t know if i can say that my parenting skills are a success, time will tell :) but it sure fills my heart being with them. I am proud of my boys and hope it continues this way. Professionally, as i was working in Human resources before (i hold a degree in Psychology and Master in Human resources and Social Psychology) i would say that building up the business in Belgrade from practically no clients to over twenty in a year in a small recruiting company was a success as well as working in the middle east and building up the whole office from the ground up. Opening an office with two employees to having overnight forty expats was challenging but an invaluable experience.

My Most Challenging Moment?

When i gave birth to my first son five years ago their was no instant click. I was completely alone in a foreign country with no support whatsoever (my husband was working quite a bit at that time) and i felt lost. I was going through a hard time being a first time mom and after months of being down, depressed, crying my eyes out i reached out for online help. I understood quite early on that something was off but i could not pin point what it was or how i could “get rid” of this feeling. With an online support i learned about baby blues symptoms and about postpartum depression. I was convinced at times that i won’t make it and that this whole motherhood was not for me but with the amazing coach i got through it. It is probably one of the reasons why i am so passionate to work with women in all stages of their lives - post party being one of them.

My Motto?

My motto has always been that life throws you things that you can handle. Looking back, there were times when i just didn’t know how i would cope or handle a certain situation. At the end i would say “i managed” and realized that this was “thrown” at me to learn something from it and move on to new adventures.

My Favorite People/Role Models?

In my line of work there are many people whose work and dedication to the health industry i admire. Dr Jason Fung and Dr Eric Berg have made a huge impact on my views of what is really the connection between food and illness. As i am a big Tracy Anderson devotee for the past five years, i would say that she is a role model. From building a business and fitness movement which was 15 years ago totally new on the fitness scene, i admire the dedication and the hurdles she has overcome to be heard and understood by many.

Last but definitely not least i am inspired by the work of Gabrielle Bernstein, Simon Sinek whose videos and books i can read over and over again and learn something new each time.

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

My favorite destinations for vacation is anywhere by the sea, i am not a mountain/ski type of a person at all. I am in love with Portugal for that reason. The Lisbon coast and south of Portugal are probably my all time favorite vacation destinations.

Another favorite destination and my all time favorite city is Paris. I had the luxury to live there for some time and it is pure magic. The food, music, nightlife, history, culture…you have it all there.

My Favorite Products/Objects?

I am obsessed with my Nike Flyknit shoes that i got for dance cardio. Jumping on inappropriate floors can be damaging to your knees, ankles and these shoes just give you the extra jump. They are super light, fluffy and i love them. Speaking of gym clothes, i would say Adidas and Under Armor are some of my favorite brands, but i am not picky:)

As far as other various products, lately i have been using coconut oil for everything- makeup remover, as a skin lotion, hair mask.

Speaking of makeup, i am obsessed wit VB make up line for Estee Lauder. She realeased the second line and all the different looks she has come up with are amazing, easy to use. My favorite product from her first line is by far the Morning Aura cream.

My Current Passions?

Current passion is dance cardio, reading and educating myself more in the connection between chronic illnesses and food we consume (i am a bit of a nerd like that) and i know i am so late for this but i just started watching Game of Thrones, and yes i am hooked. I don’t binge it because i want my experience with this amazing show to last as long as possible.