Anna Stahl: Certified Health Coach

My NativeAdVantage:


Anna Stahl is the founder and Certified Health Coach at AnnaCate Whole Health Coach. With a strong background in Management, Marketing, and Health Education, she took a leap of faith and went after her dream of building a personal health coaching practice. Her passion is working with amazing individuals to help them conquer personal health goals with love. As a certified LesMills BodyPump instructor, she not only incorporates whole foods, but fitness and conditioning into the empowerment coaching program. Her compassion for others, along with her intention of getting to the root cause of an individual’s sensitivities and symptoms, guides her to empower clients towards long-lasting health behavior choices.

What do I do best?

• I love, love, love to make people feel loved. We all need it. My sister calls them my “Hallmark messages” (haha!) Whether someone comes to me for advice, I’m in conversation with a client, or have just left a group of friends…if/when I feel compelled I “share my care”. I send my gratitude, praise, and thoughtful notes to people close to me letting them know how wonderful, fabulous, and downright badass they are. I always hope to lift someone’s spirits, bc we’re far harder on ourselves than what the reality of any situation truly is. I know how much I appreciate uplifting texts, notes, Snaps, or Insta shares, so I try and do the same for others. We should all be smiling a little more. :)

• Empathy & Intuition

What makes me the best version of myself?

• “It’s that heart of gold & stardust soul that make you beautiful.” - r.m. Broderick

• When I’m truly healthy inside and out (physically, mentally, emotionally) I exude happiness and joy. That’s when I feel imperfectly perfect! So, I try to make a conscious effort to take care of myself.

• Surrounding myself with people I love and trust and who love me back. Authentic, vulnerable, generous people.

• Being in the moment. I always find I’m the best version of myself when I’m purely present, grateful, and realize I wouldn’t want to be any place other than where I am. You know that feeling you get…when you just know it’s wonderful and it will all work out?! I think we need to take those moments in, remember them, and know that’s what life is all about. Those simple moments are what we all perpetually strive for.

• Understanding life is a journey. We all have our own story. It’s the amazing life changing highs and lows. It’s the people you’re with. It’s knowing, loving, and trusting yourself. It’s loyalty, kindness, laughter, passion, and all the simple things we so often take for granted that make us who we are. It’s those things that make this life so, so, great!

What are my aspirations?

• My truest dreams and intentions are:

• to be a fulfilled, happy, and successful wellprenuer! Health coaching is my way of being of service to others; empowering individuals to become their best self through food and fitness. Getting to the root cause of symptoms by digging deeper into who you truly are and who you are meant to be.

• to be a loving, sweet, sexy, wife, partner in crime, best friend and Mom.

My Biggest Success?

• Following my dreams, saying yes to things that align even when the outcome is uncertain - Les Mills BodyPump, Institute for Integrative Nutrition…which lead to starting AnnaCate, my personal health coaching practice.

• Overcoming what I thought my life “should” look like at 33 years old and live as it is. Someday I’ll share the day-to-day, road trips, mini-excursions, and grandiose travel plans with my someone, but until then there’s no reason NOT to say yes to any awesome ideas/adventures. Knowing I’m a smart, successful, capable woman makes me feel empowered to do the things I want to without limitation. (Don’t get me wrong, there are certainly things a 6’2”, 180lbs dude can do that I might not be able to at 5’1”, 95lbs, but I’m sure as hell going to give it a shot :)

My Most Challenging Moment?

• I’d say the past few years have been a bit trying for me. Disappointment, hurt, uncertainty, and loneliness have been woven into the great parts. I’ve learned that with it all, comes lessons and blessings. Our struggles determine our successes. From difficult and challenging moments, you learn self-trust, forgiveness (of others and yourself), and how to set healthy boundaries. Honest self-questioning of you and a situation allows you to find the truth. It helps you re-prioritize your values so you can use problems as opportunities for self-improvement.

My Motto?


• live well in all-consuming, heart-pursuing, grace-extending, never-ending love

• xoxo

My Favorite People/Role Models?

• My mom, Catherine. I follow in her footsteps the older I get; her true depth is uncanny. I am so proud of who she was, is, and will be. After a childhood that may not have suited her, she was strong enough, brave enough, and intelligent enough to find her own path. If I could, I’d give her the world; to try all she’s wanted to try and be everything she’s always wanted to be.

• A bestie, Lacey. She gives me the strength each and every time I question myself. She sees more potential in me than I probably see in myself. She’s shown me that no matter your story, there will be trials, but a foundation in faith will pull you through.

• Brene Brown; her book Daring Greatly was life-changing for me at a time I needed it. Reading this initiated the spark in me to dig deeper, to listen, to find purpose, and to trust who I am through vulnerabilities and to have the courage to simply keep trying. It gave new energy to my choices, self-respect, and the idea that I can show up and speak up with grace. This book has resulted in a plethora of reading - countless books that have helped me through some definite highs, lows, and moments of

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

• Home :)

• Whole Foods

• Mountains & Ocean (any & all)!

• Solo road trip through CO, UT, AZ, NM. Natural beauty that never ceased to amaze; the sunny hikes, vast and changing landscapes, and vibes of Phoenix…

• Paris is an inspiration. The culture, the food, the sights, the language… hopefully I’ll make it there sooner than later!!

My Favorite Products/Objects?

• #1 favorite is my Samoyed pup, Jade. She’s the cutest thing you’ll ever see (admittedly has a little attitude, like her mom, but I’ll take it :). That girl gets more compliments from random strangers than I ever will!!

• Lorac eye shadow - a staple and I’m obsessed. Gap Dream perfume. Trader Joe’s coconut oil. Lavender Epsom Salt baths. Spotify. Tea. Annie’s Creamy Mac & Cheese (guilty pleasure!). Nike running gear. I take a Camelbak everywhere I go for H2O! My bed – zzzz

My Current Passions?

• Writing

• Reading books that challenge me, make me smile, and invigorate a sense of adventure.

• I have foodie tendencies! I relish in the dining experience; amazing food and wine for a fabulous pairing + joyful company and authentic conversation…one of my favorite things to do with friends and family! In another life, I’d go to culinary school - not to be a chef, per se, but for the experiences it would cultivate.