Bryna Carracino: Personal Trainer & Founder, REHAB NYC

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Bryna Carracino has been in the fitness Industry for over 10 years. Certified through National Academy of Sports Medicine, she started her career as a personal trainer at Crunch Fitness. Her career has now evolved into owning her own private and on line training business BFIT New York and BFIT Los Angeles. Most recently she introduced her newest creation REHAB( to New York City. A 35 minute HIIT Flow that incoporates movement, mantra and music. She specializes in overall healthy lifestyle coaching. Through that coaching her clients learn how to balance out their consistent moving mediation(exercise), make healthier food choices that lead to consistent healthy eating habits, but also learn how to speak to themselves in a more loving, encouraging way. Bryna is a strong believer in positive self talk. Through that positive internal dialogue you're able to reach all personal and professional goals. She is a mother. She is a vegan. She is in love with helping people understand that we all deserve healthy.

What do I do best?

I'm really good at motivating my clients to want to live a better, healthier life everyday. Of course I'm leading by example but also presenting it in a way that doesn't feel over whelming. It feels more attainable to them.

What makes me a better version of myself?

Well that's a two part answer. A. Everyday I wake up I know my value. No matter what negative thoughts or feelings creep In I know who I am and that I can push through anything uncomfortable. B. My son and my husband help me be a better version of me through their unconditional love and how They view life. They're always Happy and positive.

What are my aspirations?

Personally- to raise my son with an open mind, a loving heart and a passionate soul. Professionally- to help as many people understand that we all deserve healthy.

My biggest success?

That would have to be My son Oliver. He is the funniest, kindest, most empathetic little human I have ever met. I have never met anyone like him. He is my heart. He truly is a special little boy.

My most challenging moment?

13 years ago I had this realization that if I didn't stop drinking and abusing drugs I would end up dead. So right in that moment I decided that drugs and alcohol Weren't going to determine who I was as a person. That deep down I knew my value. I quit cold turkey. Haven't looked back since.

My motto?

It's taken from Alice and wonderland.

Alice: This is impossible.

The MadHatter: Only if you believe it is.

But for me nothing could be more true. We all control our lives by our internal dialogue. The way we speak to ourselves will literally shape our lives. If you tell yourself something over and over again whether  positive or negative it will happen.

My favorite people/role models?

My two favorite people are Of course my 7 year old son Oliver and my husband Lee. They're always looking at life in a happy, positive way. Always making me smile. Getting me out of my own head.

My role model is Gary Vaynerchuk.  He has this way of delivering his vibe that really connects to me. Is it the cursing? Lol probably! Is it the brutal honesty? Most definetly. Is it the fact that he truly speaks from the heart? 1000% percent.

My favorite place/destination?

Hands down the amalfi coast. Specifically Sorrento, Italy. Stunning.

My favorite products/objects/tools?

#1 My rumbler roller and it's mate the beastie. Portable SMR! I can't live without them!

#2. anything @adidasoriginals or adidas boosts/NMD's. My feet are the happiest in them.

#3. anything @lululemonnyc I've been wearing Lulu for 12 years. Hands down the best fitness gear to sweat in. The Lululemon on 17th and 5th Ave is the best Lululemon in the country! 

#4. my weekly @vynelife vegan meal delivery. I'm on the go 6 days a week. To have these meals delivered either to my house or whatever fitness studio I'm going to be in for the week seriously saves me from stressing about meal prep/snacks.

#5. I'm a vegan. I need an extra supplement/multivitamin to help me get anything that I missed in my everyday diet. RITUAL does that for me @ritual  

#6 @freskincare for when I work out 2 times a day or have 2 classes a day with 6/7 clients a day. I need to keep my skin clean and hydrated. FRE does that for me!

My current passions?

Playing tennis and drawing with my son. When I tell you he is going to be the next Federer that can also draw/paint like basquait... incredible little human. I'm for sure a proud mama.

I'm also completely obsessed with my newest creation REHAB ( which I rolled out the beginning of June of this year. I have been working up to this program and this moment my entire career. I feel like I have created the perfect full body program that cleanses and reinvigorates the mind,body and spirit through moving meditation a.k.a exercise. It's a 35 minute class designed to REHABilitate the mind, body and spirit through mental training, the speed of music(BPM), higher intensity resistance training and animal/power yoga flow. This class is designed to push my REHAB Homies outside of their comfort zone. Teach them positive internal dialogue. Lift them up psychologically and leave them feeling strong, empowered and recovered mind, body and spirit. I am in love with everything about this program. I am in love with the flow of it. I am in love with the glow my REHAB Homies have after class. I am in love with how REHAB stays with people after they leave.  Our motto is: REHAB is more then a work out. It's an experience.  Nothing can be more true. Super proud of REHAB.