Caitlin Sammons: Content Editor + Creator,

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Hi! I’m Caitlin Sammons. I’m a writer, content creator + activist. I’m extremely passionate about equality, wellness and creative living. I’ve spent time in 11 countries around the world, including India, Peru, Costa Rica, and throughout Europe. By following my gut and creating my own unique path, I’ve turned my passion into my day job. I’m all about living a heart-centered life outside of society’s norms. Over the years, I’ve pursued what lights me up and what I’m passionate about. My 3 favorite things are: traveling, writing and connecting with others (plus my pup + family!) This is my platform for spreading inspiration around like confetti with a big focus on inclusivity and love. I believe all people are equal and equally deserving. I also believe I’ve been blessed with an education and skills—so I plan on using them to let goodness spread like a ripple effect around me.

What do I do best?

I really believe we’re all born with unique gifts to share with the world. So, what I do best will be different from what someone else does best. And when we put all that together, that’s where the magic happens! My best is connecting with other people. I have loads of empathy and I love learning about others and their stories and where they come from and where they’re going. I have friends from around the world of all ages because I simply love people. My other best is writing. When I sit down to write, time flies and I enter my own little world that I get to explore and create. It’s so fun!

What makes me the best version of myself?

The most important quality that’s carried me along the way is my curiosity. I have an insatiable urge to learn—and this has pushed me to step outside my comfort zone and try new things. I’ve followed my curiosity and it’s led me to so many interesting places. I quit my job at an ad agency and went to Peru by myself to volunteer at an orphanage and a home for teen moms when I was 28. I switched careers and worked in social services. I started my own company. I got a dream job working for an author and wellness advocate I adore. Instead of following the guidelines that society expected of me (graduate, get a job, a husband, a mortgage, etc.), I’ve followed my own path and let my curiosity lead the way. And it’s never led me astray!

What are my aspirations?

My personal and business aspirations are pretty blended because I really look at my life from a true place of work-life balance. I enjoy my work and I enjoy my life. My goals are to finish writing my first book and send her out into the world, to create programs and services and do work that directly benefits the lives of others, to fall in love and be in a super loving and healthy and fun relationship when the timing is right, and to explore how I can become a mother down the road, whether that’s to lots of adopted kiddies or my own or to a pack of rescue pups. My main aspiration is to rise up to meet my full potential in every area of my life and let that joy and love spread around like confetti.

My Biggest Success?

My greatest accomplishment so far has been always staying true to myself. By doing that, I’ve been in a position to connect with and make an impact on all different types of people. My proudest moments are being with and there for my loved ones and letting my dreams become a reality. Throughout my life, I’ve always had goals (go to India, volunteer in Peru, hike to Machu Picchu, retreat in Bali, move to California, write a book, start my own company, help people), and I’ve been fearless enough to make them come true. It’s not always pretty and sometimes the goals don’t work out as planned, but I’ve learned so much about myself along the way and I don’t carry any sense of regret. With each goal I accomplish, it gives me that much more confidence to get ready for the next set. I believe my biggest success is yet to come and it truly boils down to being loving to myself and others.

My Most Challenging Moment?

The choice to leave behind my corporate, cubicle job at an ad agency and take a leap of faith to volunteer in Peru. I left my apartment, my belongings, my friends, my family, my work, my relationship—it all stayed behind and I went to Peru for a few months to follow my dreams. It was the scariest and most rewarding time of my life. When I got back, I was starting from ground zero again. I had to make choices on how I wanted to reconstruct my life, and it was really scary. There were times I worried about paying the bills and I constantly worried about what others might think of me. But I kept on going. When I came home from Peru, I had changed so much, but everything else still seemed to be the same. It was challenging to reintegrate back into life after such a meaningful experience. I found that I didn’t quite fit in with my pack of friends who just wanted to party anymore, and I struggled to find work that was fulfilling and meaningful. But it was all worth it and I wouldn’t change a thing.

My Motto?

I have three things that I believe with all my heart and soul:

1.    All people are equal and equally deserving.

2.    There is enough for everyone.

3.    Change happens within each person and has a ripple effect on the world around us.

My Favorite People/Role Models?

This is going to be super cheesy, but my biggest role model at the moment is the woman I work for, Kris Carr. She’s such a bright light and everything about her is so inspiring.

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

There’s too many! The places I really love the most are: Lake Geneva, Wisconsin; Cusco, Peru; Ubud, Bali; Santa Barbara, California, Westport, Ireland, and Zell Am See, Austria.

My Favorite Products/Objects?

I love my bkr bottle and I’m addicted to LaCroix. I love books and I always have a huge stack I want to read. Flowers always make me happy too!

My Current Passions?

I’m currently super excited about getting involved with an amazing organization called the Karam Foundation which helps Syrian refugees in Chicago and beyond. I went to one of their events hosted by Chelsea Handler and their work is so powerful and moving. I’m helping with an upcoming Coat Drive and Halloween party—which will be super cool! I’m feeling really good about finishing up my first book. It’s a huge dream of mine, and it’ll be a big achievement to cross that off my bucket list :) Even though the world can seem overwhelming (now, more than ever), I really believe we’re headed in a positive direction overall, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds! So I’m passionate about being alive, here and now, during this time—and doing my part!