Casey Cohen: Co-Founder & Director of Hospitality, SALIDO

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As Director of Hospitality for SALIDO, Casey Cohen uses her over ten years of experience in the industry to foster new business while leading the company’s customer relations. Before joining SALIDO as a co-founder in June 2014, Cohen spearheaded customer development and VIP relations for The Butter Group (1OAK, Up&Down and Butter Midtown), where she orchestrated the visits of countless celebrities and important guests. In addition, to her day-to- day role, Cohen will further develop SALIDO’s involvement in the community, finding ways for the team to giveback. In her spare time, Cohen is very passionate about art, fitness and education. Cohen earned a Bachelor of Science in Studio Art and a master’s degree in art education both from New York University.

What do I do best?

Time management is a skill I definintly do best. It’s not about doing your job well. It’s about living your life well. You should have time for everything you want to do, and that includes work, play, and just taking the time to pause and reflect because that’s when you get your most creative ideas. Preparing in advance, usually with a list for the following day the evening or night before sets me up for success. I like to end my day by making a quick list of what I need to do the next day. Everything is fresh in my mind and clear. Then the next morning I don’t have to try to remember what I was doing and what’s needed next. It’s like I have a headstart on the day and I’m eager to get going. That’s the opposite of burnout!

What makes me the best version of myself?

I choose to focus on health and wellness: SoulCycle classes, an Akin’s Army Boot Camp or a Rumble Boxing class are all integral parts of my fitness routine. Many of the positive mantras and affirmations shared in these classes carry over to my day job and keep me motivated. Plus, I find these classes inspiring. When I’m in a SoulCycle class and told to hold 10-pound weights through the whole class, I’ve learned to use that when I’m facing a new challenge at work. In my head, I’m like, “F**k I that when I’m these so badly, but I can’t and I won’t. Especially when I’m being called out in front of the class. I can’t drop them now when everyone’s watching, I need to keep going, keep pushing, get stronger.” After those five, six minutes of holding what seems like the end of the world, I’m reminded of how strong I really am and that I can accomplish new, challenging tasks. So when I walk into the office and have to configure our HR platform from scratch, I remind myself, “Casey, you held 10 lb weights today. You can f**king do this.”

What are my aspirations?

One of my personal aspirations is to be a voice for the hospitality community. I want to create a school to teach members of the hospitality industry, best practices and operations and a continuing education program where they can feel empowered and motivated to know that no matter their title or job in the industry they have value.

One of my business aspirations is to continue to build out SALIDO and see it not only powering restaurants, but powering other industries: Fitness, Healthcare, Beauty and Hotel Operations.

My Biggest Success?

My biggest success would be joining SALIDO. Everything I’ve done so far has lead me on this path and each victory, each part of the journey brought me to SALIDO.  I joined as a Co=Founder in June of 2014 after over a decade in the hospitality industry working at The Butter Group. At the time, there were only three team members, which grew to 30 and soon to be 60. This journey and being part of this startup has challenged me to become the best version of myself. I am very grateful.

My Most Challenging Moment?

One of the most challenging moments for me when was I decided to leave The Butter Group after working for the company for over a decade. I knew I needed to grow, evolve and take the next step but leaving behind a family I made for over ten years was very difficult. Not to mention when I decided to leave, during my two weeks, I had one of the worst experiences with the press to date. Someone leaked a false rumor about me which became viral and I had to figure out a way to deal with it. Not only was this challenging mentally, but took a massive toll on me physically. I was very upset, disoriented but reminded myself that the people that knew me, that knew Casey, would stand behind her. To this day I get reminded of the circumstance and the issue but I know it wasn’t true. It never happened. I’m grateful that I had powerful people around me to guide me through the process and protect me from getting hurt.

My Motto?

You don’t know how to live if you don’t know how to give. It’s part of my DNA to pay it forward. I want to be able to give more and give all the time. I’m a firm believer that you can’t receive good unless you continuously practice giving it away to others who might need your help.

My Favorite People/Role Models?

I have too many to list that inspire me. They all share a common quality: THEY DON’T QUIT when things get hard.

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

I love Malibu, California. A day on Malibu’s beyond-famous beach can’t be missed. There’s a reason Malibu is home to many celebrities! Malibu’s cliffs are beautiful, the beaches are spectacular, and the Santa Monica Mountains offer incredible hiking opportunities. There is something for everyone in Malibu; surf, horseback riding, the finest boutiques, and even wine tasting. If I could have a second home anywhere, it would be to have a beach house in Malibu.

My Favorite Products/Objects?

Some of my favorite products / objects include:

Terez Leggings- I’m always rocking their cool prints to workout. They make me feel young and inspire my inner artist.

Starbucks App – I use this app everyday to buy my tall coffee. Have you tried using it?

Shimano Spin Shoes – Always keeping me clipped in during my SoulCycle Class.

Apple iPad – We run SALIDO on this! (Pro, Air, Mini)

My Current Passions?

I love fitness. When my LOVE for Fitness & my passion reignited … my life changed. I took control of my health, my body, set goals for myself, got RESULTS, I became BETTER. Everything in my life became better. I found a passion, learning to challenge myself and my capabilities. I tell myself daily that I’m an athlete and I can practice anything to become GREAT. I have learned to step outside my comfort zone & challenge myself, it has taught me that CHANGE is a good thing. I no longer seek other’s approval, I don’t compare myself to others, I have seen fitness bring people together, I have seen fitness change people’s lives including my own, and through fitness I have gained a confidence in myself that I never knew existed.