MONJA SVEC: E-RYT 500 Hatha & Sattva Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Beauty Therapist, Founder, DEVINI Face Lifting Therapies Intuitive & Reiki Healer

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Monja Švec was born in Novi Sad, Serbia. Several years (since 2007) of practicing and studying yoga took her to highly appraised teacher Dragan Loncar, ( Belgrade, Serbia), where she continues improving  Hatha Yoga, meditation and Yoga Nidra in Vidya Yoga School, following the teaching of Swami Saraswati Satyananda (Bihar, India). After that, her life path brings her to an ancient yoga town of Rishikesh (India), where she completes the Sattva Yoga course lead by the eminent master teacher Anand Mehrotra. She was also trained in Delhi, India, at the Institute Shri Kaya Kalp, where she becomes a certified Ayurveda Beauty Therapist. She is intuitive and reiki healer.

At Sattva Center she gets introduced to the holistic energy practices of kriya yoga, pranayama, asanas, free movement and meditation. She teaches Sattva Yoga (regular classes and assisting on TT) at Sattva Center in Rishikesh, India. In the meantime, Monja organizes workshops/modules and yoga classes in Serbia and Europe, where trainees obtain the knowledge about the benefits of the eastern body and spirit practices. Also, Monja’s classes are of the one-on-one type (in person or online), with a special program of Hatha and Sattva Yoga, depending on the needs and problems the student is currently dealing with. Monja has designed the integrative practice of self-healing through intuition that has emerged spontaneously during her work with clients. In this practice, a person gets a guided through ancient breathing techniques, yogic relaxation, reiki and meditation to get in touch with the inner light (Higher Self) to achieve harmony and self love as the highest form of energy. The results are visible on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level; a person is directly linked to their highest potential, being set free from the burden of the past and any form of psycho-somatic imbalances.

She included the unique rejuvenating holistic DEVINI Face Lifting Massage Program + DEVINI Facial Course Program  to her practice which spreads throughout the world due to its incredible results. This massage leaves deep, natural, healing effects on face and body skin (internally and externally), as well as on mind and spirit. Most of the year she spends living, teaching and educating herself in India.

What do I do best?

Teaching, healing and listening. Since I was little I have loved to share everything that I learn. I can say that I am a person who enjoys teaching and learning continuously. The feeling that I am an eternal student gives me the meaning that I am a living human being. My students/clients are my biggest treasury through which I learn. It is very important for me that the person who came for help feels like at home, safe, relaxed, with trust and ready to work on self. I always put myself in a position I would like others to treat me, since work on one self implies opening some deep wounds, which we are not always ready to face. It takes courage, on which we are actually working here. In this way, a strong bond between student and a teacher is created, making us not perfect but simply present beings, and intuition guides us further into removing blockages, gradually, with awake consciousness and lots of love. I give special attention for care for women’s beauty and, in general, work with women, who are carriers of alive, creative force of Shakti, and that is very important to know in holistic healing, because that force creates life. I am talking about REJUVENATING techniques for the care of female beauty (inside and outside), using a healthy ayurvedic type of diet, natural oils for body, skin, hair, techniques of self-massage, face-lifting, along with advices for holistic attitude towards oneself and others. All this program goes through “Devini Face Lifting Therapy”, which I am a founder. Without women, this world would not be a beautiful place, as famous poets say, and I agree with that completely.

What makes me the best version of myself?

Knowing that I am not the best and living a simple life from a heart. I am a very good organizer, there is no impossible for me or “NO, I CANNOT, I DON’T KNOW” answer. When I set a goal, I flow with it spontaneously and I let go/I accept that situations, people, events just go on towards that goal. If we do not let life’s challenges get close to us (in tantric teachings it’s called friction) there is no work on oneself, and one just vegetates, hoping for a “better tomorrow” that does not exist. If we are not responsible for our own life and if we do not behave in accordance with it, not even the Universe will hear us. Spirituality is 99% practice and 1% theory. I live with it every day and I try to make it the best version of me. It is crucial to set thing in life so that Love (God) is in the first place and then everything else. How are we going to do yoga, healing, everyday duties if  Love is not our initiator? In my classes as well as in my own life, a lot of attention is devoted to this and this is where deep healing takes place.

What are my aspirations?

Being aware that I am alive and thankful with every new day. My goal is to teach an authentic way of living to others, that brings them back to balance and wakefulness, to their true nature. I would love for new generations to be created in this way, to be conscious enough to transfer the ancient knowledge to their children and in that way, we can make this world a healthier and happier place, with nurturing matter and spirit in their full strength. I believe it is possible to do so even NOW.

My biggest success?

The knowledge that I am going to become a mother. That was the most beautiful and the scariest moment in my life. Fears I have thought I had overcome by then were hurrying like an avalanche for me to face them and look them in the face in the boldest way. It is funny how all that tension and all those doubts disappear in the moment when we honestly accept and let go the fear which causes pain. Of course, there are other moments I can describe as successful, such as some I had while I was living intensively in India, when my own light was shown to me but only after startling contacts with my own darkness. I see every success in my life as a result of transformation of that inner darkness, without which we cannot go further in conscious living.

My most challenging moment?

There are many, but I would name one, when I was little and faced with the edge of life and death. It was with my father, on the riverboat, when we were riding with several other kids. The boat flipped and I was drowning and falling towards the bottom. Since I was the youngest kid, I was the only one who did not know how to swim. I remember “the movie of my life” from the moment of my birth until that moment, spinning suddenly before closed eyes, and the feeling of such peacefulness I have experienced only one more time, during pilgrimage in Himalayas. Somehow, I knew that I was not going to die at that moment, I felt my father’s hand on me, taking me out to the surface. I often remember that moment, which led me to ask myself, from early age, what is hiding behind this life…

It is then, when I started this quest…

My Motto?

Trust yourself here, whatever you do, because life is a constant change with no limits. Do not resist the change, accept it and love it the way it is.

My favourite people/role models?

I am inspired by a great and famous scientist, Nikola Tesla, from the Balkans, who has a special place in my heart. Teachings of Gurjieff, Sri Aurobidno and Buddha, are helping me every day in my journey of revelations and work on myself. I respect each human being that aspires towards higher ideals and nurtures such authentic ways of living.

My favourite places/destinations?

Dearest to me is India, as well as Indonesia, my Balkans – Serbia, and all those places that radiate with life, fulness, untouched nature, illuminated with silence that says it all. I love places and temples which usually bestow healing and feeling of returning to oneself. In general, I love to travel into the unknown. I often choose places I have never seen and that I find exotic. My teaching is connected to my travels, so I tend to join them with boundless joy.

My favourite products/objects?

I pay attention to natural, organic products made by the hands of local people, or less known companies, because in that way I support small businesses and their effort, invested with lot of love. I think that is the way to nurture innovative ideas, and the quality of the products always turns out high. Of course, there are famous holistic brands and their products I order from time to time. Since I am working with beauty therapies, it is important for me to get to know the person I buy products from, so I can feel the energy and knowledge of the person. I do the same with my clothing.

My current passion?

Currently, I am devoted to my own newly-opened holistic studio in Novi Sad (Serbia), as well as organizing international workshops, yoga retreats, modules and courses (in person and online) in the domain of Hatha and Sattva Yoga, healings and also courses within the programs of self-rejuvenation Devini Face Lifting Therapies. On the other side, my child and family, as well as my close friends, are my daily occupation that I enjoy continuously.